I took a loan of Rs. 29750000 out of which Rs. 1600000+ has been disbursed. I had asked them to deduct only interest till the possession of my property. But they have deducted the whole EMI of Rs. 27251. The actual deduction should be 13000. An excess of Rs.14250 was deducted. When contacted the office they said the amount cannot be refunded but can be adjusted against future EMIs. I asked for refund of the amount as I was left with only Rs.800 on 08/Nov/2010 to run the whole month for the family. I made a visit to the branch and also gave a written request for the refund and future deduction of interest only till the possession of the property. If we fail to honor their full EMI they charge penalties. I want them to bear the same amount of penalties as they would charge me for honouring the EMI in part payment. Is there a possibility to teach them a lesson so that they respect their customers properly?