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Thread: Worst Product Eureka Forbes RO Water Purifier

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Worst Product Eureka Forbes RO Water Purifier

    A sales executive showed me a RO of Eureka Forbes, at the time of booking he told me that I will not face any type of service issue, so as par their words I brought the RO water purifier from Eureka Forbes. But the unit which is installed in my house is old because it stops working after 2 days. The called many times to the customer care of Eureka Forbes, Dwarka but they are so irresponsible and careless towards their customer care and after sale service. Like if you called them 2-3 times regarding the complaint then they stop picking up your phone, if you call them from the previous number. I suggest every member of the consumer court that never ever buy a Eureka Forbes products, if you want to live peacefully.

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    Barath 9884242504 Guest

    Default same here--- Eureka Force very very Worst Service

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    I have also faced the same problem with Eureka Force. I bought Aqua Guard from them. They also asked for contract for 1 year (paid Rs.2000 for that) and till that time if any problem occurs they will repair it for free of cost. Now there is some problem and we have called the customer care for more than 15 times and there is no response. They are asking for Rs.2000 for repairing it. It's not worst calling Aqua Guard worst service, because they are not providing ANY SERVICE as such.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default eureka force

    This is the first time I am lodging a complain on your webiste. Probabaly the first complain was misplaced or overlooked.. I am attaching the letter that I had recently sent to Eureka forbes (delhiro@eurekaforbes.com) There were many other complaints, Economic loss: Being a student it is difficult to suffer economic loss of Rs. 19,400/- (Rs. Ninteen thousand and Four Hundred only). For mental harrasment I request Rs. 5000/- Case expendiature and interest of my fee Rs. 1800/-. # If you people want I willl show all the bill and phone call details.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Beware of eureka forbes

    I bought an integra - 7 aqua guard from eureka forbes paying rs.25000/-. The taste of the water (initially very good) changed within 2 months of installation. Within one year now, the system is not working properly. When a service complaint was placed they took 3 days to attend to the complaint and the engineer tells me that i need to take a service contract for one year which is rs.4000/- and that the filters of this machine needs to be replaced every year and the same would cost rs.3800/-. This was never mentioned at the time of buying the machine, for if the same was said, then we would have defintely opted for another system, since paying a high sum for the unit and every year a recurring amount of rs.3800/- for the filters do not make sense. Also, they say that replacement of cartridges are not in the warranty.

    Real thiefs these are. Please beware of this company.

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    Sachin Patil Guest

    Angry product not working


    I have called up eureka forbes customer center @ 39883333 from 18th july 2009 to 28th july 2009 & request number is & 81583563. The Aqua guard water purifier system is not working in our house for past 15 days or so. We have used this aqua guard only for 2-3 days after purchasing it newly. I have been following up with you since 2 weeks; I have been keep hearing that custoemr service person is on the way & reach by EOD. Moreover nobody from Eureka forbes had called me for single time also to check about the request number.

    Now what should I do, should I go forward or close the matter here.

    Need your advice.

    Thanks and Regards
    Sachin R. Patil
    (Mob No: 9730133331)

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Eureka forbes RO

    I have Eureka forbes RO water purifier.

    It has problem and not working.

    I have complained on 25th August, Wednesday regarding this at customer care number 011-39883333 and got complain # 81790872 and called many times after this and request to see
    the RO problem and got reply evertime from customer care somebody will reach today to attend the complain.

    Till this time, nobody came to attend the complain and I am feeling very dissappointed.


    Flat # 235,

    Block - D

    Gaur homes,



    Aquaguard RO unit #8022841

    Order # 001521

    Model -> A.G. Total RO

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default aquaguard reviva not working

    I am really agree that eureka forbes service people are really worthless people and they dont listen to the customer.I am constantly making call to the service centre lucknow and gonda,but they are not listening to it.my water filter is under warranty.Plz anybody who reads it plz dont buy eureka forbes products.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Eureka Forbes RO - maintenance sucks

    I purchased the Reviva RO of Eureka Forbes. Although initially it worked and even now it works I end paying nearly Rs 7000 per on changes of filters. Thats very expensive and i have now come to feel that they are fleecing people. U cannot have such huge charges every year. Better buy some other make.

    Sarvesh Soman

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    Absolutely agree with all of you, I will never buy any Eureka forbes products in my life, and suggest the same to others.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default aqua sure elegant ro water purifier of eureka forbes

    The elegant ro is a water purifier which do not work without an additional iron filter costing Rs 1200/- but you wiil be told about this at the time of installation and if you do not pay for it in addition to what you paid for the filter (9990/-) the company will deny to install the machine and the gurantee will be void.

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    May 2010

    Default No Response from Company once installed.

    I have recently purchased Aqua Guard one month back, some executives from aqua guard co. and told that they are going to give discount for the machine once it has been installed. and also told me that once it has been installed you are geting the invioce within three days through courier. And also told that they will come and check the TDS content level also within a weak. But nobody has come till today. But so many people call me to take AMC and insist me to purchase Vaccum cleaner for house. I told all the people that give me invioce first and then talk to me. But, they are telling that it give within three days to your home itself. But nobody has come for to give even invioce or for check TDS level of the water. i dont want any discount from those people, but expecting atleast good service from those people. My house is near by shivanagr, rajajinagar, bangalore. The person who sold the machine to me Mr.Harish (sales executive from Eureka Forbes.
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    bisan biswas Guest

    Default candle for aqua sure

    i he an aquasure it is 6-month old now i want to change the candle of theat. please help me in this

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Aqua guard total sensa water filter

    This is the worst product Eureka Forbes has launched in the market, plus their service too is deteriorating day by day, I am facing lots of problems from day one and the company is least bothered about doing something about the problems I am facing e.g. Mode Switch which changes the mode from RO/UV etc is not working, but no body seems to be bothered

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    Jatinder pal singh Guest

    Angry complaint

    Spare parts fitted in the machine are not genuine beacuse there is lot duplicate parts available in market , i faced the problem of TDS of more than 100 , evne after the replacement of the membrane twice , now it is found that the membrane is duplicated , which again needs replacement , from last 1 month we are drinking water with high TDS , the company has no response to it.

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    Default Eureka forbes

    Quote Originally Posted by Jatinder pal singh View Post
    Spare parts fitted in the machine are not genuine beacuse there is lot duplicate parts available in market , i faced the problem of TDS of more than 100 , evne after the replacement of the membrane twice , now it is found that the membrane is duplicated , which again needs replacement , from last 1 month we are drinking water with high TDS , the company has no response to it.
    As you mentioned that you have already replaced the membrane twice, but it is not working properly, so we suggest you to send a written notice to the Customer Care via email or registered post, mention all the details in it and ask them for the refund with in the mentioned time in the notice, wait for their response and revert us back.
    Note: Keep all the copy of Complaint, Notice and the registered post slip, this may help you if you need to knock the consumer forum.
    If still have a question Feel free to contact us again.

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