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Thread: Complaint against my Whirlpool fully automatic washing machine

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Complaint against my Whirlpool fully automatic washing machine

    Dear Sir,

    This is a formal complaint against my Whirlpool fully automatic front loading washing machine. I had purchased a fully automatic Whirlpool washing machine in May 2005 from Rhythm House, NOIDA, with a 5 year peace of mind plan. But after 2 years my machine started giving me problems and most of the parts were replaced. Then finally one of the part was not available so Whirlpool suggested me to buy back another machine by paying the depreciation amount and get a new machine. I agreed to that as I thought that at least this way my problem will be solved. So in January 2008 I purchased another washing machine through them by paying Rs 11900. I was glad that finally my problem was solved but I was wrong. This was the beginning of a new problem. My new machine started giving me problems right from the start and now after 3 years the machine has all the parts replaced because of its breakdown every now and then. Right now the machine is in AMC and still lying idle for more than 3 months. I am really frustrated now and want whirlpool to take some action and give me refund of my money as I am not interested in using a Whirlpool product anymore because of the hassles. In these 3 years my machine has hardly been used for 6 months because of it not working or part being not available. Now I do not know what to do as I am spending money on getting my clothes washed by a maid servant and incurring a monthly expense which is adding in my expenses even after having a washing machine at home. Please let me know what more information is needed to put forward my complaint to Whirlpool and get an updated and a solution to my problem.

    Thanking You,
    Dimple Chowdhary

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    Dear SIR,
    This is a formal complaint against my WHIRLPOOL fully automatic 6th sense washing machine top load model no.-9060.this is to inform that i have been complaining for it from the last month but no action has taken place. after buying such an expensive product it is very disheartening that you dont get a proper service .After every month one or the other piece of it has to be replaced .
    This is for the second time i will be getting its PCB replaced. It has become a monthly hassel plus a monthly expense after a lot of complaints they send me a person saying that he is an engineer who was not satisfactory, even then i asked him to get a new PCB from the company but he got a used pcb which was not packed and with no company's monogram .
    I request you to take a serious action against it and ask the company to send a good technician with a branded piece and the compensation against the loss.

    Thank You,
    Kavita @@@@hi

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    Dear sir
    i have a complaint against panasonic NAF65B2ARB fully automatic washing machine. I had purchased this from vijay sales,lajpatnagar on 29 jan 2012 and yesterday i got the demo from the dealer.today is the second day of using this washing machine and i am faceing a problem.washing machine have internal power supply problem.their is no power supply in washing machine.
    I request you to take a serious action against it and ask the company to replace the defective washing machine with a new one.

    Thank You
    naziya hamid

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    sidana@12gmail.com Guest

    Default fully washing machine

    Jab hum fully washing machine chalata hai toh waha par likha aattaa hai water reuse or machine bhi nahi chalti sir plz sir kisi ko bajia plz address=gt road goraya ,sidana cloth house

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    monika saxena Guest

    Default Water reuse alarm problem machine not started in Whitemagic 1-2-3, 700h model

    When machine power on & started WATER REUSE alarm display and machine takes 1 hr - 10 hrs to get start. some times started in few hrs some time taken up to 12 hrs is not fixed. Last time I complaint not satisfied solution. Even machine purchased in june 12.

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