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Thread: suman motels not giving my money back

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    Angry suman motels not giving my money back

    i invested with suman motels ltd.and there was scheme named 'highway bond' and they promised us that they return my money after 4yrs with full interest but they didnt returned i want my money backkkkkkkkkkkkkk they also gave us a certificate while investing.

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    sherlyeado Guest


    Please advice any contact of suman motels in order to get back our money or how should we go about complaining against them.

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    Default Suman Motel

    We had invested 1 lakh in 1997 in suman motel , they had cheated us and now we come to that they are giving back the money .Can any one tell what is the status of suman motels in todays condition can anyone get there money back in todays condition or for that what measures should be taken and this is my name is Sagar Patel : 986900645/9323690226

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