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Thread: Complaint against LOOP MOBILE

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint against LOOP MOBILE

    Hi ,

    I want to register a complaint againt telecom service provider LOOP MOBILE.

    I recieved a message from LOOP Mobile service number 55666 on 23/04/09 telling me that I have purchased a caller tune .I was charged rs 15 for this service.
    Again on 29/04/09 I again recieved a similar message from LOOP Mobile telling me that I have purchased a caller tune .I was charged rs 15 for this service.

    In both the above instances I did not request for any service but still I was charged for the same.

    Please look into the above matter and guide me as to how do I go about resolving my issues.I have already complaint in LOOP mobile gallary and I have asked them for a refund.

    Awaiting a positive response from your side.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default My Balance account is locked

    I have purchased loop sim-card on 28 of august. and on 31 of august at evening when i checked my balance it displayed that your account has been locked,from that day onward i can`t able to send sms or call any one. before complaining here i have lodged complaint in consumer forum ,complaint box.in and in bpl website about this twice but there was no response from them ,i m requesting u last time please unlocked my account .my no. is 9664075530

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    Dear Sir,

    Kindly provide us your complete contact details and also about the Manufacturing Co. of that handset with complete purchase details.

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    Bhoutik Guest

    Exclamation Irritable customer care

    Dear sir, whenevr i call a customer care the if they are not able to resolve my problem then they cut the call or put on hold for a very long time for around 10 min.
    and even i cant hear any hold tone so i come to know that call is cut or on hold

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    Soumil Parikh Guest

    Default Loop Mobile Network unavailable for more than 17 hours


    We are Loop Mobile Customer having 3 sim cards since more than 7 years.

    But not at all happy with the services

    For Mobile No (9821543008) there is no Network from past 17 hours (9 Nov '09; 19:00 hrs),despite of calling to the customer service center the issue has not been resolved till now (10 Nov '09; 11:45 hrs). Whenever had called them for the complain on the issue have kept us on hold for more than 30 mins which was pathetic.

    After having long conversation with them they say that they cannot do anything from their end till next 24 hours. So can Loop Mobile Service answer that will they take more than 40 hours to resolve a network problem? which is disgusting.

    Please look into the above matter and guide me as to how do I go about resolving my issues.I have already complaint in LOOP mobile Customer service.

    Awaiting a positive response from your side.

    Mr. Parikh

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Crbt


    This is poonam nivankar here there was some problem regarding my CRBT which is still not solved since the last 15-20 days.

    I have been calling up everyday but there seems to be nothing done from your end which shows how irresponsible and lethargic officers are there.

    Its a shame that being in customer care not able to solve problems of customers.

    LOOP is worst.....i am repenting going for it


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    Jan 2010

    Smile Hi

    Hiii. I m using 98217***** BPL /LOOP Mobile from Past 8 Months..having 4 connection with me...but I am facing a very very very bad network Problem. I cant receive or make a single call from my home...i have to go out side my society to do the...

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Worst Customer Service Experience with Loop Mobile

    The following complaint was sent to Loop Mobile via email. I haven't received a response from them so far... May be they are thinking what else to write than apologies
    From: roti69933
    To: mobile.assist@loopmobile.in
    Subject: WORST Customer Service Experience with Loop Mobile
    Date: Mar 3, 2010 2:42 PM

    This is regarding the WORST customer service experience I have always had and recently had with BPL Mobile.

    I have been using the # 9821210782 for more than 5 years. Recently, I received a message from Loop Mobile asking me to submit the documents to verify my identity and to prevent the suspension of the number.

    I can certainly understand that in order to prevent the misuse of cell phones, the Director of Telecommunications requires the proof of identity for cell phone subscribers. As mentioned earlier, I have been using this number for more than 5 years now. Approximately 3-4 years back, I received the same messages from BPL Mobile (it was not “Loop” at that time J) and I had submitted the proof of residence & identity at the BPL Mobile Gallery, Naupada Branch, Thane[W].

    I was surprised and upset too to see this message once again from BPL Mobile on my cell phone and contacted the phone support for help. The representative over the phone could not provide any reason as why I was asked to resubmit the documents. The person just read the message on his screen which was exactly the same message I had received from BPL Mobile. I was kept on hold several times and the person ended up stating that the “photo I had submitted last time was unclear and hence I had to resubmit the documents”. How come the documents were accepted at the BPL Mobile Gallery, Thane 3-4 years ago if the photo was unclear? Do you find any reason for this bullshit answer?

    I had to then rush to the BPL Mobile Galley, Thane on weekend [spending the only time I am able to give to my family] to resubmit the proof of residence / identity. Once again, there was a wait time of approximately 20 minutes before I could reach to the counter. The lady over the counter was quite helpful.

    Here are some of the concerns in addition to the above mentioned WORST experience with the Customer Service over the phone:

    1. Please arrange for more chairs / improve the existing sitting arrangements at the BPL Mobile Gallery, Naupada Branch, Thane[W] as many customers have to “stand” waiting to reach to the counter. Though the LMS, Thane closes at 8 pm[to my knowledge], the shutters were pulled down before 8PM and some of the customers had to argue with the security to get in the store.
    2. I have been receiving a lot of unwanted / marketing messages from various numbers on my cell phone. PLEASE STOP MY PHONE NUMBER BEING SPAMMED TO THE MARKETING LIST.
    3. The only thing that BPL Mobile has done from past 5 years is the monthly rate has been downgraded to 50 paise/minute whereas other providers offer 1 paisa/second billing. The only reason I have stuck to BPL Mobile is all the other service providers have the same story when it comes to offer something important called as “Customer Service”. I am surely waiting for the day when BPL Mobile will have the prepaid subscribers on 1paise/second plan.
    4. The day will come in the near future when cell phone subscribers will be able to port their phone numbers to other providers and this will be a very good LESSON for ALL cell phone service providers who have loyal customers like me waiting and waiting and waiting to hear something positive about the service.

    In short, you care F**K about your customers.

    I hope that some one in the higher management carefully goes through this email and that this email does not go through the L1 so called “customer service representatives” who are expert in only copying and pasting. I also hope that necessary steps are taken to ensure that this type of situation does not occur in the future.

    I would like to receive a written apology from Loop Mobile regarding this matter.

    A Very Dissatisfied Customer,

    Umesh Bapat

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    Paresh Gawande. Guest

    Thumbs down The worst service provider _ Loop Mobile

    Loop Mobile is the worst service provider ever i found. I hv purchased a news connection in the month of October09 of LOOP. That time i hv provided my all documents to dealer. I used that connection for 3-4 months through. then suddunly they hv disconnected my Loop mobile wid reasoning that documents not provided. (since that 3-4 months they r sleeping or wht???? :x). Then again i submitted my documents in first week of March to the Loop Mobile gallery only. now its 15 days over by submitting my documents again.... still they hvnt started my connection. When i complained against it be4 four days, they replied me your problem will get resolve in 16 hours. Now its 84 hours over still i hvnt received any solution or any call from them. So when i again call to LOOP customer care, they replied me that still we hvnt received your documents so please confirm wid loop gallery where u provided all documents. wht the hellllllll.....
    Bloody service providers.....
    Even Mr preetam from Loop mobile gallery mu@@@@ west nr nirmal life style ... he dont hv manners to talk wid customers. how they can survive wid such arrogent guyz. The Hell Loop .... The Hell Loop....

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Receiving near about 30-35 messages daily from loop


    This is Mr Bipeen Narayan Desai i was receving 30-35 messages daily form "LM-LOOP MOBILE" asking to configure GPRS settings in my mobile, i had nod requested any settings for the same.

    On 16th Jan 2010 i had activated "DND" Service, i had a chat with many of the Cheif Executive Officers such as Miss Hetal Timba etc. None of the customer care resolving my request.

    Thanks and Regards

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy call cut and poor network of loop mobile

    i am using loop mobile number 9821462190. there is poor network or at times no network at santacruz west flat number 10 saibaba road and bandra west 1st floor mamta house sv road office number 105. i have already registered the same complain with santacruz west loop mobile store which is at linking road . nothing actually materialise after bthe same . i was assured of call from the technical team of loop mobile which actually didnt happen . it is creating a wrong impression whether to actually activate new numbers or to think before doing it. expecting a positive revert from the team of loop mobile.

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    akhil_2789@yahoo.co.in Guest

    Angry complaint of poor services

    sir from the past 15-20 days the services of loop mobile has gone down. Many a times a face network problem even if there is full network on my mobile my friends say that they cant hear properly. i reside at grant road and i dnt understand what should i do before discontinuing with the services i thought through this mail give them a last chances. Even my other collagues are facing the same problem of network, msgs arrive late, almost no network somtimes. most of my friends have discontinued with the services. So i request u to take the necessary action as soon as possible..awaiting for a fast and quick response.

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    Nilesh Gor Guest

    Default Complain agst Loop Mobile

    Hi I'm using Loop Mobile No. 98218 21115 I'm facing rpoblem of unclear voice from last 3 months & complaint was registered with loop mobile. Till date my problem was not solved so I stop paying amount towards last 2 months. Here instead of resolving my problem loop mobile has bared my out going call.

    Pls. advice what to do in this case & why should i pay for faulty service. Further invoice amount in fake i.e. chargin more than what i used.

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    Prorules Guest

    Angry Loop Telecom's Worst After sales services!!!

    I m using loop mobile since an year now. Recently I recieved an SMS on my mobile about unlimited internet services from loop mobile on 11th May 2010 which says " Dhamaka OFFER! Unlimited Mobile Internet! @ Rs. 89/mth. SMS SUBWAP89 to 50505 or Recharge with Rs. 89.

    Finding the offer intresting, I recharged my mobile with INR 89 for which i received a balance of 82odd but my service was not activated. For which i went to loop mobile service center twice in santacruz west to get my problem solved.

    1st when i went in the evening at around 7:15, the representative attending me said that the technician has left for the day and we will arrange a call back tomorrow morning.

    So I was awaiting for their call. Till afternoon at around 1 o clock i ddnt recieve call from them.

    finally i decided to again visit their center and they said it is our lunch time and the technician is not available.

    i again requested them to arrange a call back and the executive promised me that he will arrange a call back as soon as the technician comes back from lunch.

    Till date i ddnt recieved a call and still my query is unaddressed.

    Loop mobile provides the worst service i have ever come across by any company in any industry.

    I Request the concern person to help me get my query resolved.

    Pramod Ganji

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    Loop mobile Victim Guest

    Thumbs down Worst service by Loop mobile store and Customer Care


    This would be a worst service that can be given to any customer by any network service provider:

    Please go through the Saga:

    I've taken a new prepaid loop network connection by spending more than an hour time and Rs.100 at Loop mobile store located at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. I went to Loop mobile store because, I'm not confident enough about the retail store people whether they will submit my documents properly or not. But in the Loop mobile store, it was strange that I've spent more than an hour as if I am taking a loan for crores they have asked about plenty of details and taken many documents as proofs.

    1) But unfortunately the SIM card was a defective one and was not detected by any mobile as a result I had to spend another Rs.100 to get a new SIM card with existing number. The executive has rejected to give a working SIM with the same number.

    2) Even after spending Rs. 200, services to my number is not completely activated and my out going has been disconnected twice. When I called to customer care, I came to know the reason that my documents and declaration were not submitted. Even after 30 days my connection is not active.

    3) I have submitted all required documents at Loop Mobile Store on the same day. But they didn't forwarded my documents to Concerned customer care.

    So I would like to charge a complaint against employees of Loop mobile store, Vashi and Customer care also for not submitting my documents properly on time and for not taking proper action.

    Please note that since I have already submitted required documents at authorized loop mobile store on the day one, it is their responsibility to forward documents carefully to customer care and you have no right to ask me to submit the documents again by approaching the loop mobile store.

    This is very pathetic. My sincere advice is not to go for Loop Mobile my people. These network providers are sucking our money in this way.

    A victim of loop mobile service

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