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Thread: Letter for LG Refrigerator Complaints

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    Default Letter for LG Refrigerator Complaints

    I have purchase my LG Refrigerator (double door) on dated 25/01/2009 Model No.M No.GL264 GM4 Sr. No.810NLEIC- 002092 from M/s Goel Sales Address :- 1-2, Pushkar Vihar, Phase-IV, 33 Feet Road, Shiv Vihar, Karawal Nagar, Delhi-110094. against one Year Guaranttee. I have won extended warranty on my refrigerator against 20-20 Win-Win Coupan.

    I have complaint on dated 06/01/2011 at 1.52 AM in the morning at LG Product Customer Care Centre phone 011-39010909 for register my complaint that my refrigerator is making noise (giving a heavy sound) and paint of the front door totally faded (damaged) and Refrigerator giving a very bad smell. These are three complaints they have registered against Complaint No.RNA110106034770. They told me that the service Engineer will be come within 24 hours at my home. But there no service Engineer has come after 35 hours at my home. After 35 hours on dated 07/01/2011 I have made the another Phone call at 011-39010909 at customer care centre that there is not any service Engineer come at my home the Customer care representative told me that there is no any complaint they have registered against complaint No. RNA110106034770. I was very confused at that time.

    I have registered the another complaint No.RNA110107084274 at 12.30 PM on dated 07/01/2011.The service Engineer has come on dated 08/01/2011 at 2.45 PM at my home. I have told him all the above mentioned three complaints. Within 5 minutes he has checked the refrigerator and finished his work and he has gone. When service Engineer was going I have asked with him that he has not solved my all the above mentioned complaint. He told me that he will forward my complaint to the Senior Officer of the company and he told me that the doors will be changed of the refrigerator. When I have asked the Phone Numbers and e-mail of the Senior Officer or manager of the LG Company he told me that he has not any Phone no & e-mail ID of his senior officer & Manager. I was very confused at that time that my one of the complaint has not solved by the service Engineer & the LG Company.

    After that I have made another Phone call to the Customer care centre that the Service Engineer has not solved my above mentioned Complaint. The Customer care representative has provided me another Complaint No.RNA110108029818. I have received the another call at 5.11 PM on dated 08/01/2011 from the Service Centre of the LG. when I told the Service Centre Lady that my Complaint has not been Solved by your Service Engineer. She asked me that you have paid the amount our service Engineer. I have told her that my refrigerator is in the warranty period and service Engineer has not solved my above mentioned problem. After that she disconnect my phone and there is not any service engineer & senior officer has solved my above mentioned three complaints to till date. I have also contact with the shopkeeper M/s Goel Sales. The Shopkeeper advise me that I shall complaint to the Comsumer Court.

    I want to refund my refrigerator Amount from the LG Refrigerator company for Rs.13900/- or Replace a new refrigerator. I have attached the photocopy of the Bill and Coupan with this Letter.

    Name : Subodh Kumar Mishra
    Address : A-95, Gali No.2, Prem Vihar,
    Shiv Vihar, Karawal Nagar,
    Mobile No. 9971656279

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    Default L g double door refrigerator complaint


    I am Deepak Kansal from noida. I have purchased double door refrigerator of LG company 5 years ago from Divya Electronics. From 1st may,2011 my refrigerator is not working and I complained on LG customer care centre on 4th may,2011 and they said that they will send their technician but till 16th june,2011 there was no response from company after that on 16th june,2011 i wrote mail to their regional officer and on 18th june,2011 one of their technician came to my house and filled gas in the refrigerator but my refrigerator was not cooling at all and when I asked that why it was not cooling he said that " fan of your refrigerator is not working and some other technician wiil handle it". On 20th june I wrote mail again to regional officer but till now there is no response from their side.

    Sir I am expecting a serious action against LG in this regard and hoping that my refrigerator will start working sooner.

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    Default Worst experience from samsung company their official service centres & dealers

    I had purchased Samsung Single Door Refrigerator Model No RA19WBPS from M/s Priya Associates Pimpri Pune: 411018 (Maharashtra) vide Invoice No.38882 dated 28.09.2009 which was working well since 08.01.2013 morning. After some time we noticed that cooling effect of the same has been gone but lights in fridge were on.

    I had made complaint to M/s. Priya Associates & I have been informed by the madam sitting in office of M/s. Priya Electronic that she will inform the complaint to their Service centre & engineer will visit my home, check up the fault & will inform
    Me the charges payable by me. But I will have to pay Rs.225/- towards his visit charges.

    Accordingly, engineer from M/s.Elegent, Akurdi (Authorized Service centre of Samsung)
    Has visited & checked my Refrigerator & informed me over phone (since I was not at my home) that compressor of my Refrigerator has been blocked & will have to replace the same with new compressor. Since compressor was under warranty period he told me over mobile that the will replaces at free of cost but I will have to pay the charges for gas filling approx amounting to Rs.1500/-. I asked him why we will have to fill gas. He told me that when compressor is replaced without filling gas we neither can nor replace the compressor. Then I asked him when there is fault in compressor which is under warranty period why I will have to pay the charges of gas filling since gas will leak due to fault in compressor since it is connected with compressor. He left my home without any further discussion. This all happened on 11.01.2012 meantime I had also made complaint your Customer Harassment Centre since many of customer like me has been taken an experience of you customer care centre which is not customer care centre but it should be renamed as Customer Harassment Centre. From the following points you will also agree for the same.

    Details of worst experiences of your customer care.

    Ask any query they don’t know the information.
    They will ask us to talk with technical team or service centre
    If we ask them let me talk with any senior person answer will be I will
    Check whether the said person is available or not & will ask us to hold the call.
    After long period holding call they will say the person is not available or he will call
    They are caring their official more than care of customer.
    There is “n” number of points but I don’t want to spend your precious time for such
    a small thing.

    Sir, for this my small complaint I am constantly taking follow up with your customer care, service centre, dealer, company & junior & senior officials. But result was zero. The some name of persons I talked is as below.
    M/s.Rajeev,Sukhvinder,Puja Madam,Siddharh,Shivkumarji Mishra,Santosh,Abhishek Anurag etc of your company/customer care M/s.Shaheed,Sohail & Krishna from your Service Centre.Mr Sanjay & some madam from your dealer & so on.

    My main point was as below.

    I had got the warranty of my refrigerator for one year & compressor for five years.
    If my compressor is under warranty period company is going to replace it but I had been asked to pay the charges of gas filling which is linked with compressor or inner part of compressor. It means company gives me the warranty for my hand, legs or any part of my body but I will have to pay the charges for bones, blood or meat etc.The same example was given to your Mr.Santosh (ASM) but he cant explain me the reason for paying gas filling charges & answered me that the said charges I will have to pay because of your company policy. The I had asked all your officials & Mr. Shaheed that if compressor is under warranty person issue me the same. I will fill the gas with my own expenses. I don’t want want to fill the gas from company since the charges are higher than markets. They denied & told me that we cannot issue the compressor without gas filling. I asked the reason & answer was same as its company policy.Sir,I would like to ask you whether this is company policy or official are lying & if this is company policy how the company like Samsung make such a foolish policy. Sir, I am the customers who always use your all consumable products & mobiles. Today I & my family members are having 28 Mobiles of Samsung, but now because of above incidence I don’t have faith on your company.

    Sir, due to your compressor problem I had lost my 10 injections amounting to Rs.47500/- The said possibility of the same was already informed time to time in advance from 12.01.2013 to 17.01.2013 to your above officials. & recording of the same is with me & your customer care. In addition to this I have been mentally harassed from your customer care centres,service centre & dealer for above reason which I cannot work out the cost in monetary term but which may be Rs.50000/-

    Further, I had also informed your officers the urgency of the same but the same was not attended in time. I had already paid Rs.225/- as Labor & Service amount Rs.200/- & Service Tax thereon of Rs.25/- on 12.01.20013 vide receipt no.10690/12.01.2013 & Dryer replaced-Rs.86/- & Gas charging done – Rs.1275/- on VAT on the same Rs.170/ less discount – Rs.31/- vide receipt no.10487/21.01.2013 ( Total Rs.225/- + Rs.1500/- = Rs.1725/-).As already informed from 12 to 20th Jan 2013 to your all above official, service centre & dealer the said charges are being paid by me UNDER PROTEST” to avoid my/your further losses.

    Now, I request to arrange to reimburse me an amount of Rs.47500/- + Rs.50000/- + Rs.1725/- Total Rs.99225/-) towards above losses immediately within two days otherwise I will have no option but to knock the doors of consumer forum...

    Please treat this as most urgent.

    Thanking you,
    Yours Sincerely,

    Dilipkumar Karnawat
    Karhadkar Heights,Power House Chowk,
    Chinchwadgaon,Pune : 411033
    Mobile : 9226251439

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    mjgundalia@yahoo.com Guest

    Post Leakage of Gas Tube

    I have purchase my LG Refrigerator (double door) on dated 31/10/2010 Model No.M No.GL254 AM45 Sr. No.107 NRXC-042482 from M/s Mansukhlal Gokaldas & Sons, Nr. Uco Bank, M. G. Road, Junagadh.

    I have complaint on dated 14/04/2013 in the evening at LG Product Customer Care Centre phone 1800-180-9999 for register my complaint that my refrigerator has cooling problem. They told me that the service Engineer will be come within 24 hours at my home. Today (16-04-2013) at evening service Engineer has come at my home, he told me that the gas transfer tube is punctured and therefore refrigerator send for repairing at service station. He estimated proposed repairing cost Rs 1700/-. However my warranty period is already over so no complaint about it.

    I proud of LG it is prime company of Home appliances. But, I was shocked and confused how the Company like LG make this mistake. I have seen back side of the refrigerator, There was almost no coating on Gas tube and Gas tube is vulnerable to water so the problem after few year will definately be raised. I request you to kindly take care about this minor mistake otherwise customer like me will not satisfied with your product. After 1 and half year this fault is occurred. However warranty of compressor is 4 years, it is ok. I don't know whether it company manufacturing fault or accessories fault but is it proper?

    Kindly give concession on above estimated cost of Rs 1700/-

    Name : Manoj J. Gundalia
    Address : "Parvati", 3, Shrinathaji Estate, Nr. Patidar Plywood, Pramukh Swami Marg, Timbavadi, Junagadh. Gujarat. 362 015.

    Mobile No. 9909461142

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    Default Lg refrigerator cooling problem

    Dear. Sir/madam

    I have bought an lg refrigerator about a 2 yrs ago . After purchasing the fridge in about 6 months i had to change the whole panel . From about 6 months from today In this span of period i have made 5 complaints with the same problem of my fridge not cooling at all but my problem is yet to be resolved by lg always they say you we dont no what the problem is and we will send our senior to your place but still there is nobody to visit at my place .
    I even told to give email id of senior officer so that i could write a mail of my problem but they say they dont have a mail id .
    I request you that i want my fridge replaced or want my full money refunded . Plz take some action regarding this .

    Thanking you

    Punit batavia
    B-14 bhagnari society
    N.s.mankikar marg
    Nr chunbhatti station
    Chunabhatti west
    Mumbai -400022

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