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Thread: sa taxi finance high instalments payments

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    Default sa taxi finance high instalments payments

    sa taxi finance instalments are too high for their consumers because of their mandatory act of not wanting the consumer to find their own insurance of which the insurance they provide is at an amount of R2600. if the consumer could their own insurance which is much less. sa taxi is making most of the taxi owners and drivers jobless by repossessing the taxis

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    Default sa taxi finance high instalments payments

    These should not be. A lot of taxi drivers will be jobless. They should consider even if the consumers has less insurance rate. How can the consumer afford if the sa taxi installment if too high for them.

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    Thumbs down installment and insurance are too high

    goverment is killing poor people, is were we say poor become more poor n rich ppl becum more richer. taxi owners spend 5 yrs workng for taxi finance. other insurance company they r nt allowed to insure vihecle frm taxi finance. to me this finance is lyk a personal loan, interest r too high

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