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Thread: Ladies Special timings

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    Angry Ladies Special timings


    This is in Complain for Lades Special train one after the Other from Sealdah Station, one at 5:05pm another at 5:50pm, so the result is the train goes empty, cause within 40Mins there cant be enough ladies to board, one should be at evening and one should be after 7:30pm so that ladies who have to return at night can also avail the facility, all groups can be served, like the gap should be about 2 and half hours, one is 5:50pm from Sealdah is ok, another should be in between 7:30pm and 8pm, that would help all Ladies to adjust there timings accordingly, cause for Nights only they wud require safe journey.

    This should be high prirority!!

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    Angry bad timing of ladies special

    The timins of the up ladies special is not so usefull for the ladies actually. the timing of the 1st train should be at 5.30 p.m. and the should be come at 8 p.m. coz the maximum women daily passengers need the ladies special after 7.30. but they cannot get the opportunity of the train. and in every evening we used to see ladies special goes with a few passengers. so, its our request that please think about the maximum daily passengers nd change the time of ladies special. TRIPTI

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