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Thread: Gold Price and Making Charge

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    Default Gold Price and Making Charge

    I have a query on the way of calculating Gold Price and the Making Carge. When ever we are buying Gold Ornament it is not 100% Gold , they need to add some other metal to make the ornaments. But as customer we need to pay Gold price for the Ornament as per its weight. More over that we need to pay 10 to 16% of Gold price as making Charge. Is it a right thing. Please advide,

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    Default regarding about gold price

    i would like to know about fixed gold rates.
    in our city they calculating 1gram wastage for every 8 grams and service charge is depend on the models of ornaments ( it will be 150Rubees to 750Rupees)
    moreover they will not giving original bills, but they giving bill in white paper by handwriting. my city is permbalur it is belongs to state of tamilnadu. so how we get exact price and where we should complaint about this matter.

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    Default making charges

    Is there any standard making charges for all the jewellers because jewellers are charging from 300 Rs to 450 Rs starting range and different as per the design. I found very much range differences for the same design in the market

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