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Thread: Complaint against LENOVO.....Refund issues...Defective Laptop

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    Default Complaint against LENOVO.....Refund issues...Defective Laptop

    1) On 01/09/2010 we purchased lenovo laptop model no G550 59046612 & sr no-CBQ3459667 from universal computers,dombivali (Thane dist, Mumbai) authorized partner of lenovo
    2) Within 2 days we faced the problem of windows getting corrupt. The engineer team of universal computers installed fresh installation several times with genuine copy of windows 7 home basic but problem remained same
    3) Universal computers logged a complaint on toll free no and registered a complaint for same (complain id is-4270092945) & i myself visited your authorized services center (bluecom technologies pvt ltd) on 23/10/10 and after that they replaced the hard drive & returned it to me on 01/11/10. The service report is attached for your reference.
    4) However within a daythe problem again started. This time i again visited Bluecom technologies, and they took the request under the same earlier complaint ref no.4270092945. The issue was again resolved by them and laptop was returned to me within a span of 2-3 days. This time they had not replaced the HDD but through some other methods.
    5) But the problem did not stop there. Again the issue cropped up (laptop not booting) within a dayand this time i went to my dealer (universal computers) to find a solution to this. They also tried their best to resolve the issue, but could not succeed. Hence we requested them to raise the concern to lenovo directly to replace the laptop itself.

    On the basis of my complaint, finally a complaint was raised to customer care for replacement of the defective laptop under the case id 4270109848.The entire case details from that day is appended below.

    On Nov 20, 2010 we received a mail from Neha Singh, Lenovo customer care (new case id-5080423), stating that they are refunding the entire amount to me (though we had requested for replacement and never asked for refund, we were informed that our refund is being processed) and asked me to furnish necessary details

    All the necessary details were provided by us on Nov 22, 2010 itself. From that day onwards we have been running from pillar to postfor following up of refund in this case. Though there were several reminders from our end, we only received false promises that the case is pending for approval etc etc....

    Later, on Jan 22, 2011 after a span of two months Neha from customer care informed me that they are not providing any refund and would be sending an engineer for checking the laptop again. Though i was not keen to get this done, i still agreed on the condition that in case the issue still crops up, i would be given the entire amount as refund. Though this was verbally agreed, when i received the mail from Neha , i found that there was a condition, which stated that only if the problem arises within one month of the machine getting rectified, would they process my refund. this was something which i completely disagreed.

    Would like to bring to your notice that since the day of purchase we have actually not been able to use this even for a week, and rather ended up following up with our dealers, service centres, customer care centres, for refund of our amount during this period of five months.

    I have been following up this entire issue with the Service head of Lenovo since jan'2011 , however till date iam yet to receive any solution from their end either.

    anand kurup

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    Default Defective mouse

    I purchased a Lenovo laptop 2958 from Nerds On Call in Peoria IL. They sold it to me as a new computer and I later found numerous documents, photos, and files from the previous owner. The materials are defective surrounding the built in mouse. It works intermittently due to a crack near the corner of the mouse. There is no way to break such a part but due to normal use in our home only by myself and my husband, there is a crack which affects the mouse function. We have a 2006 Sony laptop and a 2010 HP both are sound construction. We have babied the Lenovo and rarely use it. It has been to Nerds on Call numerous times for upgrades on the software and removal of the other person's documents but has never left my home otherwise. It could have been damaged in their shop but I am not accusing them of doing this yet they won't recognize this as something that could be covered by the warranty. No breaks given as their fees are astronomical!

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    Default Subject: Laptop Lenovo -U310 (Serial No. QB04987773) not working

    Dear Sir,

    Subject: Laptop Lenovo -U310 (Serial No. QB04987773) not working

    I purchased “Lenovo U310” on 11/07/12 from Unique Infoways (P) Ltd located at G1,G2 Dohil Chambar , 46, Nehru Place , New Delhi – 110019. The Salesperson was Mr. Manish. My Laptop is unable to boot up. Its being just a month since I purchased it and 3 days back when I tried to login it was not booting up.

    “Unique Infoways Pvt Ltd” ( Mr. Manish) had Misselled the above laptop to us.

    1) On Site Warranty for 1 year was promised to us by Mr Manish and it is also mentioned in the bill but since last 3 days we have been running to their place & they are unable to resolve our problem.

    2) Mr. Manish told us about the “One Touch Recovery “feature but even he could not boot up our laptop with the help of this feature.

    3) Also, Mr . Manish sold “Two Pin Head phone” to us whereas in Lenovo U 310 there is “one Pin” is available because of which we were unable to use it. Please note that we could not see “One Pin” as the laptop & headphone was packed. Thereafter he had refused to replace it.

    After getting no support from “Unique Infoways Pvt Ltd “, I called Customer Care but they told me to visit nearby Service Centre even
    though I had On Site Warranty.

    Then I took my laptop to the Service Centre located at Nehru Place. I told my problem to Mr Deepak of “ Comnet Vision (India) Pvt Ltd “ but even they did not resolved my problem even after keeping my laptop for one day (23rd Aug ‘2012).

    Thereafter , I called the Lenovo Customer Care No. 18004259003 wherein they refused to give me the Complaint No. & told me to approach Service Centre only. My Laptop is just 1 month old and I purchased it for Rs 51,240/. and am unable to Start up my laptop despite rigorous follow up
    with the
    1) Showroom (*Unique Infoways Pvt Ltd )
    2) Service Centre ( Comnet Vision (India) Pvt Ltd
    3) Customer Care (Lenovo)

    I request you to kindly resolve my problem on as soon as possible basis. Please find enclosed the scanned copy of Original bill of my



    CONTACT NO : 09810244746

    Address : CB 25 D Shalimar Bagh Delhi 110088 ( INDIA)

    Email address : rajneesh_dua@sify.com

    Laptop Lenovo -U310 (Serial No. QB04987773)

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    Default Non repairing of laptop within waranty period

    I had purchased one laotop( M/C sl.No. CBQQ2017992. Model g460 ) and extended guaranty card from M/S multizone infocomm,asansol(authorised dealer of lenovo) on 07.04.2010.Guaranty valid upto 06.04.2013.
    The CD drive was not functioning and also charging during on position was not taking place from third week of october2012.
    On repeated follw up the serve people from lenovo attended the complaint on03.11.2012,and changed the CD drive,and said to come lateron for charging problem.
    On 04.12.2012 the people came,opened the laptop,submitted a service report no 4270636050 mentioned " serial number and barcode not found on bios and sticker,1st send approval" and not repaired the laptop.
    I am not able to understand the reason explaind by them.
    What is our concern with the number/Sticker on some internal part of laptop, whether it is their or not.If there is any alteration the service people may be responsible.
    The laptop is under waranty for three years, my total job is suffering from last two months making huge loss everyday.
    Please help.

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