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Thread: complaint against bharat gas service , haily mandi, gurgaon.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default complaint against bharat gas service , haily mandi, gurgaon.


    i want to complain against the bharat gas service, haily mandi. i
    book my cylinder by phone for home
    delivery but i get the cylinder in 15,20 days and that too by making
    numerous calls even after booking.

    sir, please take some action as this has become a problem for us. what about
    the time limit for home delivery.?

    deepak ( consumer no. 1590 in gas agency)
    simhar house, ward no. 6,
    haily mandi, gurgaon.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Late Delivery of GAS Cylinder from Bharat Gas

    I face very poor response from Rashmi Gas Agency (tel no: +91 80 28532301/02/32006411,6412) every time I try to take status of cylinder delivery . First of all their phone line is all the time busy. It seems like they keep the phone off the hook. I have booked my Gas on Friday(17 July 2009) which they promise will be delivered on Sunday(19 July 2009) and it doesn't happen for at till now. In fact if you don't follow up, they don't bother to deliver at all. My Connection number: 34652 My Booking Number: 7193 Please look into the issue …as I do not have any extra connection. Thanks in advance Ajeet

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default compalin against the dealer

    Dear Sir,

    I am one of the coustomer of Bharta Gas ,Bhubaneswar. I have an booking from last 12 days,Today When I enquired from the laocal Dealer M/s.Laxmi Gas, Irc Village ,Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar. they informed me that they will suppli to day without fail. When the dealer is going to supply the stocks they might issue the cash voucher or token to the people who supplies to the client with respect houses. But after awaiting from morning to 3. 00 p.m I enquired from the supplier(Delivery van) they have not supplied the same due to shartage of gas cylinder. There is no question for tha same when the dealer have issued the cylinders to supply to the respective clients ,how the delivery person says they have limited stocks.

    This is an case of harrasment.or they have sold the same to others.


    Dibakar Pradhan,
    Consumer no 10441, Dealer point Laxmi Gas, IRC Village, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar, Dist -Khurda, Orissa.
    Cell no -9937014543

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    remani.u.s Guest

    Default delivery delay


    i want complain barath gas service[venkiteshwara gas agencies thrissur kerala].
    i book my cylinder by phone date of 23/9/2009 for home delivery,but i did not get gas till this date02/11/2009.
    sir please take action this has become a problem for us

    consumer no:13449
    nadathodath house

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    Nov 2009

    Angry non delivery of LPG cylinder

    I had Booked for the refilling of LPG cylinder consumer no. 36067 my details:
    #102,Vijay Rapsody,
    Ravishakar layout,
    near Kodigehalli,Sahakarnagar,
    Behind Bery's twin towers,

    10 days back but till today I have not recieved the cylinder yet. I have been calling the distributor but did not get any proper response.Since we have only one cylinder and have small kids and aged people staying in home it is extremly difficult to manage.
    Distributor details
    Basaveshwar Bharat Gas Agency
    757,Yelahanka New town,
    Near petrol bunk,
    Agennt no:58138

    Please help us in getting the cylinder as early as possible.

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    Sandeep Kumar Dubey Guest

    Default Bharat gas

    Here in New Delhi in B6 market, Safdarjung Enclave the Piyala enterprises said that
    the Bharat gas agency booked the cylinder after 21 days of issuing the last cylinder
    even the bharat gas is also confirming from their distributor.

    Is it the rule of bharat gas or they are making their customer fool.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default cheatings in delievery of domestic gas cylinders

    dear sir/madam.
    myself raj kumar sharma resident of a town Raikot. distt ludhiana punjab.the local dealer of our town named vijay kumar from RAIKOT GAS AGENCY , IDGAH ROAD RAEKOT-141109 DISTT LUDHIANA.is cheating area people by supplying cylinders to his known persons without any conditions of booking, there is unlimited supply to some partial consumers whereas people like us having no approach some times get supply after one month or two after booking.we are in a dire need of cylinder this time. my wife personally approached him in his office to give us a cylinder.but he completely refused to do so.at the same time he was promising one of his partial customers to get as many cylinders as he want without any so called conditions. so please suggest me whether i can file any case against him in cinsumer court? but i don't have any proofs about his unlimited supply to his partial customers.....

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    Sashikanth Guest

    Red face Complaint against Bharat gas dealer for delayed delivery

    Dear Sirs,
    We book for Bharat gas and we always end up with excuses and the delivery is always 15 - 20 days

    Both of us are employed (in most cases now) we have clearly informed the agency that the cylinder can be delivered at our relatives house in the same campus. Despite all such information their response if very poor, lethargic and delivery is also very slow.

    Can you pls do something about this?

    The agency is

    Bangalore Gas Agency Dharmaram College
    1st stage,b t m layoutView
    +91-80-26784411 Category: Gas Agency

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    narinderpoonia@gmail.com Guest

    Default dilivry of lpg gas slender

    i am narender poonia v.p.o taja patti tes.. ABOHAR. i am a custmer of RAJORI GAS AGENCY BALLUAANA ... UNDER bhartiya ges PUNJAB ...i am not getting home dilivery . though it a rural agency...bt after 230 rs they didn't obay the rule ....

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Refill Delivery

    My supplier is JayaSree Gas Agency,Phone No 08462-255090, Door No. 5-6-580/2, YellammaGutta X Road, Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh. My supplier does not book a refill till 25 days after the delivery of a previously booked refill and does not deliver the refill till 10 days have elapsed from the day of booking, that to after i remind him. So, no delivery till about 35 days or more. So my question is
    When can a consumer book his refill and when should it be delivered to him ?
    Please clarify.
    And when i submit a the same query as above, online, the reply from server is "com.ibm.db2.jcc.a.SqlException: The string constant beginning with "')" does not have an ending string delimiter. "
    BhartGas What's Up ?

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    rajpura16 Guest

    Thumbs down About Gas Connection

    Dear Sir,
    I am Rakesh Kumar from Rajpura(PB). Sir I buy a gas connection last year from Bharat gas agency with 2 cyilnder. but they give me 1 cyilnder and said 2 cyilnder after 3 months. but till now I am not get 2nd cyilnder. gas delivery service is very slow.I have been calling the Distributors Mr. Pinky but did not get any proper response. he always say me come next month. Please do the needful as soon as possible.

    Rakesh Kumar
    Rajpura Town

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    a.kannan Guest

    Angry non delivery of gas and irresponseble answers for the reason

    I had Booked for the refilling of LPG cylinder on dt. 31/12/2009 but yet today on 11/1/2010 there is not any response and nobody ready talk to us from the distributor of M/s. sai Gas Service

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    sunil kumar garg Guest

    Default i am disturbe you service


    sunil kumar garg
    76-b vakil road new mandi
    muzaffarnagar 251001
    subject- my complain is muzaffarnagar gas service in muzaffarnagar
    token numbe- 8469

    i am not happy is your muzaffarnagar gas service in muzaffarnagar 251001.
    my phone number is 09634293429
    my gas book number is ---8469 muzaffarnagar gas service (muzaffarnagar)(uttar pardesh)
    mere yaha par seel laga hua gas salender nahi aa raha hi
    my email id- abhinav_garg007@yahoo.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint against dealer Mahalaxmi enterprises

    Mahalaxmi enterprises, Indiranagar (Bangalore) is forcing extra stuff (Wheat flour, oil etc) to its consumers on connection transfers. When asked, they say it is forced from BPCL only and other petroleum companies are also doing the same.

    I had to pay 476Rs. extra due to this. They make consumer come to their office 3-4 times before doing a transfer and hence the customer is fed up enough to pay extra money. If customer does not agree to buy those items, he/she never the connection transfers.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy Poor Responsiveness from Bharat Gas Distributor - Gurgaon

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    From last 4-5 months we are experiencing very painful problem while trying to place the cylinder refill order on phone. My Distributor seldom picks the phone (sometimes phone is engaged and they also keep changing the numbers) which causes significant delays in placing the refill order and many times resulted in having no cooking gas in the kitchen. Online booking system sometimes does not allow the booking online and directs to contact the Distributor directly. In today's fast pace life it is highly difficult to personally visit the shop for the bookings on a regular basis. This is our humble request to you to please provide us easy accessible booking system? Your assistance in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

    My Distributor is "Ravi Gas Services" in Gurgaon, Haryana
    Bookinf phone number: 0124-4032303 and 0124-6464032

    Thanks and Regards

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