This is Mohit Tiwari (Customer). I have booked air ticket thorugh clear trip in kingfisher Airlines from Mumbai to Lucknow on 4th Nov'10 .I received SMS for cancellation of flight on 30th Oct'10 .

This is the second insatnce when at short notice flight is been cancelled by Kingfisher airlines. However , tHis time being Deewali season I had booked my flight well in adnavce.

I have called at call center to reschedule my airticket and waited for 45 minutes twice in the call center phone queue before i recieved any response.

Pl find mentioned below pathetic response received from call center staff.

Staff Spoken : Mr Pasha , Mr Srinivas.T , Mr Chetan from banglore Office on 30th Oct'10.

1: We are really sorry,no seats are available in the flight on the 4th Nov'10
2: They are giving me option of to fly on the Deewali night (5th Nov'10) and reach home in the night (10:00 PM), which is not expected to me , as i have booked ticket well in adnavce.

3: However, They have pressurized me on taking 5 th Nov'10 night flight , as i wont be left with any options later on .

My concerns :
1: Once i have booked ticket well in adnavce , why flight has been cancelled at such a short notice
2:If at all flight is cancelled , THere is no alternate option provided on advance bokking day( 4th Nov'10) by the airlines, although it is deewali time
3: I am not left with any option , other then beg in front of airlines staff memebers
3: This is the second instance , when flight at a short notice flight has been cancelled

I want a explanation and justice, by getting rescheduled airticket on 4th Nov'10 as a consumer we are not at fault.

Flight Details:
Flight No: BOM-LKO IT-RED-3169
Ticket#: 0901602446642
TIme : 06:30 AM,
Date: November 04, 2010
Trip ID : 1008309610

Mohit Tiwari