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Thread: Motorola customer care

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    love malik Guest

    Default Motorola customer care

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    Does buying a Rs.1800 mobile phone (w181) mean that i do not have the
    right to own a quality product.
    I am totally aghast looking at the quality of product of one of the
    pioneers of telecommunications- MOTOROLA.
    I am even more shocked by the way I was treated at the store where I
    purchased the product (THE MOBILE STORE, Trivandrum) and the so called
    Authorized service centre (REDINGTON INDIA LIMITED,Vazhuthakaud,
    Date of Purchase of Mobile – 20-11-2008.
    Product : Motorola W181
    Imie NO: 359223014437789
    Nature of problem: Failure of headset recognition by the handset.
    Date of Onset of problem: 2-12-2008
    Visit to store of purchase: 4-12-2008
    Visit to service cente: 6-12-2008 (working hours 10.30am- 6PM)

    The marketing by the retail outlet chain –THE MOBILE STORE totally
    denies any connection with regards to the quality of the goods it
    sells just 10 days agp and that the product will only be serviced but
    not replaced.
    With great difficulty i reached the authorized service center. I
    really felt duped when the engineer at the AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTRE
    (REDINGTON INDIA at Trivandrum, initially informed me that the headset
    was a duplicate one and later say that no it was a mistake on their
    part to identify it wrongly. How can qualified serve engineers do this??
    After a long argument with the service centre engineer and manager, i
    reluctantly left the phone for them to evaluate the problem. After 2
    days i called up and the officials told me that there was a Level2
    problem and it has to be taken to a higher center and that the Handset
    will be replaced on 11-12-2008. But When i reached there to collect
    my handset as I didn't have sufficient time to let the service center
    send it to a higher center (takes a minimum of 10days – 2 months),
    they handed over a USED HANDSET (IMIE: 359223013456673) which had come
    for servicing for a similar complaint. The manager told me that they
    are authorized to replace a Handset with a new one only within 7 days
    within the date of purchase if found defective (but he could not show
    any printed document stating so) and the maximum they could do was to
    replace the RF BOARD that too as a special case.
    With utter dissatisfaction as i was returning home with the
    REFURBISHED HANDSET they had given me, the video display totally
    disappeared. I returned to the service centre gasping to report what
    has happened and they appeared not even surprised that their
    refurbished product has stopped functioning within the next hour of
    I requested them to surrender my original defective handset and close
    the jobsheet as i felt that the SERVICE CENTER is no way competent to
    handle even such a simple case.

    I do not know where the mistake lies- whether i have gone in for a
    poor quality product (MOTOROLA) or ran into a bunch of cheats who sell
    defective products (THE MOBILE STORE, TRIVANDRUM) or so called
    Authorized but Incompetent Service centres (REDINGTON INDIA LIMITED,
    I hope that this meek voice of mine is heard atleast by somebody who
    thinks this is an important issue. This is the state of affairs for a
    person who holds a POST DOCTORAL QUALIFICATION, imagine the plight of
    the common man... it is SHAMEFUL..

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default careless motorola authorised service center

    Yesterday I gave my V3M mobile for service to ABHINAV TECHNOLOGY,66,chinubhai tower,ashram road,Ahmedabad,Gujarat.Technician applied the software & forgot to note down parameters to activate the mobile.Now I am told it will take at least 3 days to get SOME PARAMETERS from our company to activate the number.
    So, Now
    1.I am without mobile
    2.Rent for mobile is going on
    3. I am losing lot of business by losing my connectivity
    Service charges of Rs 280 were collected upfront.
    This is the third time I have such bitter experience with various Motorola Authorised Service Centers in Ahmedabad,Gujarat.

    Parimal S Shah
    Mobile No: 9377787700

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    Jul 2009


    Dear Sir,

    Kindly provide us the details regarding your handset like the cost of the handset, its date of purchase, its IMEI number, name and address of the Dealer, as soon as possible.

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    ravi72485 Guest

    Angry lose service in allahabad

    i have given my v3i cos it was ded
    but still in grace period ............. the service providers are taking lot of time to fix it .......
    i have submited it at 26.08.2009
    but still ,got no valid responce 4 that

    msn no..E70AHY26TT
    IMI NO..355055011172231
    CONTROLE NO.. 401000

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default careless motorola authorised service center

    I gave my Motorola E8 mobile for service to Redington (India) Limited. E-48/4,Fisrt floor, Okhla Indl Area, Phase- II, New Delhi- 110020. I went there 2-3 times and they are not giving me the handset and when i told them that i am going to complaint to consumer court and there answer was go wherever you want to go, This is their behaviour and how they are talking to me.
    Imei No. : 359612010121062
    MSN No. : F58AJL23M7
    I have purchased the handset on 9/August/2009.
    The complaint is placed on 5/Sep/2009.
    So, Now
    1.I am without mobile
    3. I am losing lot of business by losing my connectivity

    Please help me and do the needful

    Mahipal Singh
    Mobile No: 41631813/42567173
    Email Id: mahipal.singh28989@gmail.com

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    sivasankaranarayanan Guest

    Default battery charging

    in my motorola cell phone battery charging is lowering in half day inspite of charge complete mode

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default motorola w388 lost sir

    respected sir,
    we bought motorola w388 on 13 sep 2008.unfortunately
    we last our handset in bus stand .hence we request u to make my
    hand set us dumy on please orelse if u help me tro find that one.
    At first i used one sim but at the time of lost the phone i have my
    last phone number us

    my lost motorola number 9677958875
    IMEI NO 352498 - 02- 555656 -4
    place of purchase ; universal,chidambaram
    user name ;A.SUDHARSAN.

    we would be thakful to u.expecting ur favourable reply to my id asokan_sudharsan@yahoomail.com.orelse my present contact number

    urs truely,

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    shamjeer Guest

    Cool motorola

    i want service center in keara near malappuram for change my disply

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default motorola w181

    This mobile is not good.
    Messaginfg facility also not good.
    Batterry charge also not good.
    It will be only 10 hours.
    If u speak continuously it will be swithced off.

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    Mohit Singh Guest

    Angry Suffering through your e6 mobile rokar

    please send me the authorised motorola service centre near east delhi.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default enquiry about imei number

    dear sir/madam,
    i have a motorola set bearing I M E I no. is 357335/01/028540/0. the sim not working in this set.

    pleae cheak the IMEI number is registered or not with you.?

    with best regards

    sandeep baid



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    laxman singh Guest

    Unhappy betrry not working proper

    Dear sir,
    i have buy a motorola mobile on 14-1-2010,and my mobile phone bettry not working proper.so please replace it soon. my contact no. is

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    npzenterprise Guest

    Default Mr

    Quote Originally Posted by laxman singh View Post
    Dear sir,
    i have buy a motorola mobile on 14-1-2010,and my mobile phone bettry not working proper.so please replace it soon. my contact no. is
    I want to servicing of my motofone f3
    2 phones .How it possible ?The phone is best that I ever used in simple category,it sound quality in handsfree mode much better than by Imate windows mobile

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Lost of my mobile manufactured by motorala in chennai


    I lost my mobile in chennai last week and following are the details:

    a.model : MotorolaL9 GSM 850/900/1800/1900EDGE

    b.DJ: M20071125F-1285

    c. FLEX OPT : HG00832

    d.Model No: HG117300832A

    c. MSN: E16AHX29XN

    d. IMEI: 356900-01-091784-8

    I am unable to find it.

    Kindly deactivate the above set with given details above since I am the owner of this cell.

    please give me a mail to the below mentioned address:

    Email : perianambi@yahoo.com



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    Unregistered Guest

    Smile Net Problem In Motorola c261

    Dear sir,
    My Self Jitendra Soni from Kota ( Raj.) , My Mobile No. is +91-9602142031.I use Motorola c261 Mobile Phone .
    When I open the site orkut / gmail to sign in then a massege display on my mobile screen " YOUR BROWER'S COOKIES FUNCTINALITY IS TURN OFF , PLEASE IT TURN ON" .

    So please sir solve my problem early.
    thank you sir.
    my id is....... sonij48@yahoo.in

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