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Thread: Bharti Airtel (broadband & telephone)

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    Default Bharti Airtel (broadband & telephone)

    Dear sir
    This is releted to a/c no. 10719243
    From the some years we are freequently harreshd by the airtel team by proniding wrong info or not implimenting informetion given by call center
    Some of issues are as followes
    Perrlal ringing Issue
    Few year before Airtel launched perrlel ringing service and for the same call center executive confirmed the package Rs 49/- per month rentel for the same and he is informed it is added with your monthaly rental so it will remain continuee untill u are in same monthely rental plan
    But plan is changed withot any informetion and started charges per usage/plus Re 1.20
    and my usage/plus is avarege 500 pluse per month and due to this my bills is rised Rs 500+ per month, as per confermetion from call center we have addicted of such kind of useage
    and for the same i given a complaint to nodel and appellate due to no proper reply i call sevral time to the nodel officer Mr Ajaykumar Jain's Mobile no 9740991111 and letterMr Lalit Chabra's Mobile no 9686690169 also I called to CEO'S desk on
    080-41115200 ware secretry of CEO miss deepti Given me the assurance for continue the package or if billing system will not allow for the same she assured to make an arrangment for waiver for every month but it not heppend same time i sent mail to SUNIL BHARTI MITTAL'S corporate mail id on some time i got responce from the corporate office then they forwarded my metter to country head CSD Mr NITIN GROVER and i informed about my issue i correspondent with his mail id but didnot resolved issue same time i sent mail to CEO of Karnataka and he is forwarded me to Hemant Dadlani ware i am in contect with Mr Dadlani By phone no 9611449000 but no proper responce, As Per some official answare Bharti is not resposibale for all confirmetion given by call center but for the same word they are not ready to give in writing
    some time some of people used abused language due to repeted calling on there mobile but thay dont have feeling of coustomer time and hereshment and as per Nitin grover he can discontinue my service without any reason
    Apart from this issue releted to informetion given by call center Executy Mr Imran for tollfree for 41115201 is not repliyed and as per prectice they delaying to reply so after they can say we dont have voice data for the same
    At personl lavel Most of officer is confirmed i am right at my place but there system will not allow to resolve such issue becouse Bharti will not given a permision to give Written confirmetion what Call center is informed verbly informed or Apology for the same of providing any wrong informetion by any executive or officer also As per the statement Of Hemant Dadlani Bharti is not resposibal for any comitment given by EX incharge of any Department And for the Same the word they have used if we write on this complaint Any of Profesional will not like to read/use the same Becouse it is pointing to Bharti in Voulger way

    Jitendra Jain

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    sachu.company Guest

    Default airtel worst service

    i had taken a broad band unlimited 1mbps connection on 17th march...from day one i am facing the problem . i didnt get the actual speed the company had promised. my plan was 1mbps but i was getting 150 kbps. so i called technician manish regarding this issue. so he visited on 17th march 18th march 20th march 21st march. but problem doesnt solved. i made complaint regarding this issue in customer care. but they too failed to rectify this issue. so on 26th march i decided to quit this service. so on 26th march i request to cancelled this connection. it tooks 7 days to cancelled the connection executive replied. but toaday 26th april my connection is still active. i had complaint several times but al the exective just giving assurance regarding this but not doing anything. they deducted 250 rs from my account and also generated bill of 786 rs. which is like a joke. they are unable to provide service but they still want payment. and they are telling "sir 1 mbps nahi kuch toh service use kiya na...isliye bharna padega ". really worst service i had ever seen. and i also got a call from a concern department that sir i personally going to handle this problem. and she will send technician also. but i mont over she never called me again regarding this issue and no technician she had send. in short WORST SERVICE.

    THANKS airtel to provide such a wonderfull service.

    jitesh singh bhadoria
    airtel fixed line no : 07314267270

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    I, am the director of M/s Ashima Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. at Star banquets, hall No. 17 & 18, Parsvnath Metro Mall, Kashmere Gate, Metro Station, Delhi-110006. WE have registered our request and one of your guy came and he collected documents from us on 10.12.2011. His name was Saurav (Cell No. 9968437302). He said our internet connection will be connected within 3 days it is to inform you that we have applied for your internet connection and our CEF No. was 2927673. But we waited for 5 days and then we contacted on the nos. he gave us during the collection the documents . WE contacted Varun Kumar (TSC) Mobl. 9871293852 he said he will do something about it. we again waited for 5 more days what none of your men came to connect the internet services at our premise. After dwelling many days he said that in their record our internet connection has been connected. but in reality no men came to connect our internet services at our premise. Then he gave us No. of Mr. Vineet Manager, 9999631747 saying that we can talk to him about this problems. we contacted him, but he said that he is unable to help us and internet connection is showing connected in their system. He again gave us time for 3 days. we waited for three days but till date no response has been received from your side. We have paid registration Fee of Rs. 500/- (Cash) to Mr. Saurav.

    three months ago we received an internet bill that internet connection which havenŅt given to us till date. You have stated an account No. 7005410534 and Bill no. 645627833 for Rs.328.60. we are shocked to receive this bill because we have not got any internet connection and yet you are making us to pay your bill. Instead we are asking you to refund our Rs.500/- which we have paid as registration fee to one of your executive.

    We also recevied a recent bill amounting to Rs.6417 vide bill no. 748058119 and till now we are receiving calls from your executives to pay the said bill. But truth is no internet connection is installed in our premises yet. one of your representative came to visit us about my earlier complaint on the vary subject he assured us that your money would be refunded in 7 working days but till we have not received any payment.

    We are completely denying to pay this bill as we have not got any internet connection. You are requested to withdraw your aforesaid bill and either refund us the registration fee or place an internet connection at our premise as soon as possible or we will be compelled to file a complaint in Hon'ble Consumer Court of Delhi.

    I have sent you several emails regarding aforesaid matter but till date no response has been received so far. If i wont get any assistance within 10 days i will knock door of the court and will get my money back.

    Sanjay Jain,Director,
    Ashima Infrastructures Pvt Ltd.

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    Default Airtel broad band ---- -the worst experience of my life

    This is Ankit Kumar, an Airtel Broad Band User (?????).
    My Airtel Details ----

    Login ID (Username) : 01206257567_dsl@airtelbroadband.in

    Phone no : 01204240889

    And I am your Customer, so have full rights to raise my concern and Frauds which I faced due to Many of your GUY's their names are -

    Kindly also check all the calls which I made for my internet connectivity to your service desk/customer care executive.

    I am using Airtel BB, and I am sorry to say ... your most of GUYS SUCKS... these are useless .... nothing worth more than SPOILING the name of Bharti AIRTEL and making FOOL of its CUSTOMERS.

    I launched a complain ---- as modem was not working,........... a Fraud came and PUT a Old Modem ( whose WiFi stopped working again within a month), that fellow also said that he will be changing the modem soon, now its almost two months.

    I am also called to these illiterate fellows many time, favorite resp I got from them--
    ----On 28 August- Sir your net connectivity will be restored by 29 of August latest by 4.
    ----On 29 August- Sir your net connectivity will be restored by 30 of August latest by 2.
    ---- On 30 August- Sir your net connectivity will be restored by 30 of August latest by 4:30.
    ---- On 30 August- Sir your net connectivity will be restored by 31 of August latest by 12pm.
    ---- On 31 August- Sir your net connectivity will be restored by 31 of August latest by 2pm.
    ---- On 31 August - Sir your net connectivity will be restored by 1st of September latest by 2pm.
    ---- On 1st September -Sir your net connectivity will be restored by latest by 4.
    ---- On 2nd September - Sir your net connectivity will be latest by 1pm.
    ---- On 1st September - Sir your net connectivity will be latest by 4pm.
    ---- On 1st September - Sir your net connectivity will be latest by 5 pm.
    ---- On 1st September - your Customer care executive "Sashi Pal" put me on hold for 19 mins and then disconnected the call.

    Current situation is ---- no Internet accessibility from AIRTEL, not even through a LAN Cable.

    What I am Looking from your side --
    A Strict Action Against to all Customer care executive who is making fool in Name of Airtel.
    My Net Connectivity need to be re-stored.

    IF you cant, plz let me know if I need to switch over to any other vendor.

    Waiting for a Suitable and Quick action from Your Side.

    Thanks & Regards,
    ~Ankit K Nanduma Gupta
    *Fais pas le Malin *

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    saurabh_256 Guest

    Default Airtel broad band ---- -the worst experience of my life

    Good morning,

    Forgive my direct contact but your web site successfully shields you from any possible way to receive real feedback on how a customer might experience Airtelís Broadband serviceno . 01204267817. I am not getting any satisfactory resolution to the problem I am facing with regards to my BB connection when I contact Airtel. The people I have spoken to have not been of any help and I had to call your team almost 36 times in 5 days to get the problem fixed.

    To summaries the problem, I have a Airtel landline and BB connection, which is not working successfully since the day it was installed. When the engineer came to connect the line to the box in our road he found that no lines were available. A second engineer came the following day to look into this and confirmed that no lines were available and that an additional line would have to be installed. He said that we would hear from Airtel in the next couple of days and the problem would be fixed. At last the line was installed!!!!

    Now, since the day the line was installed I was expecting a speedy internet service, but to my utmost dissatisfaction the service is not working at all. I am very disappointed that it has taken so long to resolve this problem and that over a week later I am still without my line and BB service.

    I would be grateful if you would look into this problem for me and reassure me that any issues will be resolved. I am considering cancelling my connection and taking my business elsewhere should the problem not be dealt with promptly.

    Kind regards
    Saurabh Bansal

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