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Thread: TATA AIG CustomerCare

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    Pradeep Kumar Guest

    Default TATA AIG CustomerCare

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    The Officer

    i am pradeep kumar was issue 'familly Secure Personal INjury Plan' policy
    no.FSP 01000013113 in the name of Pradeep Kumar & my wife Rajni on 23 aug
    2008, and i was paid 3 mothly charges Rs.1220 x 3 for TATA aig from My hsbc
    but on november month i have some injury( i was fell down and got some
    injury on my leg) and i was call to TATA AIG customer care for clain and
    they send me a latter, this is not include the plan but when they sell this
    policy thay told me( sir agar ungli bhi kat jayegi to apko claim milega,
    aur aap seedi se bhi gir jate hai to bhi ) what is man by this sentance.

    Now i was call on 19 or 20 dec 2008 and i told his executive i dont want
    claim, please cancelled my policy and executive confirm me (sir maine
    cancelled kar diya hai, ab ye charge next bill mai nahi lagega ) but whn i
    received my cedit card statement on 13 jan and the was chared i was shocked
    and call again TATA AIG and that time they tod me sir mite be it mistake,
    payment will be returne my card account after 15 day and till that time i
    was call 3 or more time.

    i am very upset is TATA AIG Services i am travel agent and i was sell travel
    insurance aprox above 50000/- per month but afer this time iam sell any
    single policy. because his failer service.

    this not matter of 1200 rupees this the matter os cheatings.

    please check my call confernce of this date when i was cancelles the policy.
    retturn my amount very soon.

    with regards

    Asstt. Manager


    Add. 104 New @@@@hi nagar ghaziabd
    Mobile 9911566951

    Pradeep Kumar
    Mobile 9911566951

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    uday singh negi Guest

    Angry TATA AIG fraud with premium

    Dear officer
    I avail a tata aig online health plan from your insurance company for premium Rs. 4583 on 11.07.2009 and same was debited from my credit card a/c(icici master last digit 4000) but I didnít received my policy document yet now.I received a SMS on 16.07.2009 on behalf of tata aig that premium amt 12868 will be debited from my credit card a/c which I provide to the advisor when i recieved the call on 11.07.2009. I made lot of to call centre(reference no. 7068106), SMS back to 58888(date of sms 11.07.2009) and wrote many mail to 'customersupport@tata-aig.com'; 'customerservices@tata-aig.com' regarding this. But not single replied received.
    I received the document of policy no. SCH10000002940, which I neither told or not discuss the premium amt of the same is 12868 /-.

    This is totally fraud case which happened with me. due to that I suffering from lot of problem. Blocking credit card. etc. followup

    You are requested to stop my both policy, because I donít interest took take any. Reason starting is not good what about the ending. reverse my Premium amt.

    Thanks & regards

    Uday singh negi
    (M) 9250002803 / 9971301657

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    Aswani A T Kumar Guest

    Angry Tata AIG is using card information Without autorization

    Dear Officer,

    I hold HSBC card ,Previoulsy i availed two policies on my name and my father name.In the later part i cancelled both the Policies on April 2009. But without my knowledge Tata AIG has enabled two more policices on my card and i dnt even recevied the Policy documents .I'm getting Looted By Tata AIG from past 8 Months,which i noticed today on 21/11/2009.

    Aswani A T Kumar.

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    ajit achyut prabhudesai Guest

    Default correction in address & ph.no.

    R/sir pl. to correct my address As-
    B-404,shri Balaleshwar c.h.s.,Veer Sawarkar Chowk,
    At Post -Panvel Dist.-Raigad,
    Pin-410206 Maharashtra

    Please do needfull.
    Yours faithfully,
    Ajit Achyut prabhudesai.
    Policy No.-U670779208

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    Unregistered Guest

    Red face Non receipt of insurance document - Reg.,

    Dear sir,

    I am R.Balasubramaniyam.
    I have applied for Medical insurance in TATA AIG.

    From TATA AIG GENERAL INSURANCE, I got a call regarding medical insurence.

    Over the phone, they have completed the enter procedure including Payment through credit card for myself,my wife on 08.01.2010 and my mother 11.01.2010.

    They have given transaction id for me 003244, for my wife : 003266 and
    my mother : MCMT0018540948.

    They assured me that the document will be reached you within seven working days.

    Today, date is 21.01.2010,

    But still, I did not receive any documents from TATA AIG.

    Please, confirm when the document will reach me.

    and Inform me as soon as possible.

    My Address:


    3/205, ASHA NAGAR,


    PIN :601301.
    MAIL ID : maniyam_2005@yahoo.co.in

    Thanks and Regards,


    Mobile no 9710928114, 9940099012

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    Sep 2008



    Register your complaint with their customer care, and if the customer care people are not going to help you then send a written notice to the CMD of TATA AIG via registered post.

    Address is:
    Head – Customer Services

    Unit No. 302, Building No. 4, Infinity IT Park
    Film City Road, Dindoshi, Malad (East)
    Mumbai – 400 097

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    Unregistered Guest

    Question due to suffering for cannot recieved the payment reciept.

    [QUOTE=HaldarJeet Raju]Dear officer
    I avail a tata aig by cheque health plan from your insurance company for premium Rs.4795 on 23.10.2009 and same was debited from my a/c(bank of baroda cheque no.274716) but I didnít received my policy document yet now.Behalf of tata aig that premium amt 4795 will be debited from my a/c which I provide to the advisor when i recieved the call on 11.07.2009.wrote many mail to 'customersupport@tata-aig.com'; 'customerservices@tata-aig.com' regarding this. But not single replied received.
    I received the document of policy no.C090006124, which I neither told or not discuss the premium amt of the same is 4795/-

    This is totally fraud case which happened with me. due to that I suffering from lot of problem.

    Thanks & regards

    HaldarJeet Raju

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Seeking Information for status report .


    I am a policy owner of your organization. My policy number is C200141507 ( Premium Payable - Yearly for the said policy is Rs. 10776/- . I have already paid Five yearly premiums. There after I could not pay the premiums in time due to some unavoidable circumstances. In the mean time I came to know from the premium payment notice that the said policy has been made reactivated through automatic premium loan to adjust the unpaid premiums.

    In this regard, I want to know the present status report of the policy regarding the total outstanding to be paid by me now.

    I will be grateful if this information is conveyed to me as early as possible....

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    Sep 2008


    Hello Consumer Court Members,

    Visit http://www.consumercourt.in/banking/...html#post31431 , this post may help you with TATA AIG.

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    shital Guest

    Default Premium deduction

    the premium is not deducted from last 3 months

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Mis-representaton and mis-leading and giving wrong policy

    One day I received a telephonic call from a lady named Tanya( as intimated) that she speaking from Tata AIG life Insurance and selling insurance policy. After discussion over telephone 2 and 3 days, I was suggested to have a Term Insurance policy for period of 10 years with a halfyearly premium of Rs 4750/ with return of premium at the end of maturity period 95000/- with a cover of Rs 500000/-. According one person on behalf of Tanya came to my house and I gave a cheque of Rs 4800/- Just a request letter was got singed from me . Today I got the policy and I was surprised to the policy that it is not a term life insurance policy. It is Health Protector- 5 year guaranteed renewal accident health plan. Seeing the policy I also came to know that Tanya is not a employee of TAta Aig but she is an employee of Insurance agent VIGHNAHARTA DIRECT INSURANCE BROKING PVT LTD while she represented that she is speaking from Tata Aig. More over, I was explained about term policy with return of premium for a period of 10 year with policy value Rs 500000/. I believed because the insurance co is TATA AIG . But I was cheated, I was misrepresented and misled. A person was sent and collects my premium. In such a way these agent are letting down your co and using the name of your co and giving wrong policy. If policy holder in not aware of , he will be given wrong policy. It is unfair trade practice being followed by the agent. In such a way people are being be fooled by such type of agent over phone.How can general people can believe such agent who is using name of your co and making money. I am giving the detail of policy

    Policy no :c103105653
    Agent Code : 004093831
    Agency Office : ND01
    Agent Name : Vighnaharta Direct Insurance Broking Pvt Ltd

    Binod Kumar Gupta
    H.no 1298 Sector 10 A Gurgaon
    (M) 9818353015
    Email binod_1298@yahoo.com
    dated 7.4.2010

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    9924196500 Guest

    Thumbs down i want to payout my premium due on 2/4/10

    i want to payout my policy no.u139765805 but i donot know that the place of payment of policy. and my agentmr. yatindra sathiya his agent code is 4100229 who not give after sarvice my policy already due .my policy branch code su-03 and office code su-03. plz give me information of collection center when i went and payout my premium

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    k.palanivel Guest

    Default Case of deceit by Tata AIG Corporate Agent Vahine insurance marketing pvt.limite

    Few people from Tata AIG corporate Agent: Vahine Insurance marketing pvt.ltd. Company (located in Salem, TN) forged as Tata AIG Insurance agents and introduced me Tata aig life investassure Optima Life Insurance Policy.(policy no: U024478524). I liked the policy terms explained by the agents so I diligently signed-up for policy on 31st March 2009.

    At first instance when I received my policy documents, I couldnít read it thoroughly due to personal, business and other time constraints. However, when I received information from Tata AIG customer care (dated:30/03/2009) I thoroughly studied it and GOT SHOCKED at the end.

    I noticed that the investments I made last year were never applied to my policy. I was deeply disheartened and couldnít digest the fact that I am cheated by disguised agents of well respected Tata AIG Corporate agent:- vahine Insurance marketing pvt.limited., Company.

    Further understanding of the policy revealed that it is todo with the policy terms which wasnít explained to me by the agents and more importantly I didnít even sign the pages that contained the policy terms. As an evidence I can prove that I signed only pages 1 (with my photo), 33 and 42 when I took the policy. The signatures in pages 47, 48, and 49 containing policy terms were signed by someone else. It is a pure case of forgery and dishonesty.

    Through this letter, I wanted to bring to your attention about this situation and demand a written explanation from Tata AIG Corporate. After receiving such information I will decide whether to continue the policy or not. Policy grace period is 30-4-2010.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    With atmost frustration,

    K. Palanivel

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    opsingh Guest

    Default regarding Car policy No.150070916 status

    A cheque was collected by your person on 19.04.2010 for renewal of private car policy no. 150070916 but ihave not received the policy till now. pl sent the same.


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    Unregistered Guest


    Dear sir

    This is my humble request to you kindly provide me my policy bond after six months of policy I don't get my policy bond yet now I would like to cancelled this because of your bad services and after six months I got msg from your company for renewal premium but I don't get my policy bond yet so now I would like to cancelled (freelook) this.

    so kindly cancelled my policy I want my money . This is my policy details

    Name : Gayatri Devi

    Policy no : U189540407


    Gayatri Devi



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