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Thread: interest subsidy for education loan

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    Default interest subsidy for education loan

    Dear Sir/Mam
    I (joyita dutta) want to draw your attention to the fact that I have taken an education loan from IOB raniganj branch in the year 2009 in the month of july of Rs 3,30,000. Now we all know that a new circular has been issued by IBA that students who had taken loan in the 2009 and after the month of April will get interest subsidy from the bank from where they had taken their loan, now every almost every bank giving this facility to the student but my bank manager is refusing to give this facility as he is saying that he hasn't received any kind of information, I have also made a call to regional head office of IOB which is in Kolkata and they told that they had sended the circular to the all the branches and they also talk to manager but still the branch manager of my bank saying no to me and doing nothing.
    So please help me out from this problem as my mother is my only parent and she is a primary school teacher.
    Thanks & Regards
    Joyita Dutta
    mobile no: 09555463289
    email Id:-joyita.dutta5@gmail.com
    saving acoount no.6165
    indian overseas bank (raniganj branch)
    Thanks &

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    I stuck up with the same problem. Please help me out if you get some sort of solution
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    Dristi Guest

    Angry Interest subsidy

    My uco bank manager in kolkata is giving me also wrong information.he said me since last year that they have to apply this scheme online.but the page is block.but my other friends in other bank submit it by the form..what should I do now?please help in this matter. My mail id is (dristi250@gmail.com).

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Subsidy on interest on education loan

    Dear sir,

    Whom to approach and complain if, i have received less than the subsidy , which was promised.
    We were told, that we will get interest subsidy for the whole moratorium period (30 months in my case, course : MBA)
    but i have received subsidy which is less than the interest amount credited during this period.
    Interest amt credited: Rs 41,109 /-
    Subsidy rcvd : Rs 30,000/-

    Now how to claim for this Rs 11,109 /- , the concerned SBI branch official told that you can get subsidy only on disbursement amount in a particular financial year and not on the interest accrued on the same disbursed amount in the next year.
    MY question is once an amount is disbursed the interest is accrued on all the following years , but than why no subsidy on that interest (period being within the specified moratorium period) ???


    Fed Bank'

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default sussidy on education loan

    dear sir my education loan is passed nov. 2009 but my interest is continue i was submited my income certificate which is below 2.5 lacks per year so sir please he;p me

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default edu loan on uco

    I've taken a edu loan after april,2009 i.e on 2010 about 1.5lacs and didnt pay any amount to the bank till now and now I applyed for interest subsidy that i m elgible for that bt bank manager refused the proposal and force me and my father to pay outstanding amount.its right?

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