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Thread: Airtel prepaid customer care

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Airtel prepaid customer care

    hello sir
    i am using airtel prepaid mobile no 9729691881 in charkhi dadri haryana
    i have debited recharge of rupess 333 on march 5,2009 at 7:54 pm
    i am using airtel Monthly gprs service, according to this service balance of rupess
    299 should be credited from account, but all my debit balance is credited
    and after renew of my service i am unable to use this service
    i asked from customer care about this they asked for some time now 11 days is passed
    but there is no good response from them
    on march 8th a complaint(no. 386978) is also registed in company they said we will
    update your balance till march 12, but till now my balance is Rs. 0.16 and my
    service is also not renew
    customer care said the amount is credited from my account is detail:-
    March 07{ Rs. 3.60
    Rs. 74.00
    Rs. 67.00}
    March 08{ Rs. 5.40
    Rs. 1.80}
    the detail is given by customer care the total of this is n't equal to the our
    previuos balance
    now they are n't talking with us everytime they said that the system is n't okay
    now 11 days is already pass
    but my balance is now Rs 0.16 and my airtel monthly gprs service is also not renew
    now tell me what to do??

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    vikasujjainwal Guest

    Default offer end airtel so i am upset

    airtel company why you end the prepaid card offre i am young boy .
    i am very worried please help and you start new offer hurry .

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post massage delete

    Dear Sir,

    Pls sir i request to you my phon key board damage so my phon inbox massage very full so pls all massage deleted my phon.

    pls sincerly action my reqest.

    Thanks from
    Pramod Kumar Rathore

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    9998478289 Guest


    my fhm video service activeted auto maticly and my balance cut so,you refill my balance

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    Jul 2009


    Dear All,

    Kindly post your complaints in detailed manner.

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    Oct 2009

    Default Bad Responds from customer Care...They Taken my balance and my peace too

    Dear Sir
    On this morning I had received one msg in my inbox that Thank you for selecting a comedy junction and you have been charged rs 15 - for 30 days .
    I had called on this morning 9.08 a.m to customer care one girl had attended she s name is Bakkialakshmy.
    She will not treating me as a customer i afraid that they are taking money on without my knowledge then only i make a call .
    But she will make me worried she is treating me like a fraud.... I just wanted to know whether u don t have any reserved words to speak to customers
    Please take a further step me to going for the right moves...Before that i need something from your part
    Thanking you in advance

    My Mobile No.9940740314
    With Regards

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Bad response

    Hi I purchased airtel sim with NO. 8008830836 I have submitted all my documents, i had services for initial two days, but after then service has been stopped. I approached airtel four times when even i approach them they are giving me new reason for disabled services. Everything time i approach they are assuring me that service will be provided within 24 hours, but since past four days I have had not service.

    When I tried to call 121 even they r not responding well they are showing some inappropriate reasons which are not true, It seems like they r just trying to avoid me.

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    Dear Customer,

    This is to inform you that your concern has been noted and our team is working on a resolution. At the outset, we apologies for the inconvenience faced by you. We will get in touch with you for further details of your concern as the need arises.


    Mohsin Khan
    Airtel Customer Service Team

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    D Vijay kumar Guest

    Angry Urgent : night calling at 20 p

    Hi Airtel

    i took rs.143 offer, night call for 20p to other Airtel
    few days it worked fine, now i 'm charged 50 ps per calll after 11 pm also

    Cud you check.
    pls email or call me : 9652517514
    email : dvijay2k5@gmail.com


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    Dear Customer,

    This is to inform you that your concern has been noted and
    our team is eager to resolve it. In order to get to the
    resolution, we need to get in touch with you and gather more
    details about the concern. We are restricted by the absence
    of your contact details. Please write to us at airtelpresence@airtel.in
    with your contact details (address and landline or mobile phone number).

    We assure you that we are committed to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.


    Vinay chugh
    Airtel Customer Service Team

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    Dec 2009

    Thumbs down Airtel prepaid connection - worst ever service

    Dear Mr. Gopal,

    Warm Greetings from all at Airtel!

    This has reference to your below email, we would like to reiterate that we would be unable to credit the amount of Rs 178/- towards the mobile number 9845915369 due to the expiry of the validity period.

    Should you require any further clarifications, please do call our 24-hour Customer Care on 121 [toll free] from your Airtel mobile or 98450 98450 from all other phones. You could e mail us at 121@airtelindia.com.

    We assure you the best of our services at all times.

    Warm regards,

    Manjula M
    Nodal Officer Team

    To NodalOfficer.KK@airtel.in
    Subject Re: From Airtel!


    I regret to inform you that when I contacted the person who charged this amount , he told me that the amout would be credited to the lifetime validity of my account and a separate account would not be created. Also , he informed me clearly that Airtel started this new scheme of creating special accounts with effect from November 1 , 2009 . Since I had done the recharge on October 22 , 2009 this scheme was nowhere in the picture and was not informed to me at all. Hence if you are planning to make free money from your customers , this is what is known as fraud. I want my hard earned money to be credited to my lifetime validity since the shop owner who recharged this amount told me clearly that Airtel is committing this fraud. He is willing to support me and go to court or any place against Airtel to get the money refunded. If you want me to go to consumer court or any other point of justice , I can very well do that. I expect a favourable decision as soon as possible from your end.

    As I told , the person who recharged this amount for me is ready to support me , since he well and truly told me that I recharged on October 22, during which there was no such scheme.

    The address of his shop is given below;

    SLV Enterprises

    # 7 , Anjenappa Building,

    Near Mallesh Palya Bus Stand,

    Shop owners' Phone number - 9902256089.

    I know that Airtel would not like to lose a valuable customer like me and I would expect a credit for the lost amount and nothing less .


    Sujith G

    From: NodalOfficer.KK@airtel.in <NodalOfficer.KK@airtel.in>
    Subject: From Airtel!
    To: "Sujith Gopal" <sujithgmenon@yahoo.co.in>

    Dear Mr. Gopal,

    Warm Greetings from all at Airtel!

    This has reference to your below email, expressing concern over the balance deduction

    We would like to inform you that the last recharges done on 22/10/09 for Rs 200/- as per which the talk time of Rs 210/- has been credited to your dedicated account. This recharge of Rs 200/- has a validity of 1 month due to which the benefits has been lost due to validity expiry and we regret to inform that we would be unable to credit the same.

    Should you require any further clarifications, please do call our 24-hour Customer Care on 121 [toll free] from your Airtel mobile or 98450 98450 from all other phones. You could e mail us at 121@airtelindia.com.

    We assure you the best of our services at all times.

    Warm regards,

    Manjula M
    Nodal Officer Team

    Sujith Gopal <sujithgmenon@yahoo.co.in>
    11/21/2009 12:37 PM To nodalofficer.kk@airtel.in

    Hi Sir /Ma'am,

    I have an airtel prepaid connection with me , which I took almost 4 years back , the number is 98459 15369. Since the account is active till May 10 , 2010 , I went to a shop in Mallesh Palya near my house and recharged it . Till yesterday , my account balance was almost Rs.178 . But today all of a sudden its shown as zero. I went to the same shop and asked the person who recharged and he told me that Airtel creates a duplicate account for its customers , whenever we recharge and its a fraud undertaken by Airtel.

    Since you are the Airtel officer , I need my 178 rupees to be transferred back to my present account which expires only in 2010 . I want my money back , since I have not used it . Whether you are doing this fraud or whether the shop person is doing it , I as a valuable customer of Airtel would not like to lose the relationship with you due to this incident.

    I expect a favourable reply from your end.


    Sujith Gopal

    Mobile - 9341325495



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    dharamraj Guest

    Default find no locatrion & address

    mo. no. 9950358384 is missbehaving with me on my no. . it abuse me and bother me so please find the no. and leave me a massage on dharamrajvaishnav@gmail.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy do not give my card to other user

    hello, sir
    i am using air-tel no:9724829094
    this card is broken and the data is errased so plz send me the new air tel prepaid card
    n this address : vadva khadiya kuwa opp.meldi mata street bhavnager
    don't give the other persone? send this card only this address must be plz
    and send the detail in

    my name is Miss krishan rathod
    my id:= kishu_rathod@rediffmail.com
    plz sir,


    krishna rathod

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy ISD regarding

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to know if you harge anything for opening ISD in my Mobile???????? If not please let me know what are the formalities to open ISD???????????????

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    subair Guest

    Default how can i activation at uae

    how can i activation at uae

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