I am writing on behalf of my sister, who is a private customer of CESC. She has a full-time job, and therefore she is out of home most of the day. But CESC still manage to send her sky-high bills for power consumption. How is that possible? Moreover, CESC always come up with lame excuses for unreasonably high bills, as if itís so justified to steal innocent poor customersí money! How can it go on in a civilized country? Is there any justice or law-enforcement system existing in India?

CESC not only send unbelievably high electric bills, they send it at the very last moment, so the customers eventually fail to arrange for that huge amount of money in just one day or a few hours. And thereby the customers lose the rebate that they are entitled to. Itís like a cruel game CESC is playing. They are notorious for their tyranny. They have always been tyrants.

It is CESCís duty to deliver bills to the customers IN RIGHT TIME. We expect their courier service function properly. Itís NOT the customerís job to come to CESC and collect a duplicate bill. It is not possible for the busy hard-working customers to run around for lost electric bills every time. Why do the customers have to waste time and suffer, as the late arrival of bills is CESCís own fault? If CESC sends bills very late, itís their own duty to give the customers a longer deadline.

Let me give you a recent example:
CESCís people worked on my sisterís electric meter-box in her house in January 2010. They didnít give her any information about what they have altered. They didnít take her signature on any document. And then a mysteriously high bill arrived. The very next electric bill she received is for 260 units and Rs.1190, for only two people who are hardly living in the house! And with long frequent load-shedding! This is utterly strange and abnormal, because my sisterís electric bills have always been between Rs. 550-750 in last 2 years. Besides January is a cold month, therefore fans were never used. Since January 2010, CESC continues to charge her with unreasonably unbelievably high bills, but totally denied any sabotage in the electric meter-box.

It is also CESCís wicked policy that the customer has to pay the bill FIRST and THEN complain. That means, even if CESC charges the customers unreasonably large bills, CESC gets paid every time, without giving any resolution to the problem. How convenient!