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Thread: Complaint on Butterfly Gas stove

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Complaint on Butterfly Gas stove

    I recently bought a Two burner LPG gas stove in satya tambaram branch.
    The issue is with the LPG stove is making a huge noise while turning the ON switch and we had contacted the butterfly customer care center in tambaram and one of your engineer visited our home and told that we need to turn on the stove without any vessels on the burner ( Strange) it worked that time but after few days the same problem repeated now with some sparks inside the Gas stove and making huge noise.
    I wonder we used many gas stoves with vessels on the burner top and we had no issues at all .
    We strongly displeased by the quality of the stove as well as the service rendered.
    I can furnish the Full details of the Purchase & complaint ID .
    Purchase @ Satya Tambaram
    Purchase Date - 04/11/2010
    Invoice # - CH07-10/100801162
    Model - Butterfly 2B blaze
    Complaint ID - 72101 / booked on - 29/11/2010 - No resolution
    This was sold to me saying that it's a New branded Stove and i fail to understand how new stoves create this kind of issue .
    I request your intervention in this matter and replace or service the Gas stove to customer satisfaction.
    You can contact me anytime on my mobile +91 9900603995 .

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Highly Deplorable "Butterfly Appliances" Customer Service

    I had purchased a new glass top Butterfly Gas Stove (4 Burner) on 1st Jan, from Sekar Stores, Chennai that was delivered on 2nd Jan. When I started using the I found in one of the burners, there was flame beneath the burner also. Fearing some problem, I stopped using that burner altogether and registered a complaint on 5th Jan (Ref. No. 74377). I was promised their technicians would be attending to the problem in 2 days time.

    Now it is almost 15 days. No soul has turned up despite 100s of calls to their customer care center (managed by irresponsible service reps) and the state level service Managers. I had contacted one Mr. Joseph and subsequently Mr. Ilamparuthi the service managers who promised immediate action. But nothing has helped me. I find either their technicians care a damn for their managers instructions or the managers or colluding with the technicians and fooling the customers.



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    shocked customer Guest

    Thumbs down DO not buy ButteryFly Gas Glass TOp Stove in your life.. It will kill your life..

    I bought the stove on 23.01.2011, we escaped from major fire accidents because excess gas flame. Lucky we escaped.
    Poor customer service. tamilnadu Customer support do not know how to talk. Now i changed to Prestige gas stove.

    Life is important than 4,000 Rs.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default 4 Burner Butterfly Gas Stove out of which one Burner hold melted and tilt

    We have purchased 4 Burner Butterfly Gas Stove from Ulhasnager on 22th October, 2011 and was suprised to see that within a week one of Burner holder started melting, Gas Burner with Holder had been tilt from one side.

    Good we had noticed while cooking that burner had tilted and flame coloured changed, seeing this we immediately switched off that gas burner.

    Had made complain of the same on 2nd November, 2011 but till date the no one from the company attended and came for checking.

    Melting Burner holder of the gas may cause big accident of the gas blast, not able to understand the reason for not attending such curcial call which may damage the image of the company if any incident happend due to it.
    Using such low quality products in item like GAS Stove which started melting is an very bad image for the company.

    on 7th Novemebr, 2011 one of the companies representative had call and check the status of the complained and told if the burner holder is melted they have to replace the gas stove, but till now they have not come back again.

    I request, Butterfly company to look into there product quality before distributing the same in market and such incident does not happened in future with other customer.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Butterfly LPG stove 2 Burner - burnet holder melt

    I bought a Butterfly LPG gas stove with 2 Burner in Velachery vasanthan & Co. on 28/11/2011 , just used it twice for boiling milk ... noticed that one of the burner holder is melt down on 29/11/2011.I wonder why Butterfly company had released such a failure product on Gas related things.
    I booked a complaint against it , i am not sure if its safe to use it further even if the butterfly people change that burner ....

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    Default Gas stove

    I brought a Butterfly Ace 2 burner Gas stove from SHAH ENTERPRISES,KOTTAYAM-686001 on 12/05/2011.Sl.no of the stove is 01119075.
    My complaint is that the big burner is burning with yellow flames.And it is making the utensils black.A complaint is lodged with your Kottayam service centre( the complaint no. is RC 520) BEFORE 3 MONTHS. And nothing is done so far to repair it.Please make a sincere effort (SINCERE EFFORT) to attend the complaint.Or please allow me to EXCHANGE it to SHAW ENTER PRISES KOYYAYAM for a new one.

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    Sibin Guest


    Dear Sir,
    I bought a Two burner Glass top Butterfly gas stove from RAJAN & CO NAGERCOIL 1 month back.
    The issue is with the BUTTERFLY stove is right control knop is not working and we had contacted the RAJAN & CO s service center.
    Every day I contact RAJAN & CO s service center,But they didnot responce my calls. I connot use this BUTTERFLY gas stove last 1 month.
    So please take a action and replace a new BUTTERFLY 2 BURNER GLASS TOP STOVE immediatly.
    If i didnot get a new one i will file this to cunsumer court because i am calling for 1 month to RAJAN & CO NAGERCOIL service center.
    Landline: 04651-249586

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    jagruti m.gazinkar Guest

    Unhappy four burner gas stove

    Steel top gas has cut in the corner purchase in ghatkopar last yr.

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    kumar vinodh Guest

    Default Butterfly gas stove

    I have 2 burner butterfly gas stove, after 1 year stove knobs are very tight and now not able to switch off the gas. It's really bad quality. Earlier we had gas stove and nearly 10years no issues. We though butterfly is good quality but very bad quality. I think company has to look into the quality if not they loose customers. Now i stopped buying any butterfly products.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down BUTTERFLY - BLAZE GAS and STOVES Verty bad Service ( @@@@HIMATHI APPLIANCES LTD. )

    We'v bought Butterfly BLAZE 2B gas stove 6 months back... the smallest burner is making huge noise while igniting. We are continuously calling their service number for help. it is going on from last two months. but not a single man have visited here yet for servicing. Defective Gas Stove may cause accidents, Huge accidents. Stove manufacturer should take responsibility of our lives. they find thousand reasons and blames on consumers if any accident occurs.
    See m from middle class family. we try to repair our old things to save some penny. But This Company #BUTTERFLY GAS AND STOVES# have really disappointed me.
    From last two month I have 3 Complaint numbers registered over there. but not a single servicing person have visited yet. IT REALLY SUCKS.

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    Mukesh Pillai Guest

    Default Butterfly Gas Stove Leakage

    Its hardly a year that I brought the Butterfly Stainless Steel two burner stove and it has leakage issue from the big burner switch area. I am following up with Customer care from last two weeks and no one has come till date to look into it. I am not sure how a leakage issue is not a concern for Butterfly Customer Care or the Management.Every call I make the customer representative will reply that someone is going to come for sure to my house and we are taking it as a emergency concern. Not sure, if they understand the meaning of the word "Emergency". Please look into this at the earliest.

    Name: Mukesh M Pillai
    Mobile: 9971255766
    City: Gurgaon
    Reference ticket opened with Butterfly: 87913125718

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Butterfly company is not replacing the defective product (LPG Gas Stove).


    I bought an Butterfly LPG Gas stove on 24th August from a near by dealer. The product is under 5 year warranty. The product has some manufacturing defects and it can't be used. I raised a complaint on 25th August itself (Complaint number: 927813103538). I was promised their technicians would be attending to the problem in 2 days time. But unfortunatley, there is no response from Butterfly team and I contacted them almost daily. At last on 14th Sep. a technician came from Butterfly and he checked the product and agreed that it is defective and I was promised that the product will be replace within 2 days. After that there is no response from the company and I contacted them almost daily. Now when I am calling them they are blabbering. They said that they don't have an LPG stove now to replace and they don't know when they can replace it. So I decided to move with a complaint so that no one will face similar kind of issue in future. I request your intervention in this matter and replace or service the Gas stove. Also the company should be asked to pay some amount as penalty so that these kind of issues will not happen in future.

    You can contact me anytime on my mobile +91-9176125420.

    My Sincere Advice to Peope would be "PLEASE DO NOT BUY BUTTERFLY GAS STOVE". "DO NOT GET MISLED BY ITS LOOKS". NOT THAT GREAT!!! Now i stopped buying any butterfly products.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default knob broken all the three

    I had purchased 3b glasstop on 10/10/2013 but it had broked on 03/11/2013
    model Butterfly Reflection GLASSTOP .i buy from vikas homeappliances hospital road vaikom kottayam district kerala
    pls find the matter and make a solution as early as possible.
    you can contact me in any time mob;09847058502

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default 3 burner glass top

    Totally waste product. We bought from Laxmi stores Goregaon (East), Mumbai-63 in sep-2013, from day 2 the problems have started. 1st the burner stand was in uneven shaped , 2nd ly gas leaks from body. Till now they haven't tuned up , we have launched so many complaints in service center. How can we get our money back. we don't want such product.

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    E.S.SHAJU Guest

    Default Complain 3B Glasstop gas

    From first year many problem in this gas stove, today very dangerous condition pls replace my addres shaju, s/o Easwara pilai 4/31 sannathistreet colachel(po) kanyakumari (dt) pin:629251...dealer name: Anith furniture colachel kanyakumari(dt)

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