I went to HDFC ATM to register my mobile no for service call "Recharge by SMS" but because of wrong Dispaly option instead of registration.
that was like that

but that was not aprearing properly
they was like this
choose 1 -XXX/-
choose 2 -850/-
choose 3 -XXX/-
choose 4- more option
choose 5-
choose 6-

choose for "4" for more option and then i got a message that i have recharge my mobile no.
because option was not properly managed as follows
choose 1 -XXX/-
choose 2 -XXX/-
choose 3 -XXX/
choose 4 -850/-
choose 5 -XXX/--
choose 6 -for more options

and i called to customer care of both vodafone and HDFC bank none of them give a satisfactory answer and unfortunatly i have to use that balance and do not want to this
because of HDFC's wrong options i got punished so please do something..
My Account No is:00091140121610
Transection Id:000000000912 0n 10 june 2009

please do something.....