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Thread: Dishtv customer care

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    Jayaram JIKIS Guest

    Default Dishtv customer care


    I am Jayaram.K.

    We purchased Dish TV and things were going on well.

    I am in Mumbai and Dish TV is installed at my place in Bangalore.

    I am here for my Masters.

    I sent a cheque to Dish TV from my Mumbai Bank account to pay subscription
    fee for the month of December.

    Dish TV sent me a mail rejecting the cheque as "outstation cheque".

    They were supposed to courier the cheque back to me, instead after holding
    on to the cheque for 3 months they have deposited the cheque now.

    I got a call from the bank stating that a cheque has come for clearance.

    I was shocked to know that Dish TV could do such a thing.

    When I wrote mails to them the only thing they ask me is address to which
    they should courier the cheque back.

    I have evidence for Dish TV cancelling the cheque.

    Accepting to courier it back

    Depositing it in the bank after 3 months.

    Please let me know how I can file a complaint of treason against them.



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    01506186313 Guest


    Dish TV is not working at E 478 GK II ,New Delhi - 48.

    9310354100( Mr Sanjeev Soni)

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    I will give you the email id of Dishtv customer care, Just mail your concern their for quick resolution of your complaint along with your VC No, Address and contact number.

    email id: customercare@dishtv.in

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Cancle of gold package after recharge

    Hi Sir,
    I am a govt employee. I take a gold package recharge dated 19092009 at 1000 am. I want to cancle it because it is very expencive.My vc No. is 01500077564 named OC 822 fd Wksp coy.My cell no.is 09858481807.
    (a) DISHTV TEL 2450 01500077564
    (b) DISHTV TEL 2616 01500077

    Thinking You.Ple take a action.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint

    Hello sir,

    i am mr.c.k.balakumaran from chennai my vc no is<015 0124 6245>
    i recharged my tv with south gold pack .
    For last five days the dish tv is not working at all .
    Please take necessary steps and solve the problem immediately.
    My telephone number 9841497630.


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    Jul 2009


    Dear All,

    To get any solution for your complaint kindly send a complaint letter to the Head Office of the Co. Send it through registered post and keep a copy of that letter also. Hope you will get any positive response from there.

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    I will give the email id of Dishtv customer care just mail your concern their for fast action on your complaint along with your VC No, address and contact number.

    email id: customercare@dishtv.in

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint

    Dear sir

    i have three dish Tv connections
    I have paid local dealer Rs 1700/- for Refill & Upgrading channels

    1 01507290688
    2 01505729022

    can you give me bifercation of the amount cause he is cheating me.

    my third account is

    3 01505234874( please check the details as this no is showing is wrong for refilling)

    Pravin gavit
    Cell no 9819156469 *( mumbai )

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    ganesh177 Guest

    Default not working Dishtv connection

    Hello sir,

    Tomorrow(21-10-09) my dish tv is working. but today (22-10-09) connection is disabled

    i don't know the reason.

    please tell me

    reason for disconnecte the dishtv.

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    Jul 2009


    Dear Mr. Ganesh,

    Forward your written complaint to the Dish TV Co. at following email address:

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    Unregistered Guest


    dish tv sucks
    never works
    customer service representative never able to do anything
    and when u recharge they change your pack and for degrading they charge you
    this really sucks

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    Jul 2009


    Dear All,

    If the customer care deptt. is not helpful, pls. forward your written complaint to the Co. Head Office through post.

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    chandraprakashraut Guest

    Default complent to undergred from gold to silver


    i recharge with Rs400 on 14 nov 2009 from a.s. vision authorised servise center Dish t.v goregoan. mumbai

    also tell to undergread from gold to silver. Service center mail for same.

    yet they have not undergerd the same my v.c. no.is 01504644036

    now they r asking for Rs100 extra for undergred

    why should I pay when already paid extra ?

    pls. help me mobile no 90298902212

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    sameer1984mum Guest

    Default our distributer change my account

    my current user id no is 015014837585
    but some days ago my dth box having some problem so i give it to repair at my provider / mechnic but i think he change my card that time because oder programmes are not showing through this card / dth box
    so i want that whos account is this which is given by provider
    plz give me details
    by that i will take action on my user

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    Nov 2009

    Default Dishtv / Mr. Prabir Karmakar, yet till date no recharge done by the person

    Dear Admin,
    I, Sri Partha Kumar Karmakar would like to draw your kind attention that I have bought a dishtv connection from M/s Durgapur Radio Service, Benachity, Durgapur - 713 213 (Contact No. 0343 -2583635) on 26.06.08 and contact person is Mr. Prabir Karmakar (Mobile No. 9832221333 & 9332340552).
    I have given Rs 710/- on 09/11/09 and Rs 50/- on 10/11/09 to Mr. Prabir Karmakar to recharge my dishtv validity (dishtv reference no. is 01505751113). But he has not recharge my dishtv connection till today.
    When I am calling him for last 10 days, he is not receiving my call.
    Now I request you to kindly take necessary action against him.
    Looking forward to get your valued support and answer.
    Thanking you,
    Yours truely,
    Partha Kumar Karmakar

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