My name is Somashekar. eBay id shekargowda11.
Paisapay iD : 27665917938.

I have made a payment for Blackberry storm 9530GEB - 270641652050 - NEW UNLOCKED BLACKBERRY STORM AT&T
(380275537371) on 4th Oct thru ICICI bank credit card to seller
Name - i2c World
Tel - 877 820 0370
email - i2cseller3@i2cworld.com
deadline for delivery was 28 Oct..shipment details were to be available at iccworldwide.com.
The iteam was not shipped before 28th Oct. I contacted the seller and the courier company many time but in vain. Finally i was able to get the re-seller/courier company and was informed that the item was shipped in a damaged condition and would be sent back for replacement or refund. By now the shipment status at courier comapny website was changed to item shipped. I contaced again but none responded. on 29th i was open for my refund claim and i immediately pted for my refund.

After this the fraudster appealed against the refund claim. The eBay polices say the seller can appeal against the refund claim within 5 days of my refund claim providing the proof of delivery in hand to eBay. But after 5th day the seller had not contacted ebay with any kind of proof. ( what proof does he have even)

Now i contact eBAy again ( by now i had contacted them 7 times ) and ask for my refund claim status. They are so reluctant and everytime i get 48 hrs ETA. no gets back though..and now i remind them of their polices and escalate. no gain..yet they say they are contacting the seller..ehich they should not be doing given the timeline..

its been a month and 3 days (Oct 4th i made payment ) no one have ever tried contacting me. This is such a fraud c ompany. My understanding the international seller is good, but the reseler is a fraud and he resells the items in ebay.in

I'm going to consumer court against them with all proff in hand..and this will surely affect an ISO graded company.