This is complaint regarding an agency called JEEVAN HOME NURSING in kottayam,kerala. And agent named JOYMON.

We are staying in Bangalore and our native is Kottayam, Kerala Since we have two small kids we took one maid from JEEVAN HOME NURSING on 5th October 2010.Maid's name is VINCY(as per ID proof)(but agent called her as BINCY and in agreement also he had written her name like that).We gave 15,000 for him which includes 9000 service charge and last month(12th month) salary 6000 and agreement was for one year. He asked me to sign in agreement (which is a printed paper of his own and not any stamp paper) before taking her to Bangalore and I did that. He asked me to take a phone connection for her so that her parents want to call. She told basically she's from Idukki and married to a person in Chengannur (now he's no more!!!!) and presently stays in Nagercoil with her sister. Agent told everything is correct. We took phone connection for her and she was always busy in phone with someone except her parents!

But she behaved very nicely with us and told needs leave from December 21st onwards. I booked ticket for her and before going she asked me 3 months salary excluding the extra money she took for her some needs including recharge and all. So I gave her 18000 without completing 3 months. She told that she'll be back on 28th and didnít give me her native number. On 24th she called and told me she'll be back on 28th.but she dint come .so I called to agency and asked her phone number. They told they'll give and they didnít. I kept on calling them many times but Joymon didnít attend my calls.

My son's treatment was delayed because of this maid and agency and I was alone managing 2 kids for more than 15 days after paying this much money to agent. Last this agent took my call on Jan 2nd 2011 and he was arguing and scolding me without listening to me. How was shouting at me in a bad way! He said her(maid) kid's baptism is on that day(but she told its on 23rd and went on 21st)whom we have to trust? .Last he talked to us saying she'll not come and will send new maid before 4th.but he dint send any n dint respond to our calls. my parents got one maid from our area and they send her on 9th.After getting her, we asked them to give our money back after taking service charge for 3 months even though he dint provide service for 3 months also. He told me Heíll not give service amount back then he said you can register a case in consumer court and proudly says I have already 15 consumer cases against me so you can give one more case it is not big issue for him. I think itís a cheap play by that agent and maid. From his attitude and way of speaking we got to know he is playing a double game to us

On 5th we got message from that maid saying I am going to abroad and donít call me in that sent mobile number. I donít know itís true or not.

The agent is saying you signed in my agreement saying service charges will not be given back. Is it correct? Service charge is for providing service right? Without providing service and not responding to our calls how he's providing service for us? How he's able to take that money from us? And while taking maid how we'll know he'll not provide service for one year? Itís too much. If she's not coming back then why she n agent dint inform us that earlier???.

We are concerned that this kind of issue should not happen to anybody .

Kindly help us how we can get back our money?

PH: 04813268686
MOB:91- 9447807859