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Thread: kalazone.in

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    Default kalazone.in

    I am Rajesh Maheshwari From @@@@hidham(Kutch), Gujarat, I have made a
    purchase of worth Rs. 2684.24 on kalazone.in after viewing their
    TV Ad recently. I made this purchase on March 9th 2009. I made payment
    through paypal online and paid the entire amount at the time of purchase.

    Look at what Kalazone.in has done. They have sent the order in VPP to my
    house address. Since the delivery was in VPP, they demanded the entire
    amount for the same goods again. This totally amiss from kalazone.in. This
    delivery was not accepted by me, for the reason they were asking me to pay
    again for goods which I had already paid..

    I have still not received the delivery from Kalazone.in so far.

    I call up their office and there are 2 people who take up the calls by name
    of Rajesh, Saurabh and Tiwari from kalazone.in

    They do not respond properly and only say they are processing the orders.

    Order no: 2503

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    ANITHA Guest

    Default kalazone is cheating zone

    I order 7 sarees and paid 7 sarees amount Rs 2300/- but i recived post only 4 sarees ( very bad sarees) .The kalazone employes taking phone with wrongly. I loss my money Rs 811/-.

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    Jul 2009


    Dear Ms. Anitha,

    Do you have some documentry evidence in favour of your complaint like the proof of amount which you have paid and for the order you have placed with the dealer? Pls. inform us soon to get any exact suggestion regarding your complaint.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Kalazone, the worst cloth ever.

    My name is Alok. I've made a online purchase of Rs- 2000 from Kalazone. When I recieved their order, all the cloths were defective and not were the same, as they claimed at their site. How come a company can make a false commitment? I am really hurt.

    Alok Kumar

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default sue them

    dear anitha sue the company. and please keep all the documents with you.do not leave them
    Quote Originally Posted by ANITHA View Post
    I order 7 sarees and paid 7 sarees amount Rs 2300/- but i recived post only 4 sarees ( very bad sarees) .The kalazone employes taking phone with wrongly. I loss my money Rs 811/-.

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    das_milton Guest


    I, Milton placed a order at kalazone on 15th Nov, 09 (Order No. 4485) via Kalazone website after viewing the commercial shown the tv. The details of the order is given below.

    1 x COTTON DESIGNER NECK DAMAN (D2897) = Rs.616.00
    1 x GEORGETTE TISSUE EMBROIDERY (S1617) = Rs.1,497.00
    1 x GEORGETTE DOUBLE BORDER (S1678) = Rs.747.00
    1 x PURE COTTON MIROR EMBROIDERY (D2742) = Rs.548.00
    Sub-Total: Rs.3,408.00
    Flat Rate (Best Way): Rs.380.00
    Total: Rs.3,788.00

    The booking was done in form of VPP.
    Unfortunately on 7th Dec, 09 I received a parcel from kalazone via Dept. of Post, Agartala. When I open that parcel it contain only three low quality product the details of the product is given below.
    No. Item Code MRP

    1 S1011 103.00
    2. D2488 159.00
    3. D2036 168.00

    That means, after paying of 3788.00 Rupees I get only 430.00 Rupees product. Immediately I placed a complain to kalazone via telephone as well as FAX media. I get a reply that this problem is created by of Post dept so accordingly they placed a complain in the post dept.
    But I told severally that the weight written in the bill, sent by themselves is equal to the parcel which I received from post office i.e. 2170 grams. Where as the amount and the product name is same as I placed on the website. That means the average weigh of the each product is 543.5 grams. Where as the weight of each product is given below (as per kalazone website)

    Product Weight
    1 x COTTON DESIGNER NECK DAMAN (D2897) = 800 grams
    1 x GEORGETTE TISSUE EMBROIDERY (S1617) = 1150 grams
    1 x GEORGETTE DOUBLE BORDER (S1678) = 800 grams
    1 x PURE COTTON MIROR EMBROIDERY (D2742) = 800 grams

    Total weight of the whole product is 3550 grams
    That’s means the weight product shown in the site or adv. Is not same as actual product or some employee intentionally cheating us.
    Initially they reply properly and saying that they are trying but now they are now properly behaves particularly an employee name Rajesh. Now I realized that I am doing a wrong deal and I may not go for online shopping any more. So request all the personal aware about this if possible do something for me or punished that cheater company.

    Milton Das

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    Default thanks

    thanks for saving money

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    Unregistered Guest


    Really thankful to every for saving our money or else even we wud have placed an order. Thanks

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    Default Should i buy or not from Kala Zone

    Hi All,

    After reading all these comments i am mystified about Kala Zone. Should i buy stuff from this or not...?

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    Unregistered Guest

    Cool online shopping !?

    reading such cases warn d future customers to be alert for online shopping !

    i wanted to purchase but now my mind has changed-thanks !

    its the responsibility of company to deliver actual order in gud condition to the customer-contract is done between customer nd co. mainly-- company must deliver by courier [trusted by co. on its responsibility].

    customer pays for item to receive at his address--in between he is not responsible for any loss or fault.

    why postal deptt. is blamed it is well known for its ' gud service' ??

    courier itself developed due to this dept' bad service !

    if co. can not ensure actual items to deliver as said on site or ads--it must be prohibited to do online business atleast!!

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Kala Zone

    I was about to purchase a huge quantity of stuff from Kala Zone, but after reading so many complaints, I have changed my mind. I now would rather prefer to walk upto the store and buy the stuff at a slightly more expensive rate, rather than being cheated by Kala Zone.

    Thanks people for putting up your issues over the internet, atleast you have saved so many people from being cheated.


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    Unregistered Guest


    thanks guys fr saving me fm lossing money......

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    Ramakant Singh Guest

    Arrow Thanks for message not to go with kalazone


    I have read all the above posted message and think about kalazone all peoples against kalazone and also suffering from kalazone purchase deal so I am also decided to don't place any further order to kalazone and take an action against them.



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    Default thank god

    i was suppose to order rs 3000 thigs. but now after reading these complaints.. i wont take this risk.. thanks a lot guys

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    Post Thanks to all

    Really thankful to every for saving our money or else even we wud have placed an order.....Really Thanks

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