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Thread: Nokia Care

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    Sahil Rawal Guest

    Default Nokia Care

    Dear Shabina,

    I think you have not gone through the content of my mail otherwise you would not be
    advising me to contact Nokia helpline/ or visit nokia care centre. I have already
    done both and found no solution. I think I am not left with any other option but to
    file petition with consumer court.

    Sahil Rawal
    Ph: 0989964672

    --- On Mon, 1/6/09, contactcentre.india@nokia.com <contactcentre.india@nokia.com>

    From: contactcentre.india@nokia.com <contactcentre.india@nokia.com>
    Subject: Nokia - Sahil Rawal - 6300 Service Assessment
    To: rawal_sahil@yahoo.co.in
    Date: Monday, 1 June, 2009, 3:09 PM

    Dear Mr. Rawal,

    This e-mail is in reference to the service assessment of Nokia 6300. We sincerely
    regret the inconvenience caused. You may kindly note that all Nokia phones come with
    a 12 month warranty from the original date of purchase. Our warranty guidelines
    state that any repairs or servicing would be covered under warranty provided our
    qualified Nokia technicians do not find any physical or liquid damage(s) on the
    phone. We would like to advise you that the warranty is void in the event that the
    technicians find that your phone has been subject to any of these damages.

    Should the technician find the phone to be repairable, a repair quotation would be
    provided. If the customer chooses to have the phone repaired, the customer would
    need to bear the cost of the service charge as well as the repair charges of the
    phone. In certain instances, the phone may be irreparable and the customer would be
    advised of this.

    You may kindly note that a phone is also termed irreparable if the service provision
    cost might exceed the 80% of the price of the handset.

    We suggest you to contact the Nokia Care Centre for further assistance in this regard.

    Alternatively we suggest you to visit the Nokia Care Centre and call our Nokia Care
    Line so our executives can coordinate with the technicians at the Care Centre and
    assist you with the service of the phone.

    In order to call our Nokia Care Line we suggest you to kindly prefix the STD code of
    the city from which you are calling to 30303838, if you are dialing from your mobile
    phone. If you are dialing from a landline number, you may directly dial the number.
    Please note, local call charges would apply.

    Kindly be assured our executives will assist you in best possible way.

    Shabina Yasmin
    Nokia Care

    [THREAD ID:1-2SA88D8]

    -----Original Message-----

    From: rawal_sahil@yahoo.co.in
    Sent: 30/05/2009 05:56:55 PM
    To: "contactcentre.india@nokia.com" <contactcentre.india@nokia.com>
    Subject: Re: Nokia - Sahil Rawal - 6300 Service Provision

    Dear Shabina,

    I bought a Nokia handset from My Mobile dealer at Bhawani Nagar, Marol, Andheri (E)-
    Mumbai showroom. As mentioned, the mobile set mentioned was submitted in Mumbai
    twice at Lower Parel (Phoenix Mills) service centre.

    The first time it was repaired, however the handset problem reoccured in 30 days.
    Due to my busy schedule, I could not resubmit it to same branch. I tried to submit
    the same set at Mumbai - Vile Parle branch. The attendant/ engineer said the mobile
    was tampered and refused to accept the same. I took the handset back to Lower Parel
    branch and attendant reassured me that there was no need to panic and the handset
    will be accepted in Nokia Care anywhere across India post a telephonic conversation
    with us/ by producing the job slip. The second time phone was repaired, the job slip
    was taken back by service centre. 15 days later, the same problem reoccured and
    eventually handset stalled working.

    Now my base location has shifted to delhi. The handset is still non-functional. I
    took it to Delhi - Patel Nagar Nokia Care. The person concerned refused to take it
    into custody for repair announcing that it has been tampered. I tried calling Nokia
    care helpline. After listening to my concerns, the operator/ executive was helpless.
    He asked me to contact Nokia care - Mumbai and suggested me to get Mumbai Nokia care
    people to talk to Delhi Nokia Care. I tried calling Mumbai Nokia Care on numbers
    provided but could not contact them.

    Kindly address the issue asap as my warranty expires June 21, 2009. Even after so
    many service failures, I still have not lost hope and trust in Nokia's highest
    quality and responsive service.

    Please find below the information required to best of my knowledge.

    Location and complete address of the Nokia Care Centre (where your handset is
    submitted) : Currently with me as Delhi Nokia care refuse to accept it
    Latest Job slip/repair number: Dont have it
    Place of purchase and date (complete address of the dealer) : My Mobile Store, Marol
    Maroshi Road, Bhawani Nagar, Marol, Andheri (E) - Mumbai
    Date when the phone was submitted: Dont remember the exact date. It was submitted to
    Mumbai- Lower Parel Nokia Care twice: Once somewhere in September and second time in
    February. The exact details can be found from service centre though
    Your alternate contact number : 09899674672 (Delhi)

    Sahil Rawal

    ctcentre.india@nokia.com <contactcentre.india@nokia.com> wrote:

    From: contactcentre.india@nokia.com <contactcentre.india@nokia.com>
    Subject: Nokia - Sahil Rawal - 6300 Service Provision
    To: rawal_sahil@yahoo.co.in
    Date: Friday, 29 May, 2009, 1:51 PM

    Dear Mr. Rawal,

    Thank you for emailing Nokia Care.

    This e-mail is in reference to the service provision of Nokia 6300. We understand
    your displeasure over the repetitive service of your phone and regret the
    inconvenience caused. Please note that this incident is not a true reflection of our
    services. Our endeavour is, and always has been, to provide you with quality

    Further, please be assured the matter will be looked onto on priority basis. In
    order for us to look into your concern and assist you in best possible way, we
    request you to confirm if you have collected the handset from the Nokia Care Centre.
    If you have collected the handset and still facing the same concern we request you
    to submit your handset again and revert with the below details:

    Location and complete address of the Nokia Care Centre (where your handset is
    Latest Job slip/repair number
    Place of purchase and date (complete address of the dealer)
    Date when the phone was submitted
    Your alternate contact number

    The above mentioned details are vital and will help us assist you further.

    Before submitting your phone at the Nokia Care Centre, you may kindly take a backup
    of the phone contacts data to the SIM card. If the phone supports memory card, take
    a back up of contacts, messages, images, clips etc. on to the memory card or on to
    the PC. Back up can be taken, provided the phone is in “Power ON” condition. The
    technicians at the Nokia Care Centre and Nokia India would not be responsible for
    the loss of data during the repair process.

    Kind regards,

    Shabina Yasmin
    Nokia Care

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    Dr.Alok Kumar Guest

    Default Nokia

    I,purchased nokia6670 gsm handset on may 23th,2005 from the aforesaid dealer in the evening.the vendor switched the phone on and told me that it was okay.but when i reached home and checked the phone i found out that the memory card of the phone was blank, i complaint it to the dealre and dealaer asked me to call nokia care from my mobile phone and the call lasted for several minutes and consumed Rs.50.traveling charges again and again to the showroom Rs.50.

    Flat No. 414,

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default N81 8GB keypad

    The keypad in the sliding portion of my N81 stopped working when I was in Bangalore for my vacations. Automatic dialling of numbers, turning on of the music player, some or the other key being pressed by itself etc were the other problems.
    On 14th July 2010, at Marathalli Centre, bangalore of Nokia Care the "flexi" and the keypad of my cell were replaced taking a huge amount and I was told that their won't be any complaints from my side. I was even told that if in a month any problem arises they would repair the phone free of cost.
    I returned back to my college at Jaipur and it was not even a week this Monday(after the repair) that the keypad stopped working again. I immediately rushed to the Nokia Care centre at Tonk Road Jaipur and I was just driven away as they told I was to report only at the Marathalli centre, bangalore for the issue. They can replace it again after paying the charges gain. I even went to the Nokia Care at Raja Park, Jaipur and I was harshly turned out. They even challenged to report their head office in a very very rude manner.
    Its not at all possible for me to land up in bangalore once again to get my cell repaired.
    This attitude of Nokia Care was not at all expected and I still have no clue of what to do with my N81. I would like the authorities to urgently get something done of my N81 so that I still withheld my belief in Nokia and its services.

    Thanking you in advance,

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    Sep 2008


    Hello Consumer Court Members,

    Without knowing the proper details its very hard for us to guide you accordingly, so always post your complaint in detailed manner with your full bill details and the Job sheet details.

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    adil shaikh Guest

    Post nokia mobile continously swich off

    my nokia mobile5130-c is contiously swiCH OFF(BATTARY is full)

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Nokia 3110c mobile problem

    Network signals are not showing In My Nokia3110c device
    Please give me immediate solution for this problem
    My Email id is chanducool.chanducool@gmail.com
    My mobile no is 9502749087

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Problem Not Resolve By Nokia

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    I have Submit My Handset Nokia-2626, At NIKJAM NOKIA CARE ALIGARH.
    I.M.E.I No.-359335027056396 ,Jobsheet No.245433527/101213/18 ,Date-13/Dec/2010,And I Have Also Complaint The Care Line,
    Complaint No.
    From December 11 I Have Suffered Very problem From Nokia Because They are Unable To Solve My Problem.Please Do The Needful If You Can.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry bad service and wrong attitude to customer

    Dear sir,
    I have a cell model no X3.After the purched of it i am going to csc 5 times for service.But all times I am not satisfied for the service.All the times they only done flash to cell and return back to me.after service it worked properly only 2 days but after 2 days its not proper worked.
    On 14th march 2011 I go to csc for servicing the cell but also this time I am not satisfy from the head of csc.He insulte me and my father.
    I just want the solution of it or return back my money or give me a fresh piece or I go to consumer court for the solution.replay must on this number 9998785775.

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    ajaycool007 Guest

    Default Nokia N8 switch off problem


    My name is Ajay Sapkal.
    I work in INFOSYS Technologies Limited,Pune,Maharshtra, India. My hometown is Aurangabad ,Maharshtra, India

    I bought Nokia N8 (IMEI NO: 35268404041271508) on 16-OCT-2010 from "Tulsi Televentures",Nokia Priority, Samyak Arcade Shop No C-1, C-2,12 Town Centre, Cannought, Cidco, Aurangabad, Maharshtra, India. My Nokia N8 got switched off forever on 1st of March 2011 .

    For this I visited Nokia Care Center Mobile Solutions,Plot No 19, G-Sector, Town Center, Cidco, Aurangabad, Maharshtra, India. They sent my N8 to the company and got new N8 (IMEI NO:356237046958391) phone as replacement on 15th March 2011 after 15 days of bieng sent to the company. They comitted me that this new N8 will work fine and will not cause the switch off issue.

    On March 30,2011 I faced the same switch off issue with new replaced Nokia N8. Again I visited the same Nokia Care Center on April 02,2011. They did software update and again comiited the problem will not be caused in the future.

    On April 6,2011 i faced same issue. I visited same Nokia Care Center, they were simply not reday to send the phone to the company as they were not able solve the issue. After lot of insisting they agreed to send the phone to the company. The jobsheet number is 562504867/110402/40.

    These Nokia Care Center guys are not ready to accept that initial production batches of Nokia N8 has power management issue.In fact Nokia N8 users world wide facing this issue.

    Nokia has officially accepted that there is power management issue with initial production batches of Nokia N8 i.e. they are faulty pieces.

    I think originally i had the faulty piece and after replacement they gave me another faulty piece. I am highly dissatisfied with Nokia Care.I must get new Nokia N8 as replacement which should not be faulty piece.

    Please help me getting new Nokia N8 as replacement.

    Ajay Sapkal
    Contact NO: 9561933222

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    kumi Guest

    Cool I have problems with my phone

    i was using my phone when suddenly the screen went black

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    ashish tamboli Guest

    Default nokia E 63 have voice clearity problem

    Dear Sir,
    i had purchaed nokia E63 From indore , by the day one my set have voice clearity proble i have listen clearly but another person could not received my voice clearly.
    my set alreary repair 2 times from nokia .

    pls help me for solving this problem.

    Ashish Tamboli

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    Unregistered Guest

    Smile regarding price dispute.

    Hello there,

    I had purchased Nokia C5-00 last august. Recently heavy rains in bangalore had moist my cell and it stopped working and wasnt switching on. on taking it to nokia care i was said that due to water damage it cant be covered under warranty and its keypad and screen has been damaged for which i need to pay Rs.1950 for its service. after a week i went to check out my cell. They have completely replaced my handset with a new one,,, as noida technicians said PCB was repairable... thats fine. but even though im being asked to pay the same bill ammount of Rs.1950 even though they havent made any service to it. Im bound to know its detail how they have arrivrd at that figure even after replacement. could u anyone please help me in this senario what i should do? Is their procedure of billing me genuine?

    please kindly reply to this.
    nokia job sheet number 300465550/110425/2
    dated: 25 apr 2011

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    utkarsh maskara Guest

    Default extremly bad service at the ROOP RANG telecom

    Hello , this is utkarsh maskara from patna.i had submitted my cellphone in the rooprang telecom nokia care center in patna,bihar.i submitted the phone on th 20th of may 2011 the delivery date placed was on 31st may 2011.i continously called the center but there was no action taken against my complain.today it has been around 15 days and yet i have nt recieved my cellphone.i 'm deeply depressed by the service of nokia.and now when i call they tell me to wait and call the next day it has been happening frm 31st may. I want a strict action to be taken against the same.

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    Default about not solving the C7 handset issue

    Dear Sir,
    I Sachin Madhikar had submitted my Nokia handset C7the details of it r follows
    job sheet no 869504876/110812/21
    hand set model C7 IMEI No 353755047910593
    Nokia care (infotech solutions)
    As my handset was not working n getting hang i enrolled my complaint to the above care,n that care forwarded my handset to Delhi from where my handset was repaired but when i was called to check the set after just a moth (very short time) i found it very slow,two diffrent IMEI nos one behind the screen and another which shown by care on screen both were different also some keys were malfunctioning,so i refused to take it and again it was send back to Delhi by the care center,all these activities harrashed me n i am very much disappointed with the company's attitude for the customer,also when i communicated with the company's representative (Anthony Pillai) mob. no 0982655540,he too was not at all serious on the issue,i want the solution on above.All above activity took just more than ONE MONTH time,i want to ask company that is this time sufficient fot it or it require more time?
    Sachin Madhikar

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    vimal godha Guest

    Default malfunctioning of ear phone of my nokia n 8

    Dear Sir

    I have purchase one Nokia phone no NOkia N8d grey , lmei No 357398049126623 on 24th june 2011 from Paragon , udaipur ( rajasthan)
    The phone is using by my son who is studing at ISM, dhan bad. Today is has came at chittorgarh on winter vacation which is upto 8th jan 2012 and forgot the packing box of phone at Dhanbad in hostel

    While lodging the compliant for ear phone which is not working one side , the chittogarh nokia center has refused to take with out sticker on invoice
    I have requested to them that the gurantee is going to expiring on 23rd Dec 2011 and i unable to produce the sticker on invoice as it has been left at Dhanbad

    I am enclosing the scan copy of invoice and refused by nokia center.

    may please go through the same and allow me either compliant lodge for the same at chittorgarh nokia centre and i will produce the photo copy with sticker once he come back to dhanbad and courier the same to chittorgarh rajesthan by 15th jan 2012 or you your self do the correctness of original from the number given by me

    Pl do the needful and l hereby lodging the complaint for the ear phone with in validity

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