I have been using Airtel services for more than 3 years since i got my first mobile and till date i ahve had mixed response from customer service team at times after much fight.

Today i had recharged for Rs.202 for full talk time offer from a normal shop doing Airtel recharge and i had been billed for Rs 181.14 with transaction ID 754130435.

But the offer says Full talk time and also additional Rs 20 after 48 hours. Now i dont understand if a shop deducts Rs 19 now and then Airtel gives a credit of Rs 20 after 48 hours they are just fooling around with customer giving wrong information.

The message when you dial 121312 says My Airtel My Offer- recharge with 202 and get 202 Talk time no limit on recharges and extra talk time.

Next i am not able to reach customer service number for the entire day of 18th November.

Now what is the solution when cannot access the customer service people on 198 or 121.