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Thread: IPhone EMI Option

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    Default IPhone EMI Option

    This is regard to my purchase of Apple Iphone from one of your authorised
    dealers in gurgaon on the 31st of October 2008. According to the link
    mentioned below from your site aitel.in... it says that any HDFC credit
    Card holder can avail the EMI option by giving 10.00 % one time processing
    fees for 12 months. After I bought the phone I contacted HDFC bank and
    Airtel... to my surprise both denied of any such offer being made.

    I bought the Apple Iphone only cause i could pay 12 instalments at 0%
    interest.....My question here is if there is no such deal with HDFC, how
    is it mentioned on your official site.

    I get a feeling that I have been duped into buying Apple Iphone. I don't
    intent to pay a 24% interest levied by HDFC where i was under the
    impression that its a interest free 12 instalments.

    Please find below the screen shot from your site where it is clearly
    mentioned about the HDFC EMI details. Also fiind below the URL for the

    Would appreciate a prompt reply from your end.

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    Do you have any screen shot of the website link ? And kindly provide us the full details like store name, IMEI No, model No, Date of Purchase, Amount.


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    Hi friend,

    the above mentioned offer is from merchant side,., when u swipe the card for payment u should inform the merchant to convert it to 6 or 12 EMI with 0% interest rate. before u make the payment to merchant outlet u should check with them whether they have this option or not.. becoz certain merchants only will give this offer... if u made the payment already and if u ask the bank to convert it as EMI u l be charged for certain interest rates. So pls check with merchant for 0% interest and EMI option before u swipe the card for payments

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