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Thread: Complaint against ICICI Lombard

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    Ankush Arora Guest

    Default Complaint against ICICI Lombard

    Respected Sir,

    I would to inform regarding the kind of cheating and misleading ICICI is
    doing with its costumers. I have my two wheeler insured with ICICI lombard,
    a few weeks back a theft occured with my bike in which both my wheels were
    stolen along with the tyres and tube and brakes...I registered for the motor
    claim and a survey was conducted by the company and they said they will pay
    50% for the tyres and tubes and 70% for the remaining parts but after 2 days
    of survey i received a letter from the company that they are not liable to
    claim as partial theft is not covered in the policy which is completely
    false as my policy clearly states that THE PRODUCT PROTECTS MY MOTOR VEHICLE
    touch with the company since that day but they are unwilling to support and
    are misleading me every time I speak to them so now I have decided to sue
    them for which I seek your support.

    Seeking your help,

    Ankush Arora
    Sector-17E/609 Vasundhara Ghaziabad

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default ICICI lombards

    Dear friends,

    if you are having ICIC health insurences, be carefully for monthly EMI and renew the insurences.
    these people are chesting us. i have renewed my familly health insurences in june 2009. but prious health insurences was expire on july 2009. but these people has given two EMI in June and july 2009 month for new and old insurences.
    If we are renewing something, it should start after completing old EMI, but these ICIC people are cheating and not giving answer by phone or emails.
    i was calling and emailling june 2009 onwards, but nobody has slowed my problems.

    with regards
    Bhagwat Alapure

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    Parul Guest

    Default ICICI lombard health insurance- simply eating our money

    I'm holding policy for ICICI lombard health insurance.

    I've opted for this policy 1.5 years ago, but since in last 1.5 years i have never claimed any medical bils or facilities. Therefore i wanted to discontinue the policy as i felt its wasting money.
    But after talking to customer care i came to know that even after i discontinue the policy i have pay premium amount for next six months since valid date is upto 25th-Jun-10.
    My complaint is :1) if a person is not claiming any medical facilities then either his premium amount should be refunded on expiry date of policy
    2) or if person wants to discontinue at least that time he should not be asked to pay premium amount till validity date.

    Therefore i request you to please change your policy rules as customers are getting screwed up with all this. At least please consider the case who have never claimed for any medical facilities.

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    Satbir Sharma Guest

    Angry Complaint against ICICI lombard Insurance company - - Fruad company

    Dear Friends,

    Hi Sir,

    I am registered owner of a commercial car, make Indica DLS Model and same was purchased from Triumph Auto Pvt. Ltd. (main mathura road, Faridabad, HR) on Dt. 04-Nov-2009 (before 2˝ months from date of accident). And same was got insured from ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd as a cash less policy through the Triumph Auto Pvt. Ltd (Faridabad). And my car incidentally met with an accident on Dt. 19-Jan-2010 due to collided by container and resultly front portion of my car was totally damaged. Thereafter, I took my in the Triumph Auto showroom with the help of carne, because my car was not running condition. And my car got repaired after the car survey by the surveyor of the insurance company.
    And at the time of delivery of my car, Triumph Auto Pvt. Ltd. is saying that you have to pay approx 63,000 Rupees because your car engine was seized whenever my car engine was seized due to accident. Because my car front portion had been totally destroyed and resultly total engine parts had spoiled i.e. my car engine was seized, for that I am not responsible intentionally or personally. ICICIlombard have not give me the claim of my car.

    So I request every one, please U will not use any policy of ICICI company. beacuse this is a very big fraud company.
    And I have complaint in consumer coart abgaint the ICICI lombrd.

    Satbir Sharma

    Faridabad (HR)

    CAR Model: INDICA DLS (Diesel)
    Showroom: Truimph Auto
    CAR No: HR38QT0104
    Date of Purchase: 04-Nov-2009
    Date of Accident: 19-Jan 2010

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    sanjay pandey Guest

    Unhappy Complaint against ICICI Lombard

    Purchase flat on year of 2006 and taken ICICI Lombard home insurance on 2007, suddenly crack has appeared on wall so raised complain no. 60210207 on dtd. 06/02/10 finally day before yesterday received repudiated letter, when I have talk with local icicilombard office they told me crack happened due to manufacture defects so, your claim repudiated, in my line of thinking if it was due to manufacturing defect then how does it takes four years to appear crack. Now they are cheat customer, requesting please take this issue to settle my claim.

    sanjay pandey

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default 8 calls from icici lombard..they are killing me to renew the policy

    I am fedup with the f*** attitude of ICICI lombard people. I told them I do not want to continue my medical policy. These bas***** started calling continously. Can anybody tell me where to complain against these people

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Worst service by ICICI Lombard - Shyam


    My relative KR Kiran works for WIPRO, Bangalore.

    Yesterday evening he fell down when he was running and there was fracture and dislocation in his right thigh.

    We got him admitted in Appollo hospital, Near IIM, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore at around 10 PM.

    Doctors and hospital staff were very helpful and they took all care of Kiran and after taking X-rays, etc., they told us that he has to undergo a Surgery immediately.

    We provided the Insurance details --- 4016/0000890 from WIPRO.

    Its almost 15 hours now, till now ICICI Lombard didnt turn up on this issue.

    What is the use of paying premiums for insurance when this ICICI Lombard like companies are not providing proper service to the Insured when he is in critical condition?

    A strict action needs to be taken against ICICI Lombard in this regard and this should be an eye opener to all other Health Insurance companies.

    Reguest your kind self to take action against ICICI Lombard and see that the Surgery is done immediately.

    Shyam Sunder

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Very urgent

    Dear ICICI Lombard,

    Name: Abhinav Kaushik
    AL No.: 110100133711-1

    I was been admitted in hospital Pushpawati Singhania Hospital on 10/03/2011 and discharge on 12/03/2011 there was an pre approval given of Rs: 20000 on Saturday, now when I was discharge there was no one in the hospital to send you the discharge summary because their TPA is not available on Saturday after 5 PM and on Sunday it off, that’s the reason the discharge summary was sent to ICICI today Monday and today at 15:25 PM, I received a call from +914030464239, from ICICI saying that your company received the discharge summary and the approval of Rs: 20000 been done and rest amount around Rs: 7000 can be reimburse then I clearly asked the person should I go to the hospital to take my security amount which was been deposited from my side he said yes, then when I visited to the hospital they said the request was been denied Reason: Patient discharge on Saturday.
    Now the Issues are: Is it the patient fault if the hospital TPA is not available on Saturdays and Sunday and if the doctor is saying the patient is ok and ready for discharge so should the patient force the doctor to not discharge because the TPA is not available on Saturday and Sunday.

    Kindly approve the final bill sent by the hospital, still all the original reports are with the Hospital (Why should the patient suffer because of the miscommunications of the Hospital and ICICI Lombard).

    Waiting to hear from you as earliest.

    Abhinav Kaushik

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Complain agaist tellicaller

    Respected Sir,

    In the 2nd week of March 2011 one tellicaller his named said RAJU called from Parkstreet Apeejay Branch to my uncle for approaching a Health Insurance Policy of ICICI Lombard.
    My uncle was interested for his approached policy and request him to call later.

    But no phone has come from company end . My uncle personally investigate his approached policy , but no such type of policy is exists in ICICI Lombard.
    Then my uncle go to another INSURANCE company and take his required policy.

    It is my request, please don't belive such type of tellicaller's call those who will provide false information. Take this matter seriously.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default icici lombard health insurance has cheated me (policy no.4113i/XOL/05997792/00/000)

    Dear Sir,

    On 21-apr-2011, i got a call from icici lombard and was offered a new top up plan. I agreed and they immediately debited Rs.8383/- from my credit card. However, on the same day in the evening, I made a written request to them asking for cancellation of this plan.

    Despite of my repeated cancellation requests, they generated a policy on 25-apr-11 and sent to my address.

    I again made several calls and mails regarding cancellation of this policy.
    Finally they agreed and cancelled it but deducted Rs. 2515 as cancellation charges .

    Despite of my several requests to refund my full money,they are not listening.

    Please help me.
    Praveen Gupta
    Email : pravg@rediffmail.com
    policy : 4113i/XOL/05997792/00/000

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    Dear All

    ICICI Lombard, ICICI Bank and ICICI Prudential, Loans, Credit card they all are fraud, i request you to dismiss all kinds of professional relations with ICICI group. They always use unfair pracitices and give harrasment to their customers
    I personally have not good experience with ICICI bank and ICICI Lombard. I don't want to discuss each and every case here but it is in public interest to avoid and byepass ICICI group. RBI should also ban this bank.


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    Default Sub: ICICI Lombard health insurance has cheated me (Policy no.4034i/ FFH/ W-4007890/00/000)

    Dear Sir,
    On 13-apr-2011, I got a call from ICICI Lombard and was offered online family health plan. I agreed to take a family floater health policy and ready to make online payment through my ICICI Credit card in installment with 0% interest. We are two adults with one kid. I authorize to them for premium of Rs. 11833/- and same was debited to my credit card. After 5 to 7 days I got my policy with receipt (Policy No. 4034i/FFH/W - 4007890/00/000). But there was a mistake in policy document. In documents, there was gender mistake in my Son's column. I object this on customer care no. and clarify it. Again they send me endorsement, now policy no. was 4034i/FFH/W-4007890/00/001. All was very fine, my feeling at that time were “we are secure".
    After one year when I want to renew it on line on 8th April 2012, it was not reflecting. I contact to customer care for renewal but they said that due to some problem you have to go at branch office. I gone to branch office but wasted my time. They replied that your policy was cancelled, may be your check was bounced or may be other reasons, you contact to customer care because you have taken it online. At that time I come to know that I was cheated. They take my money, they send policy papers, but actually they cancelled my policy on same date after taken money. I again made several calls and emails regarding my policy either new for next year or refund. Despite of my several requests,they are not listening. Please help me.
    Satish Kumar
    S – 2, 11/25, Sector – 3, Rajender Nagar,
    Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. (Uttar Pradesh)
    Pin: 201005
    Email: satishkumarparashar@gmail.com
    Policy: 4034i/FFH/W - 4007890/00/000

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Fraud: ICICI Lombard

    There are some serious cases against how ICICI approves the insurance claims for medical.

    I was diagnosed with GERD disease and underwent a procedure in Mumbai.
    My Claim number: 220 200 547149 was rejected because they think it is only investigative!!!

    How mean is that? These companies only want to mint money out of health insurance.

    No proper hearing when you call their call center - such a shame!


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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down ICICI Lombard is a company of bastards

    Hi All,

    I am not aware of any other health insurance company but please avoid this bastard company ICICI Lombard as they have many loopholes to cheat the customers and defraud them of their hard earned money.

    Whenever they call give them a piece of your mind with choicest abuses and if possible hit them physically .

    Even if you tell them that you are gping to switch over to a new company,they just say OK.

    I am now even having doubts about my money kept in ICICI Bank and feeling like shifting my money from ICICI bank even.

    A cheated customer of B A S T A R D ICICI Lombard

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Fraud done by ICICI Lombard in health policy


    I had taken a health policy in 2007 for 5 years, in which after completion of 5 yrs, I supposed to get 15000 rupees as informed while taking the policy. After 5 yrs when I had checked about the amount claim, ICICI Lombard is saying that there was no such communication done. I had asked about the call records of the policy discussion had between me & the service executive. they have provided single call record which is insufficient in details of call records.
    Please suggest.



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