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Thread: MRF TYRE'S poor service

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    Jun 2009

    Unhappy MRF TYRE'S poor service

    dear sir.

    but i m not satisfied with the kind of service these people giving to customer .

    i m just telling u what happened when i went there from my place its around 160 kilometers from angul to bhubneshvar.

    i went there and they checked the tyre and told me that i have to uninstall it from bike for their further inspection for inner cuts etc.( and i think its the mrf ltd's work to uninstall and install the tyre for inspection)

    leave it i managed to uninstall the tyre and went their again, they saw that and passed it for replacement but it took 3 hours to them to make this decision. :D

    after that i got my replaced tyre and told them to make it install in the bike.

    the totally refused to do dis and then i walked about 4 kilometers carrying the rim and tyre to local mechanic and installed it

    and ur respective customer care executive MR. SANJAYA KUMAR BISWAL mob. number 9938810131 , talks with me in very informal way,
    i just want to know is this the service the international brand MRF gives to their customers

    your customer executives dont know how to treat their customers.

    i want the answer of my question.

    your one unsatisfied customer:&

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complain For warranty

    dear sir,
    i am very regret to say that to take the warranty of tyres from mrf company is a very huge task and i am mentaly disturb due to your company and i am know convincing the peopls not to buy mrf tyres and i will do my job better than your company against you that you are cheating peoples for wrranty.

    aloke rastogi

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default rates of tyres

    dear sir, i am very sorry to say that your dealers and retailers are selling the tyres in black and are saying that company production has decreases what is the truth you know it. From last 18 months the tyre size 4.00-8 and 4.50-10 is selling in 900 to 950 and 1700 to 1750 respectively and u know d rates. so please do something for us. reply me at panditamit810@gmail.com

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    thushara Guest


    in briought 04 no's of tyres for my car in july 2008. in april 2009 i observed 2 of them beyond in use due breaking of inner hard (iron) structre. 80% remained and 3000 km used .so i handedover those tyres to agent in sri lanka(samudra trading company) through local agent in my area.now already 5 months gone.but no any response up to now.

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    Sep 2009

    Default Mrf

    G. Georgekutty, Punnara Veedu, manjamonkala, Punalur.P.O., ElampalMuri, Vilakudy Village,Pathanapuram Taluk, Kollam


    The Manager, MRF Ltd. and Other


    The complaint for seeking replacement of the tyres or the prize paid for the same with compensation and costs.

    The averments in the complaint can be briefly summarized as follows:

    The complainant has purchased two pieces of 175/70 R 13 MRF 2 VTS tyres and the same had been fitted by the authorized agent of the 2nd opp.party vide bill NO.1866 dt. 6.7.2007. On the same day of purchase the complainant drive the car with which the tyre in question was fitted and after traveling 7 km. westwards from Punalur one of the newly fitted tyres bursted and the damaged tyres had been returned to the 2nd opp.party. The incident had been reported to the 1st opp.party through the 2nd opp.party for which the complainant has received a rejection advice from the first opp.party through the 2nd opp.party on 7.8.2007f whereby it is regretted that they could not offer any replacement stating that they could not find any manufacturing defect. The inspection said to have been conducted by the first opp.party is not genuine and foolproof. There was no satisfactory service rendered by the opp.parties Hence the complaint.

    The 1st opp.party filed version contending, interalia that the complaint is not maintainable either in law or on facts. The complainant is not a consumer within the meaning of Consumer Protection Act 1986.

    The tyre of size 175/70 R 13 having Serial No.61506850907 was received from Jacob Tyres, Punalur . On 6.7.2007 the opp.party’s Technical Service Personnel was thoroughly examined and after registering the same under complaint Docket No.72457 dt. 10.7.2007. His exam ination revealed that the tyre was damaged due to side wall concussion caused due to sudden impact with some hard stationary object while the vehicle was on motion. This is not due to any manufacturing defect of the tyre. Thereafter inspection of the tyre was returned to the 2nd opp.party vide delivery memo dt. 24.7.2007. The tyre mentioned the complaint is of a true and merchantable quality absolutely free from any manufacturing defect and was damaged only due the reason are false and hence denied.

    The tyre being a rubber product it cannot be foolproof against impact with sharp external objects. The report is prepared only after detailed and through inspection of the subject tyre. Hence the allegation that the inspection report is not a genuine one and there is no bonafides in the inspection report are all false and hence denied. The allegation that the opp.party has not provide satisfactory service is false and hence denied. The complainant is required to prove the same with strict proof. The opp.party has properly attended the complaint and has properly inspected the tyre and prepared the report.

    The allegation that the opp.party has not provide satisfactory service is false and hence denied. Since the tyre was damaged not due to any of the manufacturing defect the opp.party is not entitled to replace the tyre/refund the cost of tyre to the complainant. The complainant is not entitled to any of the reliefs claimed. No cause of action has arisen against the opp.party. There is no deficiency in service on the part of the opp.party. Hence the opp.party prays to dismiss the complaint.

    Opp.party 2 has not filed version or not adduced any evidence.

    Points that would arise for consideration are:

    1. Whether the tyres have any manufacturing defect

    2. Whether there is deficiency in service on the part of the opp.parties

    3. Reliefs and costs.

    For the complainant PW.1 is examined. Ext. P1 to P11 are marked.

    For the opp.party DW.1 is examined. Ext. D1 and D2 are marked.


    Here there is no dispute that the complainant purchased the disputed tyre from the 2nd opp.party who is the authorized agent of 1st opp.party and the tyre busted on the very same day of purchase.

    The complainant’s case is that he had purchased two pieces of MRF tyres from opp.party 2 on 6.7.2007. After that he drove the car with which the disputed tyre was fitted after traveling 7 km the said tyre busted. Suddenly the complainant approached the 2nd opp.party surrendered the tyre and requested for replacement of the disputed tyre. 2nd opp.party informed to the complainant that they could not offer any replacement stating that they could not find any manufacturing defect.

    1st opp.party in their version submitted that the tyre was examined by the 1st opp.party’s Technical service personnel, who has opinioned that the damage is because of ‘side wall concussion’ caused due to sudden impact with some hard object while the vehicle was on motion and not because of a manufacturing defect.

    Here the questions for consideration are whether the tyre was suffering from manufacturing defect detected and whether opp.parties are liable.

    The only material available before us with regard to manufacturing defect is Ext. D1. But it cannot be accepted because it does not contain the seal of the company and signature of the expert who had prepared it. There is only an initial of somebody. As it is an important document it would have contain the seal and signature of the person who prepared it:. Thus actually there is no evidence or material before us about the manufacturing defect. Complainant’s case is that he surrendered the tyre before opp.party 2 and the said tyre is in the custody of opp.party 2. Opp.party 1 also admits that the tyre is in the custody of opp.party 2.

    Opp.party 2 did not turn up and remained absent not adduced any evidence before the Forum However it is beyond expection of a purchaser from such a reputed company that one tyre could be damaged on the very same day of purchase when the car had been driven only 7 kms. and when the car was not driven in rough road. Burden of proof regarding manufacturing defect to the tyres is on the complainant. Here the complainant did not take any steps to prove the manufacturing defect.

    Hence as there is no evidence with regard to manufacturing defect. Hence Opp.party 1 is not liable . Ext. D1 report by the opp.party’s own employee does not go a long way to assist his case and it cannot be treated as evidence without the testimony of an independent witness. . Ext.P6 shows that the complainant had purchased another tyre from opp.party 2 on 7.7.07. As no evidence is adduced from the side of opp.party 2, on consideration of entire evidence we are constrained to believe that there is deficiency in service on the part of opp.party 2.

    In the result the complaint is allowed. 2nd opp.party is directed to pay Rs. 2700/- as the net value of the new tyre to the complainant with 12% interest from the date of purchase on 7.7.07 till the date of payment. Opp.party 2 is also directed to pay Rs.2000/- as cost of the proceedings. The amounts payable under this order shall be paid within one months from the date of receipt of the order.


    The fact that the complainant purchased 2 tyres from opp.party 2 as per Ext.P4 and 5 and that one of the same busted on the same day while the car was running are not disputed. The contention of the complainant is that the tyre bursted due to manufacturing defect.

    According to the opp.parties there is no manufacturing defect to the tyre but it bursted due to side wall concussion caused because of the sudden impact with some hand object during motion. They have produced Ext. D1 inspection report prepared by their Technical service personal to establish that contention which seriously assailed by the complainant.

    It is an admitted fact that one of the tyres purchased by the complainant bursted on the same day of fitting before running hardly 7 kms. . It is not the duration of use or the distance covered which are material when manufacturing defect is alleged. If the complainant alleges that it is due to manufacturing defect and ignores Ext. D1 the burden is on the complainant to adduce expert evidence and establish that aspect. In the decision reported in 2008 [1] CPR 120 our own state Commission has held that ‘when complainant alleges manufacturing defect in the goods service should be proved by taking out a commission who should be competent in the filed It is mandatory provision is obvious from the wording should be proved. No attempt is made by the complainant herein to appoint an expert Commissioner and prove this case. From the available evidence it cannot be said that the complaint has succeeded in proving that the tyre bursted due to manufacturing defect. Therefore it cannot be said that there is any deficiency in service or unfair trade practice. Point found accordingly.

    In the result the complaint fails and the same is hereby dismissed. No cost

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Mrf blantly refused to replace defective typres and tubes.


    Dear P.Pushpavanam, Consumer Forum
    Mr.Dil, MRF , Chennai

    I request to take up my case strongly with General Sales Manager, (Mr.Dil-044-28460145)MRF Ltd., Service Centre, (Mr.Ethiraj=9789804652)20, Woods Road, Chennai 600 002. ) Mr.JaiPrakash-94443776951)On 12 April 08,

    I purchased 4+4 MRF 1757OR tyres with tubes for my FORD 1.3 ICON from M/s BM Lal & Bors, 32, Whites Road, Chennai-32.)Tax Invoice No.27510 dt.12Apr08 for Rs.11,080 (Rs.9849+VAT Rs.1231)within 8-9 the new tyres started giving abnormal sound while driving at normal city speed. Initially we felt this is due to Engine or other mechanical sound. We got the same inspected, checked wheel alignment, wheel balancing. We met MRF dealer BM Lal & Bros (Mr.Hitesh 9884153353) who raised claim forwarding docket No.5884 dt.18Jun09 and called up MRF service engineer to take corrective steps/replace defective tyres & tubes.

    We met MRF service engineer Mr.Jai Prakash in his office cum workshop. Wherein he agreed that abnormal sound is due to new tyres fitted. However he kept on calling up at every fifteen days to do some check/tests giving false hope those tyres will be replaced/set right. For 3-4 months he kept the matter lingering. Nothing worked. He advised that sound is due to wheel rims, we should change at our cost. As harried consumer we replaced tyre rims at our cost spending additional Rs.4,500/- on 8Sep9.

    However still sound continued to some out of MRF tyres. We showed and he inspected and agreed that sound still continued. He merely took my home address but no revert. MRF SHATTERED CONSUMER CONIFIDENCE BY FLATLY REJECTING TO REPLACE DEFECTIVE TYRES AND TUBES.

    Additionally MRF put us in lot of inconvenience making us to come everyfornight at two of their offices/workshops. We spent futile on Petrol, and replaced tyres rims. I urgently request you to make MRF understand what consumer voice is make them accountable for this shabby and choppy after sales mischievous behaviors with consumers.

    I am arranging to get this behaviour published across press to alert consumers about MRF tires.

    91 9840495681.

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    Unregistered Guest


    i already mentioned my problem through this forum on 30th sep 2009. (thushara). but still no response from u and ajent in sri lanka.pse consider my mater and confirm....thusharanavy@gmail.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default hunting for NDMS tyres

    Dear sir,
    it has been very dissapointing to know that a international company like MRF neglect the need of there customers.
    I have a jeep which requires immidate change of tryes, and i have beenlooking for NDMS 6*16 for past 4 months. I have been lucky enough to find 3 tyres but at a very high price.And its surpricing to know that we do have a black market here as well, the dealer magaged to sell me the trye at very high price(much higher than the mrp).
    can anybody please arrange 2 tyres for me on urgent basis.


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    Shyamal Guest

    Thumbs down MRF Tyres 6.00-16

    Dear Sir

    I am very sorry to say that your dealers and retailers are selling the tyres in black and are saying that company production has decreases what is the truth you know it. Please do something about it as your brand is big and has a long standing as a super brand.

    I paid Rs 3,100/- for each tyre and tube, bought 5 tyres from SV Tyres Mg Road, Secunderabad.



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    rkel Guest

    Default Defect in tyre

    I have purchased karizma on dated 12 june 2009 verry sorry to say that my bike getting shakking problum service centre says defect in tyre pleas go to mrf dealer dealer saes go for wear you have purchased kindly tell mi wear i am go
    neeraj khera
    8,flamingo market

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    samindersaini@gmail.com Guest

    Default crackes / cutes out side the tyre

    I have purchased a maurti swifi car on 31/12/2009 with 5 nos. MRF tubeless tires on 03/04/10 i was on ture in ruler area one of tyre got punchered. when i checked there was a crack outside the tyre near rim. i asked the from repair shop to make puncher but he replied that it is not possible to make puncher that area. kindly tell me but is the possible solution

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    Prashant Urunkar Guest

    Default warrenty clam

    I am very regret to say that to take the warranty of tyres from mrf company is a very difficult task . I have parchesed 2wheeler tyre on 14-09-2009 but aftre 11 month i noticed that there was a prolem on inner lyre . when i went to the zonal office at pune mrf's service person says this is not manufactureing defect . This damaged due to impact break. So I am know convincing the peopls not to buy mrf tyres and i will do my job better than your company against you that you are cheating peoples for wrranty.

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    kiran_bsl@rediffmail.com Guest

    Angry problem in newly tube

    MRF Tyre India Pr.LTD,

    Respected Sir,
    I,Mr. Kiran Kulkarni. i have Purchased a new Honda Activa before three days, and i am getting problems in my bike's tyer tube. There is a problem of the tyer tube Valve sheet leakage .i had consulted with showroom manager and they suggested me that company will exchange the tyre tube totally because it is under warranty, so i am handing over the tyre tube and my bike's documents to our nearest MRF dealer his address is
    S.K.TYERS, Near Talathi Office, Jamner Road, Bhusawal, Tel. 02582-241860.
    i also want to point out that not only me but also many people who have also purchased the same bike are suffering from the same problem which can harm your prestigious value in the market.

    Hopefully wating for your positive reply.

    Thanking you,

    Mr Kiran Kulkarni

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    Unhappy order to purchase two tyres of mrf (90*90*12)

    dear sir,
    i am not satisfied with your service.
    you tyre no(90*90*12) is not in the market. i want two tyres. every dealer is selling tyres in black. i want these tyres very emergency.: it's very urgent. my scooter is now useless due to your poor service.
    i went to every shop but there is no tyre of 90*90*12. can any body arrange me two tyres rapidly. i shall be very thank full for this act. can anybody send me these tyres please,please..................................... .......
    thanks ,
    your's unsatisfied custimer.

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    satnam riat Guest

    Thumbs up order to purchase tube (90*90*12)

    dear sir,
    i am satisfied with ur sevices. And now i want a tube of size(90*90*12). i want tube in one or two days as it is urgent. my scooter tube is damaged and it is useless. so please send tube to me as soon as possible.

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