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Thread: Beware of BMA Wealth Creator

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    Ranjit kumar sur Guest

    Angry Beware of BMA Wealth Creator

    Beware of BMA Wealth Creator Pvt Ltd.

    I have an account at Nirmal Bang for 0.01% in non delvery trade and 0.1% A few days back an agent of BMAWC called me and proposed me a for a brokerage 0.05 in delivery and 0.005 for intraday or non delivery based trading against Rs.10000/- advance brokerage. She took advance brokerage chq of Rs.10000/- and signed a Terms & conditions addendum where the rate of brokerage was clearly written, Account opened in BMA Wealth Creator on 24th Nov2010 in KOLKATA, but Rs.10000/- not credited in ledger, also brokerage charging 0.2% and 0.02% also not reversing the taken brokerage regularly, While asking the representative (Rani Tiwari mobile 9883228516) who offer this scheme be came uncontactable mobile remain always switched off.

    On top of it The BMA wealth creator charging STT on GOLDBEES, GOLDSHARE and other Gold ETFs, I mailed my other broker contract notes (to BMA customercare) on trade of Gold ETFs. And the NSE Brochure but they are doing nothing.

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    Angry BMA Wealth Creator is '''Fraud Company'' No Salary

    BMA Wealth Creator is ''Fraud Company'' No Salary is given to Employees working here.Then just think of your investment returns....Please do not go for any type of dealings with BMA Wealth Creator.I am one of this company's employee in higher position...

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    reme0710 Guest

    Default Beware of BMA Wealth Creaters

    BMA is creating wealth for them......... Pl dont join with this broker. I had very bad experience with them.They are FRAUD! Their employees sell/buy from your account without your knowledge. They have made me debit balance of Rs.19000/- without my knowledge. After some time they sold my stocks and recovered the money. I complained to customer care and concerned agencies. Nobody replied. They are in practice of doing the same with every clients. One of my friends also experienced the same. My kind request to all that kindly do not join BMA. If you are holding any stock with this broker, immediately transfer your DP with any other better brokers.

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    ranita biswas Guest

    Unhappy mobile connection stopped by the tata without any intimation .

    I ranita biswas a tata indicom connection user from approx 2005 to 2006 but suddenly my no is block by the mobile connection company without any concern to me and when i go to there vsnl building (ultadanga) they give me a another new no instead of my old no and tell me that my old balance of my old no will transfer to my new no and the date was 22/11/2012 but till today i do not run my new no and the customer care said that they do not have any record of my new no. so i request to solve the problem if possible.

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    raj_123 Guest

    Default i didnt got any statement for sell or buy

    i hav a trading account in bma and when i sell or buy i didnt get any statement from them and they not registard my mobile no aslo and last time when i asked for my amount to be credite the given they give very less amount ....which is more than that........plz help me to recover my amount

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default BMA cheaters

    Fraud company they cheated me for 10000 brokerage slab as well.

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    dhavalkacha Guest

    Post Bma wealth creator company

    Here i am taling you that in this company i have very bad experince.
    You know why because first of all they charge me 1000 per caror. From last 1 year and no sitting charge they take from me.
    But last february 2013 they charge sitting charge me 1000 every month and my brokerage slab is also rise from them. Now they charge me 50-50 brokerage sharing. At this time i have loss of 3500 in feberuary and 5000 in march this runing month.
    I have complaint to sebi, nseindia, custumercare@bmastock.com, and their authorised managaer at ahmedabad ankit shah, vandan,and rajkot office devang nathavani. They all give me round and round answer.
    And after that when i compalin in sebi and when sebi ask for this mettter to bmawealth creator managaer. At that time managaer shyam sonika said that i am not an authorised person of bma wealth creators. Or not a broker or remiser of them.
    I cant understand their problem.
    Bed bed bed company.and unfortunataly i have only id in rajkot.from this fraud company.
    Am teling you also that when i ask other broker or remiser about this brokerage slab rise they told all thet they were also not awair of this.
    Company person said that company have change their policy and now you have to pay what ever they tell to us.
    I dont understand how can they change our brokerage slab without our signature or authorised letter or letter pad.?
    Have any one answer about this?

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Chennai based Bma wealth creator company ( TOTAL FRAUD)

    I had also very bad experience with them,I am going to compaint media very soon.Pls dont invest a single money.total FRAUD compay.T nagar & anna nager also.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Bma wealth creator company FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

    Pls dont invest fraud fraud fraud fraud fraud fraud fraud

    chennai anna nager & t nager total fraud

    chennai anna nager & t nager total fraud
    chennai anna nager & t nager total fraud
    chennai anna nager & t nager total fraud
    chennai anna nager & t nager total fraud
    chennai anna nager & t nager total fraud
    chennai anna nager & t nager total fraud
    chennai anna nager & t nager total fraud

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default cheating company

    pls dont invest,total fraud company pls dont take risk.

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    prasanna.v Guest

    Default complait against bma wealth creators /bma money

    this is regarding the complaint which i wish to register against bma weath creators /bma money .during my process of recruitment i was employed has a onrole staff and i was told fixed salary .without proper notice company has sacked me not paying my salary .when company has specified in the offer letter saying that one month notice has to be given by an employee if he wish to resign the job. Company has got all the rights to sack an employee if he does nt perform but he has to be given his salary. there are about more then 10 employes suffering in this so called company

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Bma wealth

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    pls dont invest,total fraud company pls dont take risk.
    Yes its a fradulent company.Thier agent Hridaya Dasgupta cheated me.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default only cheeting company no profit only loss

    please friends no investment please
    I am investment 50 thousands
    After 3months my balance 1830 only so please please no investment

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Beware of bma wealth creator company

    Their pune sohrab hall branch agent sumit pariher cheated me...by abs,dont invest ,this is a fraud company........................................... .......................................

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default BMA - how to take the decision

    recently, BMA goregaon west branch officials consulted me and promised me to offer a brokerage of Rs.100 per crore of turnover. i really don't understand how they are able to maintain their expenses. Now i seen the consumer complaints on this page and got the answer. Please it is the time to say GOOD BUY for the cheating brokers like BMA, since sebi is also not able to take action against them is also a surprise

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