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Thread: Complaint regarding my SAMSUNG Washing machine

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy Complaint regarding my SAMSUNG Washing machine

    I made an unfortunate mistake of buying a Samsung Washing machine(Fully automatic, Front loaded, Worth 22,000) and have found their customer service to be unbelievably BAD! I hav registed complaint both in my nearest dealer and in their customer care center MANY times. But their was NO reply from them. SAMSUNG HAS GOT VERY BAD SERVICE!!!!

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy Samsung Tornado washing machine complaint

    Dear Samsung Team,

    I own a Samsung Tornado 5.8Kg Washing machine with model no:WA78H1B,something happened to it and its not working now, please send an authorized person to get it rectified to the below mentioned address

    Idasseril House,Karakulam P.O,Kavadithalackal,Trivandrum,Kerala.Pin Code:695564

    Cont No:9746312877

    Expecting a Quick service


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    Default My washing machine does not give a clean wash.

    It's been 5 years since I bought my washing machine (Samsung Tornado WA85R3 / 6.5 kgs).
    But ever since the first time I've never got a clean wash. I've tried everything given in the user manual; tried all kinds of detergent but my washing machine goes through all the process and still gives me the dirty clothes as an output.
    Can I get some help on it? My clothes still come dirty out of the washing machine.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default regarding samsung washing machine

    I purchase a Samsung washing machine on 03/03/2008.

    Model No. --- WA80TALEC/XTL

    Problem: Water is there in washing machine... and after pressing power button and start /hold button. machine is not checking water level and wash indicator is flashing

    A service engineer came to my house from " Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad on 25/08/12 against complain lodge on CSC. He opened front panel and only by visual inspection.. he told me.. the PCB control card is damaged.. whole card will change . expenditure is Rs. 2500/=. then i said to him... without checking by multimeter, no black spots, no parts broken.. how you can say that whole card will change..
    he refused me to show I card also.. he charge Rs. 85/= against inspection charge..
    my problem is still pending..

    I am scientist in ISRO working in antenna and communication field...i want to know--- that only damage components/parts should be change not whole card....

    I have already communicated this problem to you.. earlier three days back..

    Contact no.--- 09824670100

    Mail id: alokayush@gmail.com


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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy Washing machine

    Benedict Raj
    SLB Nivas
    Thennatu Villai
    Puthukkadai po
    KanyaKumari dist
    Tamil nadu
    Pin 629171

    PH NO : 9751859448

    Respect Sir

    Model No: WA82A4R
    Product No : 2c2.a.00493b

    We brought a samsung washing machine . and it got repair before warranty period and we did complaint. the service person came and check. then he told that board got problem. after 2 days he came again repair the problem and he aske Rs 1500/- as a service charge and it was before warranty period. it was bit disappointment for me since i am a samsung customer . please look into it and give the brief (service center based on nagercoil)
    Note: Why they charge Rs 1500/- before warranty finished

    Thanks & Regards

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Ugly behavior by Samsung service center

    Hi, I have purchased a Samsung washing machine (Made in India), model: WA90BWQEH from Electra International Bangladesh, Moyakhali Branch on 8th November 2012. They have promised to install it by 11th nov-2012. I have informed that on 11th nov-2012 I will be at office, so please advice your service center to come after 2 pm at noon or evening. They promised to do that.
    When I called them on 11th Nov-2012 at 2 pm, they informed their technician is already gone out from their office and will be installed within evening. They also provide a mobile phone number 01711974974 to conduct.
    When I conduct him,’’ He started saying, I have called you 4 times at morning, you did not picked the phone, I cancelled you installation for today.’’
    I replied, I already informed your sales center that on Sunday I will be on office, so come at afternoon and also called me at afternoon. And anyway I have called back to the number ( the number that I could not picked up) many time but no one picked up the phone. He replied rigorously, I don’t know anything, take a number and talk to Mr, Gafur, at service center, I ringed his number, and he started with “hey, my technician called you at morning and you did not pick the phone, so we cannot installed it today.” I replied but while I called you first time you said, “your technician is on the way to install it !” He is not ready to listen any more.
    Then I conduct Electra international Head office, and a lady give a number of a General manager, service center, Name Mr. Kazi , I never seen any professional such bad as him. He started, did anyone call your company director for customer support !, I replied customer can reach our CEO (Grameenphone, Telenor) for any customers’ issue. I am surprised by his ugly behavior and he was saying the same thing like his technician!!
    And the installation is not yet done! What type of service we are receiving from your dealer “Electra International.” And they are not listen to customer anyway!
    Now I want to refund the product, Please suggest me how to do it.

    Ibrahim Hossain

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    omkant singh Guest

    Question suddenly stopped .

    omkant singh
    Ranchi jharkhand

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    taha ali Guest


    my samsung washing machine no 8205 wt 6.2 kg drain button has damage my contact no is 9885998911 new malakpet

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    sue Guest

    Thumbs down washer machine samsung WA-91V3

    i nak complaint kat sini...kenapa barangan samsung selalu mcm ni...
    kalau ada warraty kenapa masih nak charge...
    charge service la transport la, that ur problem nak dtg jumpa customer...
    kenapa nak minta duit pulak...

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    Abhijit Das Guest

    Post Samsung washing machine complaint not resolved

    I purchased a Samsung fully automatic top loading washing machine (model No.WA85 VPN on 28.09.2010 through Great Eastern Appliances Pvt. Ltd, 102 Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata-700 034 and it was working satisfactorily. But due to sudden non-working of the machine, I logged a complaint with the Samsung service center vide Complaint ID No.8449234242 and the representative told me that some part of machine wiring was destroyed by rats for the reason why the machine stopped working and the machine needs eight jacks PCB which is not available as per his telephonic conversation with his manager and also told that the rat guard is required to be with the machine for safety of the machine. Since then, no action against my said complaint towards repairs and fitment of rat guard of the said machine and the expenditure involved there for was initiated/made by the representatives of the Samsung customer care till date. Kindly take the necessary action so as to get the machine restored in order to redress my harassment.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default dryer repair

    dear sir
    my samsung washing machine dryer will dead so

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default dear samsung team

    tis been 6 years that i m using samsung washing machine 7.0 kg.but since few days its washer is not working properly.kindly send ur authorised person to check my machine.

    santosh chauhan
    hno 535,shyam nagar, new dyal bagh
    ambala cantt.
    contact no-9812236535

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Poor service and response from customer care of samsung washing machine .

    It is very unfortunate that we have purchased the front load washing machine of your company from croma mumbai, we have complaint so many times and for our request one person came on saturday dt 28-09-2013, he came and just saw the washing maching without any proper check up and said there is no any problem in ur washing maching just you used rubber door mat and the washing maching will work properly we did that only and he walked out but the problem is still there our in washing machine while sppining it moved very fast like it will break the wall . We are calling customer care hundred times and the person whose mobile no. We got from customer care no one is reponding properly and saying we will come this time, let u know the time , what it is????????? We both are working and expecting that the person should tell us the proper and correct time to come and check the complaint . It is very horrable experience for us and really we are regreating to purchased this from your company , that the company has hire such type of useless people to serve their service to the customer .

    We are waiting for ur prompt action and reply.


    deepak kr upadhayay
    mobile no 9004110088
    e mail deepak2105@gmail.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default samsung washing machine

    We have a SAMSUNG washing machine of 8 yrs old. Due to some problem I registered a complaint with call center with complaint No 8458098161 on 04.10.13, at Mangalore(KARNATAKA). the next day person arrived and it needed some parts and he told within 2 days he will fix it. But after 5 days I called, they told parts have just come and next day they will do. Even after 2 days they have not arrived, when enquired the same answer I received. I contacted the call center there also they are making just FUN of us telling we forward your complaint to senior and they will contact within half an hour. And you know they will never call back. Twice I got this kind of reply. Till today 13.10.13, after 9 days my problem not repaired, I don’t know whom to contact. ! actually I wanted to buy a Refrigerator of SAMSUNG make but for their POOR service I am thinking of going to some other make. Friends please don’t buy SAMSUNG home appliances as their SERVICE is WORST.

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    lutapatel6070@yahoo.com Guest

    Default New purchaged samsung washing machine having too too much vibration & inner tub hitting with body

    It is very unfortunate that I have purchased the Top load washing machine of your company on 11/11/2013 from Keshav electronics Surat,Demo person also came two times & advice to make complain to service center. we have complaint on 14/11/2013 & received call back ( complain no. is 8459390578 ) that within 24hrs. our technician will come to check it.nobody came & after so many times our request one person came on Monday dt 18-11-2013, he came and just saw the washing machine without any proper check up and said there is loose nut problem in your washing machine & our new technician will come tomorrow & he walked out but the next day also nobody came. We are calling customer care numbers of times but they also giving some phone number 4018283 to call them and the person whose mobile no. We got from customer care no one is responding properly and if respond saying we will come tomorrow. It is very horrible experience for us and really we are regretting to purchased this from your company , that the company has hire such type of useless people to serve their service to the customer.

    We are waiting for your prompt action and reply.

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