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Thread: Activation of new SIM Card

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    Dec 2010

    Default Activation of new SIM Card

    As requested from Aircel, I have submitted my POI/POA and 4 photos on 5 Nov 2010 to Aircel Office, Zarkawt, Aizawl, Mizoram and they gave me a new SIM Card and told me that to use the new SIM Card when the existing was expire. My existing SIM Card was expired on 22 Dec 2010, but the new SIM Card does not working till date. Iím now far away from this Office and canít contact them and facing many problems. The serial number of this new SIM Card is 32K 89913 31007 11919 57343. Please help me.
    From : V.L.Nunzira (9856721490)

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    Dec 2010


    With reference to the above, my new Aircel SIM Card (Sl.No.32K 89913 31007 11919 57343) is activated on 29.12.2010. But all my account balances have gone. My transaction numbers are NER10121917121100366 & NER10121917051000523 (magic pack & SMS pack on 19th Dec 2010) and NER10121512101000293 (Rs.222 on 15th Dec 2010). I think, I must get back all these balances in my new SIM Card. Its now a Christmass festival, I want to use the phone many more. There are few Aircel retailers in our village and can not satisfy our demand. So, I have many problems since 22.12.2010. I will be very glad if you could give me back all these balances and transfer to my new SIM Card as early as possible.

    Yours faithfully
    Tlungvel, Aizawl District
    Phone number : 9856721490

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    I purchased a SIM card from Aircel on 31.7.2011, (SIM No: 21758381117) but till date it is not activated. so please activate my sim

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    pitani muralidhar Guest

    Default New SIM activation failed

    Respected Sir,

    I am apply for new AIRCEL SIM,I am register purpose all proof 3 times admit but no registered my SIM in the AIRCEL office now till date and no activate my SIM.I call to AIRCEL customer care office but no solution, please help for my AIRCEL number.

    my AIRCEL number -9803549974
    SIM NUMBER:89918-12110-71767-15997
    thanking you
    with best regards...


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    jthakur107 Guest

    Post my sim open locked

    meri sim locked ho gayi he krapya karke use chalu karne ka kast kare

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post nagaraj

    dear sir iam not able to call to out going calls it is showing invalid sim please reactivate this number 8553984480

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry aircel sim not activated

    My name is Varinder Saraf.i have purchased a new aircel sim but it is not activated by the company. when i call to sim distributor.he assures me that it will be activated soon. my sim no. is 89113 70212 11413 17563

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    Unregistered Guest


    My name is Roopa.i have purchased two new aircel sim cards but it is not activated by the company. when i call to sim distributor.he assures me that it will be activated soon. my sim no. is 89918030212148972526 and 88918030212148972179

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    Rina sahu Guest


    Dear sir,
    please activation this sim No.9853031919 and sim No.899128031221446408.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Activate of aircel sim

    Number 8803612338 jammu and kashmir please activate my sim

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    soundarajan Guest

    Default sim activation

    please activate my aircel cug number 9551899919. this is my official number. i lost this sim and i bought duplicate sim card so kindly activate my sim as soon as possible

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Please activate my aircel sim

    I bought a aircel sim.... After 7hrs, still its not activated.... Please activate my sim...
    Number: 8759753197
    imsi: 404172151279774
    iccid: 89917203122152797748

    please help me...

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy mr shahbaz

    my sim is not day actived yet i have registed my sim yesterday....
    my sim number no 8013357633/imsi 404911190807199
    i not happy with service of aicel...
    plz actived my sim....

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    Prasanta Mandal Guest

    Angry Aircel sim not activated

    I bought a new Aircel sim on Sunday, 29.07.2012. Till now(01.08.2012) it is not activated. The dealer said that he had nothing to do, he has submitted my documents to Aircel and nothing is in their hands. It is very embarrasing.
    Sim details:
    Product name: SUK 15
    SER NO: 8759050883
    IMSI: 404172190650204
    ICCID: 89911702122196502046

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default not activated

    imsi no. : 4058080172647125
    iccid no.: 89918080412176471255
    mccid no.: 8659950195
    plz activate it

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