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Thread: axis bank customer care

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    Default axis bank customer care

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    Dear Consumer Court,

    I'm salary account (168010100300223) holder with Anna
    Salai axis bank Chennai. My 10000/- fund has been transferred from my
    account to some other axis bank customer (D. Balasubhramanyam) or Axis
    Bank employee account, I don't know who is he? This transaction is
    transferred from my account on 02.01.09. I'm afraid from Axis bank. I've
    raised a complain with Axis bank Anna Salai Chennai (Miss. Anita), Axis
    Bank Dehradun (Uttranchal), Axis Bank Roorkee(Uttranchal)and filluped a
    fund reverse form and submitted to Anna Salai Chennai and Dehradun

    Bank promised with me your fund will be reverse in 30-45
    days but 60 days has passed, Account status is nothing. I've called many
    times to Anna Salai Chennai Branch on 044-64501633. But result is

    Bank is not giving positive response. So now last time
    I'm requested to u please do something.

    NOTE: Hacker D. Balasubhramanyam had transferred the fund from my
    account but I had sealed his account with the help of axis bank and
    confirmed He didn't withdrawal the money. My 10000/- is in his account

    I'm waiting for your positive response

    Thanks & Regards


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default viod sale amount refund

    Daer Sir,

    This is infome you taht I am A/c holder in your bank, my A/c no.015010100223058 in the name of Rishinath Thakur. My void sale amount rs.5290/- dated 05/10/2009.
    I have given application also dated 9/10/2009, still amount is not transfer in my a/c
    Kindly take this complain as soon as possible.

    Thanking You,

    With best regards,
    Rishi Nath Thakur
    Mobile no. 09810784008
    Email. rishinath1973@yahoo.com

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    Jul 2009


    Dear Mr. Thakur,

    We will appreciate, if you post your complaint in a detailed manner.

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    sangbidghosh Guest


    i have opened a new sb a/c no 909010040310962 SBEZY to baruipur banach w.b. but my phone no inprinted inthe welcome kit is wrong . so i am requesting to rectify the above mentioned as early as possible and confirm

    the correct no is 9830778562

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Compalin regarding the fund transferr

    Dear Sir / Madam
    I am a customer of AXIS Bank and my account no. is 017010100142700 and I am a customer of AXIS Bank Kankurgachi Branch.
    I had tried to withdrawn Rs. 1500/- from Central Bank of India ATM at Lake Town at 5th November 2009 at 3:14:15 Pm. But surprisingly I have got only Rs. 1100/- (note was not properly folded also) and I have checked then and then I have checked my balance from nearest AXIS Bank ATM and I was quite surprised that Rs. 1500/- has been deducted from My account.
    On the same day I have submitted one written application to the AXIS Bank Lake Town Branch Customer Care Department and that lady was assured me that she will transfer this application to AXIS Kankurgachi Branch.
    After that there was no response from any branch.
    Then I have called to AXIS Bank Kankurgachi Branch and had a talk with Ms. Debolina and she said that neither she nor her any colligue has received any sort of application regarding this.
    With Best Regards
    Ashish Kr. Mukherjee

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Pay card cmplain



    Paycard No : 315010100218207
    Bank Name : Axis
    Issuing Date : 20/10/2009

    CONTACT ME 9503257706 OR raut_dayanand@yahoo.in

    thank you & regard

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry wrong information by cashier on balance of SB account

    dear sir,

    Account No - 135010100107990
    Place - Baramati, Pune Dist
    Date of incident - 07/12/09
    Type of account - SB (with zero balance facility)

    I had sent two cheques to my friends, one for suresh enterprises (Rs.7900/-) and other to Mr. Ashish David for an amount of Rs.11000/-

    Accordingly I had to cheque my balance in my account. The ATM, next to the bank was not operating due to some technical problem. Hence i enquired with the cashier (lady) on my balance. She gave me a figure of Rs.15000/-

    According to the cheques issued by me, the balance I should maintain is Rs.17000/-, which I did by depositing Rs.2000/- on the same day (07/12/09)

    The cheque issued to Suresh enterprises was accepted, but the cheque for Mr.Ashis David (Rs.11000/-) got bounced. this costed me Rs.387/- as cheque bouncing charges.

    who is responsible for this? why should not the lady give me correct amount of balance when enquired. Had she given me the correct balance, I would have deposited suffecient fund in my account.

    somebody please take responsibility and revert back my cheque dishonouring charges of Rs.387/-


    Shrinivas Naidu

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    Guest Guest

    Post May be Phishing!

    Please confirm whether this is a phishing case, where you had unknowingly shared your net banking ID and password with some body or responding to some e-mail claims to be from bank.

    For details search "Phishing Scams in India" in google.

    If it is so, the fault is in your side as you had shared your ID and password which can be used for transaction.

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    Ashley Meyn Guest

    Default Amount not refunded

    Dear Sir,

    I am an AXIS bank savings account holder (Ac No 061010100063568). I had booked a ticket through the net from hyderabad to ernakulam on 20th on tatkal Quota for 22nd dec which got automatically cancelled as the ticket didnot get confirmed. On enquiry with the customer care I was told that the amount will be refunded wihtin 4days. 6days have passed but the amount has not yet been refunded. I request you to please look into this matter and see that I get the refund as soon as possible. The details of the ticket is given below.

    Transaction ID: 0169080327
    PNR NO: 1144432340
    dtd : 22.12.09
    Train No :766 Hyderabad Kollam Special
    Amt: Rs 516.00

    Ashley Meyn
    Email: ashley_meyn@live.com
    Mob: 09020471680

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    168030479 Guest

    Default Request for transaction activation and forgot password

    Dear Sir,

    I'm salary account (168010100259958) holder with Anna
    Salai axis bank Chennai. I need to activate my transaction and i forgot my transaction password. Please help me to get the above two request. Presently i am in Jameshdpur, So i coucan't able come directly.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Need a new transaction password

    Dear Sir,

    I'm salary account (909010038688954) holder with T.nagar axis bank Chennai. I need to activate my internet transaction and i forgot my transaction password. Please help me to get the new password.Customer care people ae not responding properly..


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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry fishing attack in my salary account

    I am tapan dutta I have a salary account bearing number048010100492119 in nagpur civil line branch on 9/07/2009 &10/07/2009some one have taken out my amount Of Rs-49,900 & 30,500/- through net banking,ther after on 13/07/2009 I went to same branch & informed to one lady seating in receiption counter,then she told me that Mr. parmal chandel have taken out from our shambal pur bransh & assured me that you will get back the same but it will take some time for that I have give in writing which was given along with few forms duly filled & signed by me, on her assurance I waithed for six month,in between I use to enquired over phone in every time they use to note down my contact number stating that they will come back to me but never came back when I contacted operation head then I came to know that that lady have not loged my complain & till now I haven't got any reply from them,please advise me at this stage what to do.

    thanks Tapan DUtta

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    Mamta Kshatriya Guest

    Default Charges deducted without intimation

    Dear Sir,

    I Miss Mamta A Kshatriya am holding an account (Customer ID 032062450) having account no: 032010100468084 with Axis bank from last 5 years.

    This account was opened as a salary account.

    I wasn't informed neither by the company nor by the bank that the
    account will get converted to normal saving accounts once I leave the company.

    The salary got deposited regularly in the account from the date of its opening till June'06.

    From June'06 onwards this account was not used by me till June'08
    (Almost 2 years)
    No intimation in this duration was received by me for the conversion of the account to Normal Saving accounts.

    The account got activated i.e I started using it from June'08 onwards and got a letter from the bank stating "Thanks for using the account".
    Herein again there was no intimation for maintaining the minimum balance in the account.

    Please refer the statement from July'08 to Sep'08 (when the account was in use). No information is stated on the account for minimum balance or its conversion.

    By April'09, I used the account and then left an amount of Rs.1230 in the balance.

    In the next statement received after this (Refer Statement from April'09 to June'09) the bank deducted an amount of Rs.750 without any intimation or reminders for maintaining of the balance.

    As I have relocated myself to the Mumbai, I could not go the branch
    office and give application for the same. However, I visited the
    Vastrapur Branch and spoke to the manager in regards of this incidence in August.

    She not only refused me for refund of any such amount but also deducted the amount for the next quarter.

    I am positive in holding the account with the bank and maintaining the minimum balance, only if the bank refunds by Rs.1500 deducted
    unnecessarily without any notifications.

    Kindly do the needful prior to the end of this quarter or else I will
    like to close the account Presently I am working with FLSmidth Private Limited, Mumbai as Principal Engineer.

    My contact details are specified below.

    Kindly inform me when I will get the refund.

    I will deposit the rest of the amount required for minimum balance only on receiving the refund or else I am not interested in holding the account active.

    Please inform me to the earliest possible,

    Thanks & Regards,

    Mamta Kshatriya

    Principal Engineer - Design

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint again Axix Bank Credit card

    I wish to make a compalint against Axis Bank Credit card. My amount due is 46000 and the principal amount is 22,000/-./ I got a call from the following no : 022-64571321 person who called was Mohammad. i told him that I am willing to settle te card in Rs. 5000/- as I am out of job and can pay this much only.

    Instead of understanding my problem he started absuing me and said I am lying that I am not working.

    I wish strict acation to be taken againt this person.

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    chanchal kumar kushwaha Guest

    Post not open salary account in axis bank

    I went your axis bank in varanasi tulsicomplax branch. but not open my salary account .I am submit your all formalty but not respons . I went 4 time but not open my account.

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