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Thread: IndiaCakes.com .. order never delivered.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default IndiaCakes.com .. order never delivered.

    I have placed a order of cake on Indiacakes.com to be delivered on 14th feb 2011. First they never delivered my order and more over there website account shows my order has been completed .

    The mobile number on there site is always switched off and the emails to there ID and sms are never answered. The online chat is horrible.. they dont bother to answer the question if asked .. Please find the below chat when I had with there sales team.

    Please help me get back my money and if there is a way to BAN such site which does a false promises and cheat customers.

    Dear Customer , How may i help you in sending Gifts , Cakes , Flowers on your desired delivery date
    you are from Indiacakes
    can u give me the status of my order number 3023 .. when was it suppose to deliver and when it got delivered
    plz wait
    What the hell are u searching
    u cant even track an order and u tell you delivier on time ..
    Ur site say my order is completed but when it has not reached the destination how the hell u say its completed
    A order supposed to reach on 14th was not delivered yet ..
    speak up man ...
    Due to heavy orders for valentines day, the order couldn't delivered. we are cancelling the order. you will get refund for the same
    we are sorry for the inconvenience
    how the hell then ur site say it is completed
    U make a fool of the people nothing much ..
    ur phone was always switched off ..
    you guys never respond to sms or emails ..
    Also by saying it is completed on site and not delivering it .. It mean you are doing a online Fraud ..
    if you are ready to answer my question .. Then I guess I should drag you to customer court .. since I have all the details of your fraud ...
    Thanks for your horrible support ...
    Give me the date when will I get my cash back
    and also an alternate number mainly a landline .. as ur mobile never works
    that horrible .. cant u answer a simple question
    Sales has left the conversation. Currently in room: gaurav.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Bad bad delivery!!!

    I had asked for the cake to be a surprise and delivered during office hours. They called me at 7:40 in the morning saying this is the only delivery time... ridiculous people. By the time anyone gets to the ofice the cake would have melted into the floor.......

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default delivery of cake

    I had booked an order for delivery of cake at Thanjavur, Tamilnadu. However, the cake was never delivered. Instead, the order was cancelled by your company statng on mobile that the amount of Rs 950/- would be refunded, but the same has not been refunded till date.I feel dejected let down by your company as a customer.I feel your company has cheated me and cannot be trusted any further. You are requested to refund the amount of Rs950/- at the earliest to the following address:-

    Col S Ramesh
    HQ School Of Artillery
    Devlali - 422401
    email id- ramesh_45932y@yahoo.co.in
    An early action is requested please.


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    Disha Acharya Guest

    Thumbs down Calls not being answered by Indiacakes.com and untrackability of the order

    The site is completely fake, i believe.. Neither they give any status of the order, nor do they take any calls, neither on landline, nor on mobile. An alternate email id is also given for tracking the order, that too doest works.. All in vain and they just hack the money of consumers. These people must be taken to Consumers Court and sued..!!! Horrible and frustating "Indiacakes.com". I hate this. This was the first and last time I relied on u guys..

    Really disappointing..!!
    Please refund my money if you cant make the delivery.

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    priyajohn3991@gmail.com Guest

    Default cake not delivered

    I had ordered a cake the order id being 100081953 on 31 July nd it had to be delivered in night so i paid 350rs extra also but the cake wasn't delivered nd i haven't received any msg of cancellation also if I don't get my refund back i shall post dis complaint as well as others complaint on social media

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