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Thread: Demand Draft Cancellation

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    avinashdad Guest

    Default Demand Draft Cancellation

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    This is regards to cancellation of DD (Dated on “07-May-2010” which I have made from my friend Axis bank Hyderabad account).

    Axis bank says that you can cancel the DD from the same branch from where it made. Where as I don’t stay now in Hyderabad.

    Then they told that send your DD with signed application via post. I sent but they tells that they never received. (Bad part that I don’t have tracking since I sent by ordinary post) After that I request them to block the DD and they blocked my DD based on my request.

    Later they told me to send an application for re-issuing DD with 100RS stamp paper signed application. I sent by post and then they told we cant process since DD made from other account not from your account.

    So finally again they say that ask your friend to sign on 100 RS stamp paper and sent us. Since my friend stay in same city Hyderabad, so he easily signs on paper and gave to bank people (approx on 15-Jan-2011).
    In response, Axis bank send mails on 20-Jan-2011 that we have received sign from account holder, now we have processed for re-issuing DD.
    It almost 45 days over but they never send DD.

    Today (17-Feb-2011), when I talk to branch, Manager Shouts on me that it’s completely my fault. He says that 1st point you should not start process if you are not account holder for this DD. 2nd he says that we got the DD but my friend mobile is always not reachable(Where as his phone is always available). 3rd He says that as per laws you should not talk, you friend should talk. 4th he says that your friend is not coming to axis bank for signing paper so how we can give him DD and cancel the DD.

    Over-all I started this process from 4-Aug-2010. And today is 17-Feb-2011.
    After spending almost 7 month, Manager is shouting on customer (myself) and still me or my friend did not get money back.

    I want to file case on this which is not canceling DD as well shouting on customer very irrelevantly and talking about the laws and scaring customer. Finally not providing money back.
    Please suggest me.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Avinash dad

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    Shailza tappa Guest

    Default Canara bank DD

    Hi, I want to say that Canara Bank Vivek vihar branch customer service is pathetic. I went to make a demand draft for the first time so I did not know the procedure. I already have an account in the same bank but In cp branch. I asked them to make a dd for which they have charged 90 on top of DD amount. Later I asked them why am I paying in cash when I already have an account in the same bank? So employee there were so rude and replied directly to ask this with the Manager. Infact the manager is not ready to help people with their needs. So because they are govt employee doesn't mean they will n

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Drart cancellation

    I can't express myself what kind of problems I am facing last few days to till now !!

    As well as our Haringhata UCO bank branch manager is unprofessional & rude minded manager.always he shouted with customer.
    As a UCO bank customer I am requesting him to resolve my problems regarding my draft cancellation,which draft Is created from under Haringhata UCO branch but unfortunately due to some problems I want to cancel this draft,l.In that situation he didn't help me enough.Brannch manager told me first you have to take release this cheque from Sbi life insurance,although I did not submitted that to Sbi life then why they will going to release this cheque.
    Because of that above reason this check is going to laps 20/08/2015.

    After that I went Sbi life insurance office told them to release that draft but branch manager told me "we didn't receive your draft why we will going to release draft".

    In that situation what I'll do???
    What would be next step to recover my draft money please suggest me.

    Pintu Debnath
    (Draft holder brother)
    Email :pin8085@gmail.com
    Ph no:9800878996

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