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Thread: Cancellation of policy hdfc standard life

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    Post Cancellation of policy hdfc standard life

    I had taken policy from hadfc standard life for my self and my wife i come to know that i have been charge for health extra and i and my wife having sugar . After that i and my wife immediately examined my all pathology test and all test are normal i was shock that how can insurance company work i immediately fax request letter to hdfc standard life and also courier that i and my wife want cancell this policy and get refund money but till today they have not get refund any amount or make any communication related this matter when i again communicate with mr. Shiv shankar at khar office he told me we have not receive any letter or fax

    i am having evidence of send fax my policy no is 12469509


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    Dear Mr. Vipul Patel,
    It appears that HDFSCL has made it a policy to fllece clients by autocratically deciding about the Blood Sugar presence. Kindly share your information with me as I also have similar experience.

    Pramod Divecha.

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    Unregistered Guest


    you are so right. Even I had a similar experience. they are declining the policy based on that. For me they increased the premium 2.5 times, forcing me to decline it

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint


    This is just to inform you that I have given as request for free-looking Cancellation because the signatures on my policy documents donot match my Signatures.
    There are some places where I have signed but there are some Signatures which are not mine.
    As far as POD is concerned I have not signed that as well at the time of receiving the Policy Documents by Mr. Vaishnav Kumar. So, it means those Signatures are also not mine. And, as per your records I received the documents on 23/07/2010 but actually I received the Documents on 26/07/2010 and at that time also I have not signed anything apart from a sheet to reduce my premium for another policy that I have with HDFCSLIC.So,now I wold like to cancel my policy with policy no. 13708077 because the information given at the time of taking the policy is completely different from the actual scenerio.
    So, please cancel this policy ASAP and refund me the money fast and the amount that I paid was Rs. 7500/-.
    Otherwise,I have to go with some other option. I am really frustrated with the service provided by HDFCSLIC people and I am being given with a run around from HDFCSLIC people to cancel a single policy.
    I have taken 2 policies and the experience of both the policies is so worst and pathetic.Atleast,I will not suggest anyone to go for HDFCSLIC.

    And I have not received any resolution so I want to file a complaint

    Thanks & Regards
    Mahak Wadhwa

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    Pratibha Jain Guest

    Default HDFC Life Insurance forced on me fruadulently..


    I think HDFC Life is cheating consumers. Their agent approached my aged parents last week (Nov 2, 2011) when I was not in Delhi and offered them invest their money in Fixed Deposits at 33% interest. It sounded fishy, so they read the form and felt this was an insurance form. They declined. Agent apologized and returned next day with another form which looked OK.
    After signing those forms and collecting 2 checks of 50 thousand each, he went away. After a week or so, now we received a policy of 49999 from HDFC life, which says this is a annual premium policy and signatures on that form are forged. My parents are old and do not have that kind of yearly investment/premium to pay annually. So can anyone tell me how to cancel this policy and what are repercussions or losses? Money was given on 1st Nov,2011, encashed on 3rd Nov, one document has arrived, and I am expecting another similar one. Any guidance in this regards will be highly appreciate.

    Kind Regards


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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry complaint against agent of hdfclife

    hello sir...
    i m manisha. i have taken a policy from hdfc life, but what i have requested them to give me term plan and they had given me sampursamridhti, they have not given that policy. they are not providing right information to customer. as no one wants to buy policy,as we have rights to get all information about that... please kindly give me suggestion how to cancell the policy and please take strict action against the agent.
    name of the agent is -harender gahlot, employee id-75353.... connaught place branch


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    I purchased a Classical pension schemeHDFCLife policy no. 14526201 in July 2011. I was not satisfied with long term tenure (10 years) of policy and some employees of HDFC Life assured me that terms can be modified according to my choice. When I received the policy, there was not change in terms. So I returned the policy in Look-in period of 30 days. These employees again coerced me to retract. But I finally returned the policy within look-in period. I thought I will get my money back. HDFC people sent me mail that money will be returned as soon as possible. But it was not returned. Then I applied to Grievance redress Cell of HDFC life. I am yet to get written reply, but they have informed by email that their terms remain unchanged. I have difficulty that my house at which they will send the letter remains generally closed. Now seeing that there are other customers also like me, I am now losing hope of getting my money back from them.

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    bhagwan dass Guest

    Default policy canclel

    dear sir
    my policy no is 15810680 i dont want to run this ploicy so kindly cancel my policy plz reverd the answer as early as possible
    my reward answe it my id is vinaysaini@live.in

    with regards
    bhagwan dass

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    SHAM DEV Guest

    Default Cancellation of policy hdfc standard life AND HDFC ERGO POLICY


    Cancellation of policy hdfc standard life AND HDFC ERGO POLICY

    SIR, i do no want continue any policy pls cancel my both policies hdfc ergo 51456533 and hdfc sl youngster super premium( client id=60312202) receipt no= AYG17149 because both policies provided fraudulently by hdfc executives and still they are calling for confirmation as well as continuing policies. pls dont disturb and cancel both policies.

    sham dev

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    vinodarora Guest

    Default cancellation of hdfc life insurance policy no15864043 fro rs:96000/pa

    please cancelled my about mention policy no 15864043 rs:96000/- pa sir i m unable to pay heavy amount
    so please credit the amount in my account


    vinod arora
    2f/72 nit faridabad

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Cancellation of policy hdfc standard life. Policy no 15919110


    Please cancelled my about mention policy no 15919110 Premium Rs:20000/- pa, Sir i m unable to pay heavy amount
    so please credit the amount in my account.

    Boopathi V
    Cell No.9787089047

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    Suman Maity Guest

    Default Agent Cheating me with wrong information assurance | Suman Maity

    I am not satisfied with the agent & his assurance, his name is Mr Partho & his mobile no is : +918296119410.

    Till he was saying me Marge my previous policy to new policy. My previous policy no is - 14861518 already I have pay two years premium for that.

    I am already inform you that the agent is saying me my previous policy is not give me gar-entered sum-assured return, better I deposit Rs-20000.00 & convert this policy to short term plan.

    As per the agent suggestion I am deposit Rs-20000.00 & also give one application to the HDFCSL- Branch manager kolkata region for convert this policy to short term plan with previous policy document xerox & id proof photo copy. When I receive the new policy soft copy - 15971448, here I found another thing. Here I am found this new policy is not short term policy its long term 10 years policy & per year I have to pay Rs - 20000.00 for that.

    My kind request please let me know you have any kind of this policy facility which is tell me the agent?

    The agent also tell me its also give me 12.4% bonus. But this word & merger policy to short term is not mention in his new policy document.

    Currently I am not a position to buy/perches the new policy with this amount its burden for me.

    If you have not this type of policy then I cancel this policy & continue my previous policy - 14861518.

    Please reply my e-mail, I am waiting for that. I am also in big trouble for your agent Mr Partho.

    I am need your help for overcome this situation, try to understand the situation.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Cancellation of HDFC Life Policy NO 16035250


    Please cancelled my about mention policy no 16035250 Premium Rs:20000/- pa, Sir i m unable to pay heavy amount
    so please credit the amount in my account.


    Sanjib kr Dutta



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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Cancellation of HDFC Life Policy NO 16035250


    Please cancelled my about mention policy no 16035250 Premium Rs:20000/- pa, Sir i m unable to pay heavy amount
    so please credit the amount in my account.


    Sanjib kr Dutta



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    Priya Virendra Singh Guest

    Default Cancellation Of Policy # 15302481

    Hi All Concern,

    Ref subject policy, would like to go for cancellation.
    Reason for cancellation is very very strange. Bought this policy from Mr Raghwendra Mishra (Customer relationship Manager) on recomendation of Branch Manager Mr. Vinay Bana, HDFC Bank, Vaishali Branch, Ghaziabad on 13 July 2012 & relevant policy document received on 08.10.2013.
    Due to non receipt of policy document instructed Mr Raghwendra Mishra & Vinay Bana to cancell the policy. Till July 2013 there was no resolution from their end & I moved to Mumbai in July 2013.
    Somehow after one & half years of harrasement, received the policy document on 08.10.2013.
    As per policy document, holder can go for cancellation within one month from the date of receipt of policy document.

    If its taking one & half year to receive the policy document, what will happen in case of settlement.
    In order to avoid forseen harrasement, would like to cancell my policy.

    Priya Virendra Singh

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