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Thread: Harassing by HSBC Bank Credit card dept.

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    Default Harassing by HSBC Bank Credit card dept.

    I lost my credit card some times back. When I came to know about the same the card has been misused and the person has shopped for about 20000. Then right after that I have block the card and did a police complain. I sent a fax to the HSBC, chennai regarding what should I do in this situation. Then I did not get any response. After that I had given written application to the bank couple of times. But I did not get any response from them. I also have that application copy and complain no. with me.
    Now I got legal notice from court regarding HSBC credit card payment that I have an outstanding amount of this much and I have pay it otherwise they will take the actions.

    I don't know what should I do here. I need any suggestions.


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    Default Harrasing by HSBC employee and collection department

    Dear Sir,
    This is to inform you that,I have a HSBC Overdraft account (a/c no.030480792001) since 2008 with HSBC Andheri Branch,Mumbai .The maximum credit limit for the account has been used by me and I am giving interest per month from last 19 months (apprx.). Now 3 months back I came to know that I can convert my overdraft as loan ,it was a good chance for me to repay the full loan amount as installment. I had a talk with the customer care executive Prachi Mohite,then I went to Andheri Branch to meet the concern person (as the executive told),Ms. Poornima Tyagi on 30th August 2010.She was heading for somewhere out of India that day.I was sitting there for long hours just to meet with her.No one gave proper response when I asked about Ms.Poornima. At last I was able to catch her when she supposed to leave the office.She told me to meet on 13th September 2010 hurriedly.I went there on that day,she was not there. Again I went to the branch on 14th September2010,finally she met me and I have signed necessary documents on the same day.After a week time she called me and told that the documents she prepared earlier was wrong,and I have to visit again and sign the new documents.I went there again,on 27th September2010 and signed the new documents.
    In the mean time 3 month's interest was charged against me though I had no fault of this delay. I have requested Ms. Poornima to look into it because it was her mistake for this delay.But she forced me to pay the due amount and told me after the payment only she will take any action for the loan procedure.
    I have paid the amount Rs. 8877/- on 16th October2010 from Jaipur as I was out of town for my work.After that Ms. Poornima is neither picking up my phone nor replying .Even till today I am receiving call from collection department to pay the outstanding interest.
    There is nobody to help me out in the matter. I wanted to convert my OD amount into loan 3 months back,but till date I am paying only interest. Please acknowledge this letter as my complain and take necessary action for the same.

    Abhishek Sharma

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