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Thread: Sbi home loan complaint

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    Ravi Chandak Guest

    Default Sbi home loan complaint

    Date: 18th April’09

    I, Ravi Chandak went to SBI Loan mela held in the month of Jan’09 here at
    Vizianagaram. I was told to come to SBI Fort Branch, Vizianagaram & meet the Field
    Officer “Mr. Venugopal”. I did so as I wanted SBI to take over my existing Home Loan
    with ICICI Bank. I met Mr Venugopal several times. Every time I went to meet him he
    gave me excuse that he is busy with some other work. Today he clearly told me that
    he cannot process my loan as he was busy with Tata Nano bookings & other jobs. I
    want to complain against him. I had already spend Rs. 4100/- for the take over
    process. The details of which are given below:

    Stamping charges : 1300
    Legal opinion : 1200
    Valuation : 800
    EC for last 25 yrs : 400
    Document chgs : 400 (For every month outstanding statement charges)
    TOTAL 4100

    More over I have taken 3 unplanned leaves from my office for which my salary was
    deducted for the above mentioned 3 days. Now if I don’t get the loan My entire
    efforts, time & amount of Rs.4100 is drained out. Iam have all the documents with me
    perfectly, despite of this if I don’t get loan then I am forced to file a compliant
    against the Field officer “Venugopal”. He also told me to open an saving bank
    account in his branch for the purpose of home loan.
    My new Saving Bank Account No. in SBI , Fort Branch, Vizianagaram is 30696945061.

    I beg the higher official to take action against “Venugopal” who is irresponsible
    officer. If he was not interested in giving me the loan, he should have told me on
    the first day itself in the month of Jan’09, when I met him for the first time.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ravi Chandak

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default sbi home loan complaints

    You are not alone dear we also face the same problem, I do not know how the people still go to them.
    First and foremost it is an applaudable step from the govment about the JAGO GRAHAK JAGO. inspiring by this ad. i am making my complaint about SBI CARD. With due respect I am stating that on the request and terms and conditions explained by the On receiving the bill first i contactected the help line of the said card. they informed me that this is due to the payment cylce. and U have to pay the delayed payment interest. when i asked for the 45 days relaxation they were mum. after that I cut the call, this shows that how they realy care for their customes.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy Sbi homeloan delay

    My name is surya we have applied for sbi home loan trnsfer from hdfc to sbi on july 25. Today by august 30 till now we haven,t received any message about the loan and we have asked the bank manager (sbi patparganj industrial area delhi) he is willingly not giving any answers and we went to racpc branch of sbi sansad bhavan they(mr.rafi) simply refused to say any details saying consumer direct dealings are done . They have a;ldready collected the double valuation money (rs 5200) from our account.we are also paying extra interest on our existing amount to hdfc also. Sbi really is such a mess and dealing with them is almost attaini the seventh world of hell.

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    Jul 2009


    Dear Sir,

    We can't force any Bank or any Financial Company to give us loan. But that Bank or the Co. will have to provide us the reason for rejection of our Loan application. You can send a letter to the Head Office of the HDFC for the reason behind reject of your Loan or regarding the delays in the process.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Complaint against Housing Loan from SBI, Harduaganj(4944)

    I had applied on 22/08/09 for a housing loan amounting Rs. 10 lac alongwith all necessary/ required documents at SBI, ADB, Harduaganj(4944), Aligarh(UP) to purchase a flat at Ghaziabad. But, on 11.09.09 it have been told by Branch Manager, Mr. K.K.Gupta that your loan can not be sanctioned because some one have make a note on Investigation & Pre-sanction report(NO.RCPC/2009/2979, dt 22/8/09) that Mr. Anil Kochhar have no right to execute Sale Deed whereas, regarding who was Mr. Anil Kochhar, everything is written in the Sale Deed.
    So, you are requested to let me know that who is the person and why these type of remarks have made on my loan report. Please acknowledge and reply on my address.
    Pramod Kumar

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    Unregistered Guest

    Exclamation Varying home loan interest rates

    I have a home loan from SBI. I took this loan in jan 09 and the current interest rate is 9.35% . Now SBI has come up with a new scheme of 8% interest for firts three years and after that normal market rate. How can existing customers use these kind of offers ?

    There should be a single interest rate of home loans provided by a bank irrespective of a new loan and existing loan.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Too delay for SBI Homeloan.

    My name is Hemant we have applied for sbi home loan trnsfer from icici to sbi on Apr.09 . Today by Sep. 25 They start the procedure on 1st Sep on my file, till now we haven,t received any status about the loan transfer and we have asked the bank manager (Mr. uday chavhan – new panvel branch)) he is willingly not giving any confirmed answers and we went to Thane-naupada branch of sbi they(miss Rashmi & dypt. Manager mr. surwade) simply refused to say any details saying consumer direct dealings are done . They have a;ldready collected the double valuation money (rs 3500) from our account.we are also paying extra interest on our existing amount to icici also. Sbi really is such a mess and dealing with them is almost attaini the seventh world of hell.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Exclamation Need clarification

    I applied a loan and 11 lakhs sanctioned from SBI. The flat is under construction and has not been registered in my name. Now I would like to change my flat within the same premieses which i booked already. Earlier I booked the flat A-133 (all the agreements made and loan saction for this). Now, i would like to change my flat to A-144 which located in the same building/premieses.

    I have approached my bankers SBI and was told to close my account (for which i have to pay 11.50 lakhs) and reprocess the entire procedure to get loan for new one.

    My request is why it can't be done with out closing the existing. The existing loan shold be transferred to my new loan account.

    Please help me to understand the procedure. I could not find the guidelines any where.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default SBI Home Loan

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub: - SBI Home loan for Rs 20 lacs (7 year tenure).

    I have applied home loan for Rs 20 lacs during July 2008 and it was sanctioned on
    SBI has not given intimation about applicable rate of interest till date.
    Started construction from Nov 29, 2008 and invested personal money for initial work.

    SBI declared reduction of home loan interest @8% fixed for the First year and 9%
    fixed rate for 2nd and 3rd year on Feb 2, 2009 up to Rs 30 lacs for NEW CUSTOMERS.
    In addition, there will be no processing fees, free personal accident insurance and
    no levy on prepayment of loans if they are paid from the borrower’s own resources.

    Again on 8 Aug, 2009, SBI announced for further reduction of interest rate from 9%
    to 8.5% applicable for 2nd and 3rd year and enhanced the loan amount from 30 lacs to
    50 lacs.

    I have drawn 1st instalment loan amount of Rs 4.5 lacs on 9th Feb 2009 and 2nd
    instalment of Rs 7.77 lacs on 8h May 2009 and 3rd Instalment of Rs 7.3 lacs on 5th
    Sept 2009.

    On 5th September 2009, while making payment, Rs 51524 was debited towards pre – EMI
    interest and processing fee of Rs 10000. As per my calculation, the pre EMI interest
    will be Rs 41220 and the details given below:

    09.02.09 to 05.09.09 209 days Rs 20613.70 (8% fixed rate of interest)
    08.05.09 to 05.09.09 121 days Rs 20606.47

    There is a difference of Rs 10304.

    On 14.09.09, I have requested SBI to issue “Provisional Home loan interest
    Certificate” for the financial year 2009-10 and in response to my request, SBI
    issued the provisional certificate on 03.10.09 and the details given below.

    Home term loan - Rs 2000000/-
    Interest paid till 30.09.09 – Rs 51524/-
    Provisional amount (Principal + Interest) payable till 31.03.10 – Rs 192000 (i.e
    32000 x 6 months)

    On enquiry with the bank, I came to know that they have charged @9.5% interest rate
    and processing fee.

    I am of the view that since I have drawn 1st instalment on Feb 9, 2009, the rate of
    interest applicable should be 8% instead of 9.5%.

    I request you to kindly enlighten the provision and advice me in this matter.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Useless 8% lure of SBI home loan

    The way SBI handles its home loan applications, the offer of 8% becomes useless as you end up either by paying to the builder from your own pocket or go for another financial institute for easy and quick disbursement. It has happened with me. My loan application is lying with SBI without any positive response from them since 05.9.2009. There is no time frame defined for the processing officers. I am totally in dark about the status with no access to the officers. They have some customer care phone nos. but these are for "No replies" only. I ended up paying up more than 7.0 lacs out of the loan amount of 24 lacs applied by me due to pressure from the builder.

    I advise everybody not to go for SBI home loan just by the lure of 8% unless the builder includes a clause in the agreement that he can wait for sanction of the loan endlessly. Otherwise it may prove to be much costlier than the costliest loan available in the market.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down free personal accident insurance

    what is it? who wiill do it ?how do i know that i am insured ?who will hold the policy papers bank or me ?

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    sushila santosh Guest

    Default SBI Home loan

    Ms. Sushila S Thomas
    Crimson 302, 3rd floor,
    Mumbai 400 080

    Dear Sir,
    Housing Loan a/c no. 10595876008 taken from State Bank, Mu@@@@ branch Mumbai

    This is regarding housing loan from SBI where the cheques were deposited late by SBI
    and I have been levied interest,

    SBI has issued cheques to the builder late but charged me interest from the date of
    issue of cheque and the insurance

    Taken by SBI without my knowledge.
    Inspite of taking up with SBI, I am sorry to state that all 3 issues remain open
    without satisfactory reply.
    I am enclosing herewith the correspondence exchanged.
    Please look into the matter and settle the matter amicably.



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    sanjay sharma, noida Guest

    Talking Compliant against the Home loan delay from SBI

    Dear Sir,

    My name is S. K. Sharma I have applied for SBI home loan on 6th Nov 2009 along with all necessary/ required documents at SBI, Sector 41, Noida branch. Today by 12 Dec, 2009 till now my loan is not sanction. I have been daily communicating with the Branch manager SBI sector 41 Noida and he is very gentle man, daily contacting to RACPC Gaziabad and getting answer that today it will sanction but today is coming as endless for me (Almost visited 20 times SBI Sector 41 and two times RACPC Gaziabad). SBI already collected the valuation money (Rs. 1000/-) and processing fees (10,000/-) by ICICI bank cheques on 20th Nov, 2009 for the loan amount Rs. 38 Lacs.

    The efforts I have been spent by me after apply this loan:
    1. SBI Valuator called me to show the site, I have taken him from the bus stop and showed the site around 15th of Nov.
    Is this my responsibility to take him to the site as I am paying valuation money?

    2. I got to know that my loan application is with Mr. G. K. Sethi at RACPC, Gaziabad. I have called him and visited to RACPC, Gaziabad. At the same time Mr. G. K. Sethi has been called the legal advisor for the legal report (on 18th Nov). Mr. A.K. Mishra (Legal advisor) has been replied that if I could bring the original properties papers to his Home at Nehru Nagar Gaziabad for the verification than they can do the legality check at prompt otherwise whenever his visit schedule for Noida may be in next week or next month, the legality of documents will verify.
    a) Is this the legal documents verification of SBI? (As per my knowledge the Legal verification must be done by search report from registry office).

    b) I am paying legal advisor fee then why I need to bring the original property papers to the legal advisor?

    Next day I have visited Mr. A.K. Mishra’s Home at Gaziabad for the process my application. I am seeking that Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra should not be the legal advisor of SBI any more from immediate effect as I only not harassed by him but the list is too long in my friend circle.

    3. I went out of station for five days and again contacted to RACPC Gaziabad there were same situation and I have communicated that Mr. G. K. Sethi’s visit to the site is pending. Then with the help fo SBI Noida branch I have taken Mr. Amar Srivastava to visit the site and the site has been visited.
    Is this is my responsibility to take the Bank employee and showed the site? Why I am paying processing fees?

    4. I have called the SBI customer care and get to know that process fee is Rs. 7000/- for the loan amount Rs. 20 Lacs to Rs. 50 Lacs.
    Why I have been asked for Rs. 10000 as a processing fee?

    I request you sir to take the proper action against each of them and also requesting to return my all documents with fees taken from me. I will apply the same from HDFC Bank, Noida.

    An early effort in this regard may highly be appreciated.
    Date: 12/12/2009

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy Sbi home loan

    Hi ,
    I am writing this compliant out of pure frustration. We had bought a property in mumbai and applied for a Home Loan in SBI bank Goregaon west . Now 62 days have past still I didn't get any loan or sanction letter for that matter . Each and every bank working day they have been asking either documents or calling us to understand the copies which we have submitted , they cant even ask for everything in one shot , they have kept that my file somewhere in SBI BKC office for Home Loan . I dont know what to do . Builder has threatened me of Selling OFF the property in next 48 hrs if we are unable to pay the remaining amount .Which is in conjunction with what is written in the Agreement. I dont know what to do , I have lost my complete sanity , today I feel i should have gone for some other bank , readers please understand what i have gone through if you don't want to loose your sanity and peace please do not apply for any loan in SBI , they just keep playing around with your emotions.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy home loan

    I am an nri and availed a housing loan from sbi for 35 laks 20 months back.The bank has disbursed only 18 lak rs to the builder since there is a delay in the work. As per the contract i have started paying the emi for 35 laks rupees. But they are also charging interest for the 18 lak rupees disbursed to the builder. Is it not double interest charging. I send a mail to them and they replied thats the procedure. Kindly enlighten me since i am an nri and do not have access directly to the bank

    Dr.Thomas Thomas

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