Dear Sir/Madam,

On 7th June 2010, Coronary Angiography of patient Mr Ram Bachan Sharma (PHS ID: 11599812, Policy No: 52159471) [/B][/B]has been done in Riddhi Vinayak Critical Care & Cardiac Center (Malad West) by the Doctor Venkat Goyal. Angiography Report showed that there were three major blockages in Heart and the Mediclaim for Coronary Angiography was given by TPA(CCN No: 1663681).

For treating these Heart blockages, it was necessary to admit the patient in the World’s 1st Ayurvedic Cardiac Center named MadhavBaug located near Khopoli, about 65 km from Mumbai. This Ayurvedic treatment avoid Coronary Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty. Hence, it is safe, noninvasive and free from adverse effects.

After undergoing through the above said treatment, I have fulfilled their requirement by submitting completely filled, duly signed mediclaim form, Original Discharge Card, all the Medical Bills and Receipts in Original, all Original Reports to the TPA i.e. PARAMOUNT HEALTH SERVICES PVT. LTD. for claiming the ITGI (IFFCO –TOKYO GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD.) Medishield

The reply I received from my Mediclaim company refusing the claim is as follows:

”This claim was for Ischaemic heart disease with diabetic mellitus. As per submitted documents that patient was taken treatment from Ayurvedic cardiac rehabilitation centre. On the scrutiny of the claim documents, it is evident that taken treatment did not necessitate hospitalization, hospitalization seems mainly for investigation evaluation purpose, which is not payable as per policy terms & condition. Also, the said hospital is not registered hospital. Hence this claim is rejected”

For your information, the treatment taken has been recognized by the American Heart Association in World Cardiology Conference held in Beijing, China during 16-19th June 2010 at international level. For documentary support, photocopy of the articles published in Maharashtra Times dated 29th June 2010 & Times of India dated 31st July 2010 is attached herewith.

Please note that Hospitalization is not only for investigation & evaluation purpose but also for treatment of heart disease which involves Comprehensive Ayurvedic Therepy called “Sampurna Hridaya Shuddhikaran”. This therepy helps in improving excersie bearing capacity of diseased heart without undergoing any surgical intervention. Investigation and evaluation was done just to monitor the progress of the patient.

Also, in refusal letter received from my mediclaim company states that the Hospital is not a Registered Hospital. The registration number of the Hospital Madhavbaug(An Ayurvedic Cardiac Rehabilitation Center) where treatment has been taken is: 35/2010/11. Registration number is written on the original bills of the hospital. This hospital is also an ISO 9001:2000 certified. Also, attaching the copy of same.

Dear Sir/ Madam, neither insurance company nor my company is ready to show me the Mediclaim policy i.e the agreement is done between the company and Insurance company about the various illness & treatment covered under this ITGI (IFFCO –TOKYO GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD.) Medishield Policy.

This is a Genuine claim. Please tell them to reconsider this and do the needful.

Thanks & Regards,
Satish Chand Sharma (NSE.IT Ltd)

Contact No: 9820966909