In January, 2008, Secretary of the Happy Homes Housing Palace 'A' Flat Owners Association, not satisfied with the explanation given by the Asst. Town Planning Officer of GHMC Rajendranagar Circle 6 related to the issuance of notices to the flat owners for regularisation of flats instead of issuing it to the builder of our constructions. Who admitted in the RR Dist court stating that, there are deviations and ready to regularise if the officials of the Rajendranagar allows him to pay the applicable fees.

The Rajendranagar circle having won the case in the year 2006 and had the power to penalise the builder, made us to file the BPS application. Questioning the indifferent attitude of the town planning officials of the Rajendranagar Circle, I wrote to the Appellate Committee for BPS.

The Municipal Administration department issued a Memo No. 13745/M2/2008 on 29/8/2008 to the Commissioner, GHMC, to take necessary immediate action. with a copy to me.

Having not heard anything from the Commissioner's office, I sent email on 9/10/2008 and 21/11/2008 reminding about the Memo. Again wrote letter on 12/6/2009 and 11/8/2009. As there was no information related to the Memo, I was forced to use RTI act.

On Jan. 25, 2010, I sent an RTI application to the Chief Public Information Officer, GHMC, to the status of the memo and action taken. The CPIO forwarded the letter to the Chief City Planner HO on 30/1/2010.

The Chief City Planner GHMC HO, issued a Most Urgent letter - U. O. Note. No. R/75/RTI/CCP/SZ/GHMC/2010/427 dt: 15/2/2010 to the Town Planning Officer, GHMC Rajendranagar Circle 6 to provide the information immediately. The Copy of the same I received it on 15/3/2010.

The Town Planning Officer GHMC Rajendranagar Circle 6 has not provided the information till today (9/6/2010), even after emails sent to Commissioner, CPIO, Dy. Commissioner Rajendranagar Circle on April. 9, 2010. Two commissioners and spl commissioners have failed to comply with the orders. The Municipal Administration has remained a silent spectator.

The GHMC Commissioner as the appellate authority has not taken any action for the delay in giving information. Such is the state of affairs in the government departments in AP.