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    anuj tyagi Guest

    Post LIVON HAIR GAIN TONIC Complaint

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    They are giving money back guarantee but their product is completely ineffective and the regrowth or falling of hair is not at all there after using it for 3 months. please look into this matter.

    Must Watch to Grow your Hair
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    Oct 2010

    Angry Livon Hai Gain tonic Comlaint

    I brought Livon Hair Gain after seeing an advertisement on TV, After reading instruction on booklet provided by Livon, I started using HairGain on 2nd October 2011, after using this more than 15 days I am finding there is no positive result and I have lost more hairs. so I stopped using this product, According to Livon Guarantee it would work in 15 days or money back guarantee. so I need my money back.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint regd livon hair gain

    It has been quite a few months since i bought the livon hair gain and i have been using it regularly but to my surprise there is no hair gain in reality quite contrary to what the company promises(hair gain within a 15 day period).There was a condition that in case the product fails to show results within 15 days, then the consumer shall get his full money refunded. I have been using it for 1-2 months without any signs of positive results. So i want my money back.Kindly look into the matter.I would be obliged.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Hair Fall


    I am very worried, Dr. Bishan Mahadevia tell to me used theses medicine (finasteride & minnokem-n) for baldness problem. but my hair fall is begin. after used these medicine hair is thin. fall hair 40 to 50 everyday. i will used these medicine countine 3/4 month everyday.
    i want to back my fall hair what i do. your medicine don't regrowth my hair but hair fall is begin

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default about the product


    i think if such kind of statement will be there then how & who will trust on u r product & ur company........ U r rest all product will also get effected because if there is no trust then y any one will buy u r product i was going to buy but now after seeing all this comment about livon i dont thin i should go with it.......... sorry to say add dont work show the result

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    rajendra pushpad Guest

    Default hair is not gainig

    in my head hair is not gaining after using livon hair gain 15 day are over

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    Unregistered Guest


    I used livon hair gain and hated the product. Dam! My hair fall increased DRASTICALLY! i want my money back as soon as possible . Dam! This product has left me near to baldness. What d hell..!
    I want my money back!

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry complain against livon hair gain

    I used livon hair gain and hated the product. Dam! My hair fall increased DRASTICALLY! i want my money back as soon as possible . Dam! This product has left me near to baldness. What d hell..!
    I want my money back!

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs up Hair Building fibre

    Hi All,
    I am using hair building Lotion\fibre and Dr Kaya hair growth lotion worth 3000 rs from 7-8 months but there is no positive result.I have used 4 bottles of these product but all are ineffective.So reccomened to all please dont use these product.They all are making fool of us.

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    aftab sheikh Guest

    Thumbs down hair fall

    mera nam aftab sheikh hai
    meni hair gain toinic lagay (2 month ) lakin mujey koi farak nahi dika
    mari 27 years ka hu plc mujae koi upay batai

    aftab sheikh

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry livon

    wow, i am not using livon after listening to these complaints, i thought of using it once but never, guys invest money in a dermatologist as hairfall can be related to anaemia or other body problems.

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    Rudy Guest

    Default Hair Loss

    I used Livon Hair gain for nearly 2 months now and I'm not seeing any positive results...I lost my money in buying this thing plus my hair...I want my money and my hair back...please help..I would be obliged..

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    krishan gahlot Guest

    Post Regular hair loss

    Good afternoon sir/madam,
    i have loss my hari due to heriditary effect and my father is also ball-less person. So please tell me is there is any kind of solution regarding this kind of problem.

    thanks & regards

    krishan gahlot

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    NHDDN Guest

    Default Livon Hair Gain tonic is a hoax

    I wonder how a brand like LIVON can advertise is a hoax on TV, a blatant lie regarding a hair growth tonic "Hair Gain" that goes air on many TV channel every day.
    In today' s era of fast pace of life and tension , I see 85-90 %c of the younger population in metro city like Delhi is suffering from the problem of hair fall.
    After watching ad on TV ,at least 2 bottles of the so called hair "tonic" of Livon are purchased by one person ( like me ) for sure who get misled by the inspiring ad on TV.
    The shop keepers are also seen promoting this product . Perhaps they are given attractive offers by Paras Pharma to advertise this product by telling false story about the product.

    As per my experience even shampoo like that of Loreal works better for arresting Hair fall than this product of Paras pharma.

    I used this product for two months regularly and lost Rs 12,00/- by purchasing two bottles.

    Mera Bharat Mahan, where any one can advertise anything , sell it and earn plenty of money and run away.
    No control and no protection of consumer from such kind of companies doing un ethical acts.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Hair fall solution

    .I have been through this problem and that too at a very young age.The only thing that can help you with your hair fall is Balayam,which is a type of exercise which involves rubbing of nails and which is also very popular,so I guess you know about it already but haven't tried it.This method has been instructed by Ram Dev Baba, and I'm telling you this from my experience.Just 5 months back I was losing 40-50 strands of hair everyday.After doing it for 2 months my hair fall started reducing.And, now after 5 months I lose only 0-10 strands of hair which is very normal for everyone.I've also seen hair regrowth. So,if you plan to stop your hair Balayam is the only way out of this trouble.If you need any help regarding Balayam you can reply me here or at vinit_sin@yahoo.co.in.

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