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Thread: bad services in2net...

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    Default bad services in2net...

    i use in2net... thane west maharashtra... the service provided by them is giving me low speed then what they had promised... i use 512kbps plan.. so i should get 64KBps right??.. i get 45 to 55KBPS maximum.. and at night i get less than 30KBPS...
    i want to shut the hub services that are running which results in network load..

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    also the service provider has given me threats that he will beat me... forgot to add it in previous post.. :&

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    Is it KBps or Kbps ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post

    Is it KBps or Kbps ?
    whats the difference between it.
    also saurabh is my friend who has posted the thread above, and the matter seems to be true since i too use in2net.
    most of the times in2net's service is bad and error no: 678 or 691 comes repeatedly. both the error nos stands for errors from their side.
    whenever i download somethig directly from browser ( without using download managers) i get speed of 24-25kbps on 256kbps combo plan night unlimited.
    but if i use any download managers like IDM i get some 2-3 kbps more than the above mentioned speed and sometimes more than what should i get.
    this is absolutely wrong and users should get the same speed from downloading anywhere with or without download managers.
    Also our franchise of in2net is a shop named "connections unlimited" which is very bad shop. he comes exactly at the time of payment and when any1 goes to him to complaint he does not respond properly say will fix the problem for lifetime but will not.
    on some days there have been instances that for wholenight the net has not been running.
    then what is the use of night plan. ok since the net has not been runing for the whole night means he should add 1 day validity period extra to the days, but he doesnt do that.
    we the users in thane are fedup of this service and we think its hightime to tolerate such things and i request mods and admins to kindly interfear in this matter and mail me about the details if so any?

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    Unhappy Bit to read this thread late.

    I'm a bit late to read this thread. Have paid Rs 1000/- as installation charges last week and started with my new broadband service provided by in2net at santa cruz, mumbai. Was very happy when the installation was done the very next day. I immediately paid the vendor the full month rental also. Its now been 6 days since the connection is done but was able to use the service only for the first day. From the past 5 days i am not able to connect to the internet. I call them up everyday, but they escapes with some or the other excuses. The lady at the service center says that a technician has been sent to my place, but the guy never reaches. This is really ridiculous and so disappointing. Is there anyone who could do anything to solve this, it would be really helpful.

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    Unhappy bad speed 128 kbps

    i am using in2net 128 kbps unlimed plan in which iam getting poor down load speed upto 8-10 kbps on giving complaint to my operater they say we are sending person to check but they dont send most time brousing speed also goes down i am completly upset with in2net dont sujest an one to go for in2net connection hopeless speed in kalina

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    Thumbs up Hyphen Technologies (P) Ltd complain....

    Hyphen Technologies (P) Ltd complain....

    Hyphen Technology do not care about the client and avoid client involvement are firms that will not lead the website anywhere. please safe your money and time... & d't hire this company related to any services.....

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    padma_kyn Guest

    Post In2net-a bad internet service provider

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I too use "In2net-broadband service".
    I stay in kalyan(E).
    Plan name: 512kbps speed (10GB download)

    Parent Company: Indusind Media & Communications Ltd. (HINDUJA GROUP)

    Regd. Off.: 315-G, New Charni Road, Next to Hinduja Colg, Mumbai-400 004.
    Admin. Off.: In Center, 49/50 MIDC, Andheri(E), Mumbai- 400 093.

    My problems related 2 In2net are as follows:
    1) "No connection" error for most of the time.
    2) Intermittent disconnects-in the middle the connection gets terminated.
    3) Poor customer care system.
    4) Rude and poor behavior of the customer care executives.
    5) Fails to solve the problems within a specified time (Takes 4-5 or almost 7 days to solve any problems).
    6) Reluctant to provide "EXTENSIONS".
    7) No provision for registering any complaints in publics Holidays.(If I hv sum problm occured in Friday and Sat-Sun is Holiday, then I can only contact dem on Monday...but have 2 pay for all the 3 days).
    8) Also poor behavior by the local service providers of In2net.

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    Default in2net

    In2net service is really very bad. I was very happy when i was done with installation. I even paid rs1000 for it.
    My net goes off whenever it wants. Like when i have an important work going on and i see internet has stoped working and my whole work comes to a hault!!! And than i call my serive provider he tells me company sai net baand hai ..it wil start in sometmes and dan it takes hours to start. The other problem is my service provider tells me your wire has been cut off by someone from terace..i dont understand why the hell will anyone go to terrace n do such a thing...the other reason he gives me is that your router is not fuctioning proper...its not more than 6months that i hve taken a new netgear router.if at all my router or wire has problem they are not proving me 100% that its not working..they take advancement payments and the serive is so poor..from 30days in a month 10days my internet is not working properly...when we are paying the entire bill amount it is their duty to give 24*7 service..i can understand there might be technical errors sometimes but ths internet not working each second day has become a routine.
    This time he even changed my internet speed without informing and i also told my MB is geting used up fast inspite of me not using so much..and also the usage summary is showing wrong login and logout time...i am tired of this service and decided to switch to other better service.

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