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Thread: Hathway Account

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    Sunil Gure Guest

    Angry Hathway Account

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I asked to disconnect my Hathway connection from Jan 2009. I have cleared
    all the payments on 30th Jan 2009 and sent mail to hydhelpdesk@hathway.net (As
    I was instructed to do by hathway helpdesk) to disconnect it. I getting auto
    reply from this email ID. No body is able to help me out if I am calling
    local help desk in Hyderabad.

    Four months are already passed and I am still getting Bills and pending
    payment message on my mobile. I am still getting hard copy of bills. I have
    a complaint no *2612298*, but no body is able to give me update about it. I
    tried calling Heldesk people almost very week, but they are telling that
    some one will contact you soon. They are telling that you can ignore the
    bill but I am afraid about it.

    Is it possile for you to help me out in this regard or atleat you can guide
    me what legal action should I take againt Hathway. I heared many such kind
    of incident from hathway even though one happended with my friend.
    My Hathway Account Number is: 393275

    Sunil Gure
    + 91 9959326669

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    ch.sameera Guest

    Default Disconnect hathway connection

    this is sameera,presently am using hathway.but i am leaving hyd for 2months.i wanna disconnect my connection.so,please clear my bills and from tomarrow onwprds am not going to use net.and you had connected net on march 3rd. and today is april 3 means exactly 1month.and am not going to use net and i am not responssible for delay of the disconnection.i am going to pay 1month bill only.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default regarding account informatiom

    Kind attn : To whomsoever it may concern

    Name : Benoy kurian / Acc no : 703751
    For the last 3 - 4 days i called you in this no 022 67134600 / 022 42387100
    but i am not getting any information its ridiculous.
    After so many trials i logged in your given e mail id / login name : benoyk_2010
    E mail id : benoyk_2010@hathway.com / password : i am not mentioning the password
    You pls need to help me regarding my account information.

    Do the needful at the earliest.

    My personal mail id : benoy101@gmail.com;
    my mobile no : 9920399472 / 9702720716

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Lost user name & password

    In am user of hathway internet . I have lost my user name and password , so now i not able to access my account. Is there any provision to access account through Hathway account no.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Harassment on phone by Hathway

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Refer the attached mails below. Hathway has expressed their inability to renew the connection at our new address. Due to this we incurred a financial loss also since we has renewed the coonection for 4 months on 31st july'10 but we could use it only for a month.

    Now, we are being harassed by Hathway staff by constant calls fro renewal. Despite of telling them 10 times that renewal was denied by them and requesting them not to call us this has continued. i got a call on my cell no. 9820124876 on 20th dec'2010 at 17.48 fromphone no. +912228461554, last call received was on 18th dec'10 at 12.37 from no. +912242384300. We are being chased since kast motnh for this renewal through e-mails and calls. One mail was sent to me on 28th Nov'10 which i ahve still saved with me. Have deleted other mails.

    I hereby request you to take some action and stop harassing us.

    Neha Gupta

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Neha Gupta <nehagupta20008@gmail.com>
    Date: Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 11:44 AM
    Subject: Re: A/c 601053 - Address Change
    To: sckv <sckv@hathway.net>


    we were told at the time of installation that the connection is tranferable and the new address is with in 500 metres of the old house.

    Need someone to call me on this.


    On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 1:29 AM, sckv <sckv@hathway.net> wrote:

    Dear Sir / Mam,

    Hathway Cannot Provide The Connection At Below Mention Add:

    Uphaar Society
    Near Hotel Gokul Anand
    W.E. Highway
    Dahisar - East
    Mumbai - 66


    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Neha Gupta
    To: sckv@hathway.net
    Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2010 1:40 PM
    Subject: Ref: A/c 601053 - Address Change


    For A/c 601053 we request to please provide shift of connection from our old address:

    102- Saraswati
    Saritagram Society
    Vir Sawarkar Nagar
    Borivali - East
    Mumbai - 66

    to our new address:

    Uphaar Society
    Near Hotel Gokul Anand
    W.E. Highway
    Dahisar - East
    Mumbai - 66

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    skshukla1 Guest

    Default to hold my net connection

    as i the user is going out of station i want u to hold my net connection from 21 may ,2011 to 5 june ,2011
    ACCOUNT NO: 750978
    EMAIL ID : skshukla1@hathway.com
    mobile no: 9969871227

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    skshukla1 Guest

    Default to hold my net connection

    as i the user is going out of station i want u to hold my net connection from 21 may ,2011 to 5 june ,2011
    ACCOUNT NO: 750978
    EMAIL ID : skshukla1@hathway.com
    mobile no: 9969871227

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    sridhar.kandadai Guest

    Default disconnection of internet service

    K.Sridhar would like to terminate the hathway agreement vide account no 585869 and I kindly request you to adjust the Deposit amount of Rs.500/- towards May Bill and disconnect the connection immediately.


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    alexander Guest

    Default Disconnection of internet

    This is email is regarding to disconnection of email.

    User name:Alexander,
    Address: TRT 153, Jawahar nagar, RTC X roads,
    HYd 500020.

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    gayatri5515@hathway.com Guest

    Red face disconnecting internet connection

    hi this is gayathri i want to disconnect internet connection because we are shifting our house so the last date of disconnecting the connection 29/10/2011 and we shifting to the other area and also clear the balance so kindly disconnect the connection. so after dare 29/10/2011we are not staying at the house and there is no time for using internet connectoin

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    India infoline pvt ltd Guest


    last month Bill is not provided in my office. and this problem is create every month

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    mosesmichel@hathway.com Guest

    Angry Never Clean Network

    Always I Don't Get Clear Network When Dialled to Hathway Customer Care.and net is also not proper.I Don't Know What's The Matter With Them.But When The Time Comes To Pay The Bill They Are After Us.Once When Bill Is Paid Their Nakhraa Starts Again.

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    shyamala1444@hathway.com Guest

    Default disconnect my hathway broadband service

    this is my humble request to hathway broadband service to disconnect my connection as soon as possible . i have been suggested to mail to hydhelpdesk@hathway.net to disconnect my connection but it has been past 4 days i have mailed but no reply is given frm hathway service

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    kvbalram@hathway.com Guest

    Default log in problem

    i am unable to log in to hathway to check my account..can i get the login name and a new password

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    ksprakash3@hathway.com Guest

    Default disconnect the internet

    i want to disconect the internet by1/12/2011. im shifting to other place

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