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    Sourav Saha Guest

    Arrow Indian Railway

    At Sonarpur Railway Station Reservation Counter the booking clerk behaves very rudely with me and not even with me I saw him he was treating very badly to other passengers also. I gone through the IRCTC website and found that many of tickets were free so that is why I asked him for the seat of my choice but the clerk not even refused me but insult me which cause me agony and mental harassment. After standing some time near to the booking counter I came to know that the booking clerk is involved and take bribe from some booking agent to whom the booking clerk issues better seats for some extra money. This is not enough I have seen many agents are rooming here and their inside the booking counter.

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    Unregistered Guest


    The Assistant General Manager,
    Northern Railway,
    New Delhi.
    Respected Sir,

    Due to inefficient service of T.T.E. on Friday 25 March 2009 the complaint registered but no action or reply has been received from the authorities for the callous attitude and inefficent service.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Security Issue in railway

    Dear Sir

    recently My brother was traveling to Guwahati.*PNR No is 6227017788* ( AC
    III-Tier) and *some miscreant had looted him and thrown out of the running
    train* somewhere near Faizbad when he(my Brother) visited toiled, they are
    three people standing at the door snatched money from the pocket and during
    tussle to snatch the golden ring they have thrown him out.. if TTE and
    attender has taken due care this type of incidence might not have occurred.

    This has raised following question

    1) *Where was the attender and TTE at the time of Incidence*.

    2) *Why the unauthorise passengers are travelling in AC-III tier Coach*

    3) *Why no body from GRP was there*

    4) *Why the Door was not locked when train has left the station*

    *and a big question* was TTE is aware of any such Incidence( he might be not
    aware of any such instance as he is busy in minting money)

    5) *what GRP has done after the complain* (they have not bothered even to
    collect the belongings inspite of this they are busy in persuading my father
    to take back the complain and write that the it was an accident and the boy
    was fell from the train, otherwise they will not allow the boy to go back to
    home for proper medical attention until the procedure is completed)

    by the god grace my brother is safe however he has suffered
    multiple injuries.. But this may have caused huge loss to our family..

    *request you to please register our complain and take appropriate action on


    Amit Shukla

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    M.SrivasaPerumal Guest

    Angry Against TTR

    Dear Sir,

    This is srinivasaperumal. I am working as software engineer. I Travel on 04oct2009 from I booked ticket through internet. Before get into bording i lost my bag, inside the i have my ticket. Immediately i went help desk and i got letter from that person about my ticket information. I show that ticket to the TTR he didn't allow to travel. I have travel with my mother,wife and two childrens. One of the children age is 4 and another childeren age is 3. He didn't accept his obligation. After that i get down in madurai station and i get open ticket on madurai. After that i travel on unreserved coach with the two kids. I think he sold my ticket to somebody else. Why can't TTR collect the fine, for not having the ticket to allow them to travel. Let me know southern railway action status.

    This is my ticket details:
    PNR No: 431-0581116
    Status at :Monday, October 05, 2009 10:22 PM
    Train 2690 , NCJ CHENNAI EXP on 4-10-2009 for class- SL
    Boarding At Tirunelveli(TEN ) Arrival 20:50 Departure 20:55
    Destination Erode Jn(ED ) Arrival 05:45 Departure 05:55

    S.No. Booking Status Current Status
    PASSENGER 1 W/L 93 ,GNWL RS1 63
    PASSENGER 2 W/L 94 ,GNWL RS1 71
    PASSENGER 3 W/L 95 ,GNWL RS1 71

    Southern railway department has to take action against the TTR.


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