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Thread: Blue Dart courier poor service

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Blue Dart courier poor service


    Kindly help me, I am not finding any solution and any alternative of my problem.

    I am having a credit card of SBI bank from almost 2.6 years. As they always send some routine promotional offers with the monthly statement SBI bank offered some promotional products under some discounted price with 0% emi option or the redemption of points with their collaboration with "Deals for all".
    I found a deal very interesting, I ordered an Aqua Dual SIM Mobile Phone, which was dispatched on Dec 26th after two months of ordered placed.

    On Dec 31st I called the customer care of SBI bank, they told me to contact to Deals for all, and when I contacted Deals for all and them about the delivery of the phone, but I was shocked after they told me that the phone is already delivered to me on Dec 27th to my given address and it was received by some one Vishal...

    I told them that I donít know any vishal at all, and asked them for the investigation and requeste them to provide me the courier person name, company and the address;

    Company Name ; Blue Dart
    Consignment No:442*****************
    Dispatch date: Dec 27th around 12:30 Pm
    Receiver Name: Vishal

    Then I called the Blue dart customer care and spoke to their executive, after giving him all the detals then he said me that they will check the status and arrange a callback.


    I got shocked by their statement and told them that, no I donít want the packet with open condition because if any problem occurs in future with the product then I can not demand for any replacement or any repair, I told them to return the packet to company and mention the cause of return on the packet because this mistake is from their end and it can not be denied as I am having the third party phone no and have the full proof what you did. And on the same day I informed call to the customer care of the company and told them all the things done by the courier company.
    And after 2 days on Janruary 2nd I called on the Blue dart customer care and asked them the status, but the customer care people donít have any information regarding this or they donít want to tell me, he said he we will arrange the callback from his manager. Again I received a callback from the blue dart people and said we will deliver the product to the company because you are not accepting the product and it is also updated in the blue dart web site.

    Then I again contacted to deal 4 all for the status of my complaint.
    I received a call form the company that we will again dispatched your product through blue dart.

    But why should I received the used product, even the fault is from the courier company side? Please advise me.

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    Unregistered Guest


    respected sir/madam,
    i m the resident of pimpri . my name s sunil mohandasani.i had lost my driving license. i want 2 renew again. so i want help from you.can u mail me my driving license no .It is in the name of sunil mohandasani.pls co-operate with me . as it is very important this no is very important for me.
    thnx.my mobile no 9890012225.

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    Default Harrassment / non-delivering of my couriers

    I purchased Dell Laptop in the month of September, 2009. The laptop was delivered late by Blue Dart, Chandigarh Branch after following with them minimum 20 times a day. Their Chandigarh Branch was informing their Head Office that it was raining in Chandigarh on the date of delivery, whereas there was no rains. I complained against them to their customer Service Centre and sent email also. Instead of improving their service, now they have started to return my important couriers with reason "No Service Area". The laptop was delivered in the same area, but now that Area comes under their "No Service Area" In this company, no action is taken against their erring personnel. Instead they protect them and harass the consignees. Is there anyone to ask Blue Dart whether Panchkula (adjoing Chandigarh) does not come under their Service Area ? All my Credit Cards, gift items on redemption of reward points are returned by Blue Dart.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy blue dart courier


    I have requested on blue dart courier customer care No. to collect a parcel from my Kanhaiya Nagar, Delhi 110035 address on date 12/01/2010 appx time 13.00 the same was to be sent to BANGLURU (KTK) and got the registration No. 444 and my charges for the booking were appx 1650/- I was told that the parcel will be collected from my address upto 18.00 pm but the courier company did not sent any person upto 20.30 pm , as the parcel was very urgent I call them many time but no person was there to collect the parcel.

    At last I visited the Shivaji Road booking office at 20.40 pm and I saw there the worst response. The concerned person was not ready to talk with me and he put me waiting upto 40 to 45 minutes. after many many request to the available officer there I get the booking slip. I was told to give them Rs. 700/- extra charge due to late booking (total amount demanded Rs. 2400/-). while my telephone booking was confirmed on 1650/- appx. after many requests the collected from us Rs. 1667/-. they did not assure us about the delivery on next day.


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    M G Shahnawaz Guest

    Red face poor and dis couteous service by Blue Dart

    I was despateched a credit card from Citi Bank by Blue Dart, but this is the worst experience bcoz of the following:

    1) the delivery person visited my home on 14th Jan, 2010 and ask for the verification detail from my wife, as I was at my office, she didnt had at that point, it was not smsd or informed me in advance, so all the so called Verification documents were in my office. These people should atleat be trained to be a bit more polite especially with ladies (more so when the lady is in the advanced satge of pregnancy)

    2) I called on 011-6611234 on 15th Jan, 2010 around 8.30 about the consignment, I was informed that the offices are clsoed so I better call up in the morning.

    3) Again I called on the same number on 16th Jan, around 9.30 in the morning, I was told by the executive that pls give ur mobile number so that I can be informed about the timing of the delevery of the consignmet, I didnt get any call/sms in this regard, instead I got a msg around 9 in the evening that "we tried to deliver a shipment.....please contact us".

    4) I dont know what this mean? PLs advice me the great great Courier company how to contact you?

    with utter frustartion,

    M G Shahnawaz
    Shipment No: 4288201924

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    Naga Guest

    Angry No Professionalism in Malapert, Hyderabad Blue Dart staff.

    I am not happy and acceptable with these 3 un- Professional BLUE DART COURIER office staff, they are VERY VERY POOR Professionals, infect I can say they are not Professionals, the way they were treating the customer and discussing is not acceptable, the language and body language which they were using is not acceptable and they upset me very baldy with their Behavioral talk. The staff who discussed with me are Mr. Vijay Kumar, Mr. Kiran Kumar and Mr. Nagaraj, (Blue Dart office at Malapert (Hyderabad) staff),
    Shipment No. 42588365234.

    Request you to take care of Professionalism, please teach them Professionalism and ask them to treat customer in right way.

    Thanks & Regards

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    TIHOTS Guest

    Default Blue Dart Courier Poor Service

    Blue dart
    Materials sent through Blue Dart is not safe . We received material against C/N 50097303723 without the original seal pack, material is not sealed.
    We are unhappy not only with the service , but also with the attitude of your people in Kolkata office.

    They are divulging financial transaction details to un-authorized personnel which is totally unacceptable by us.

    Devashis Bhowmick ( 09831003738)
    for, TIHOTS, Kolkata

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    Hariprasad Guest

    Angry Delivered to Wrong Address

    Blue Dard Service :
    There was one parcell to be delivered. They had delivered to Wrong Address and this i came to know only when i called to customer care. More ever they say you have given wrong address.
    How come very surprise, is that they think people to give wrond address as they gone mad.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Okhal branch come wine bar

    Delhi me okh nam se bludart ki ak branch he wha par umedh singh nam ka bevda he agar koi shuch he to 11.00pm ke bad check kar skta he aur jo
    daru pilata he uske vauchar pass karta he yha andher nagri chopt raja wala hisab
    He blue dart ka shubh cintak

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    Balaji Navaneethasundaram Guest

    Angry Poorest Service by Blue Dart Courier

    I got a call from blue dart that my credit card would be delivered at my office address. Since I am in another building I will come there my head office where it will be delivered, to collect it. He fixed a time 5 PM for delivery. I was there at 5 PM and he didn't turn up. I was waiting in the reception. Then I called him at 5:18 he said he will be there in a few minutes. He then called me at 5:25 and said that he will be there in a few minutes. In the mean time I met someone with whom I was discussing some official things. I got a missed call at 5:27. I called him at 5:28 pm he said he had left. I told him that I am in the reception, he said he can't do anything he had left. I explained that in a minute he could not have left the building from the 10th floor where my office is located. I requested him to help me by handing over the item as i had been waiting for him for half hour. He said he cannot wait for people as he has lots of work. What an excellent service is blue dart providing, they cannot wait for 3 minutes for a customer. If they cannot do this how do they run courier service. Do want their customers to wait for them so that they can drop the parcel as they pass by ? The garbage collector who comes to my area provides an excellent service than Blue dart, He whistles and waits for us.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Complaint

    HI vaibhav gaur here,the courier was send to my home town gwalior from sharekhan,i agree that no body was there at time of delivery because i shifted to pune and my mom and dad was out of town to my sister's place but my brother was in the town but due to working hours he was not avaible,i requested your manager in gwalior to send this after 8pm he said i dnt work after 8pm,i am also in service sector being in the service sector client is more important than time,i will never ever suggest my entire family and friends to go ahead with blue dart your service is not up to the mark and the way you to talk lot of attitude.I am not at all satisfied with your swervice,if not replied will write again

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Hopeless Blue Dart-DHL !

    Blue Dart -DHL being a reputed MNC offers the worst grade of customer service.

    Imagine this..you are supposed to receive an important courier to an address that is located in the Heart of Bangalore...these so called professionals..never attempt to deliver this courier..& leave a message that "premises closed"...they do not even bother to call up the consignee to locate the address...we poor people have to keep praying that these people will deliver our goods...

    Small time local courier agencies are much better & more accountable...

    These Blue Dart people must be reigned & made accountable to its customers !

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    Default Blue Dart Poor Service

    I am mentioning few judgment this may help you in consumer forum.

    Consignment not delivered to right person -Deficiency in service - Compensation granted for mental agony and physical sufferings also.
    [ T.C.A. Srinivasan v. Professional Couriers,(2006) I CPJ 145 : 2006 (1) CPR 413 (TN)].

    Envelope with correct address not delivered - Deficiency in service -Compensation awarded - The envelop contained hall ticket for state service examination - Hence 5000/- Awarded as compensation - Defence of limited liability not accepted.
    [ The French Express v. Natarajan, (2006) I CPJ 529: 2006 (2) CPR 321 (TN)].

    - It is for courier service provider to prove and show as to whom letter delivered and in what manner the letter was delivered.
    [ Madhur Coourier Service v. Manoj Gupta & Co. Himachal, (2006) IV CPJ 29].

    - Loss of goods handed over to courier service center - The courier service center can not avoid liability on the ground that it sent the goods by railways and loss occurred due to negligence of Railways and so only Railways was liable - Mode of transport chosen by courier does not absolve it from its liability - Consignment handed over to O.P for delivery - Consignment not delivered - O.P. alleged consignment lost by Railways, hence, Railways is liable - Mode of transport is in discretion of O.P. - O.P. is liable to reimburse - Courier service directed to pay compensation and cost of goods.
    [ D.C.M. Data Product V. M/S. Direct Flight Courier & Anr., 1993 (III) CPJ 1414].

    - Consumer - parcel not delivered to consigner - It is deficiency in service - The consigner is also consumer - Complaint by consigner is maintainable.
    [ M/s. Shrishti Apparels Pvt. ltd. v. M/s. Blue dart Express Pvt Ltd.,].

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default PROFESSIONAL COURIER Tracking is fake and they steal the items

    Professional Couriers service is the worst service in INDIA.
    Do not book anything through professional Couriers.
    Professional Couriers is doing day robbery.
    Professional Couriers are thieves.
    Professional Couriers in India having black business.
    Professional Couriers maintaining smuggling business.
    Professional Couriers do smuggling by hiding.
    Do not ever book courier through Professional Couriers.
    UGLY courier service in INDIA. Professional Couriers.

    I sent parcel from Bangalore to Kolkata and Parcel was expensive gaming device.

    When the parcel do not reach even after 3 days I contacted Professional Couriers and they said it is on the way. But, their website PROFESSIONAL COURIERS TRACKING shows it reached Kolkata office. So, next day again I called and they said it has been missing.

    I asked what do you mean and what's the meaning, they said, it is lost in the transit and offered me Rs.300 and actual cost of the device is Rs.11,000. I did not take that money and complaint the same with Professional Courier Manager and everywhere. But, after few days they called me and said, the courier company should not take gaming device and we are sorry that our Bangalore head office took it.

    I said it was your mistake and I need the device or refund the value of the device, they just making rounds and not willing to return the money.

    Can you imaging Rs.300 or Rs.11,000 ???

    I was about to leave foreign country and tried 1 month to get back the money. They did not return it. In the mean time I come to know that it is just not my case. They are cheating many and many people. Most of the people unable to find because, if they steal something from big parcels sent people may not recognize and if some people recognize they offer the same silly amount. Saying something or the other. Most of the time they even did not bother to listen you.

    But, this is their company policy discussed in their meeting to get black money, they are stealing half of the goods or part of the goods or something if it is single parcel they are stealing that parcel.

    In this way they are making crores of Black Money. Professional Couriers is the open smuggling company in India.

    They had some devices with which they find what's in the parcel. If it is valuable goods they steal part of the items or if they did not find many goods on that particular day, they steal the whole goods. And simply say parcel is lost in the transit.

    If customer argue and warn them saying, they will lodge a case, they show the receipt and claims and even show you some papers saying valuable goods is not allowed and it was taken in mistake. So, most of the customers do not do anything and as taking legal action and making rounds of courts is time consuming process these illegal people from Professional Couriers are taking advantage of it.

    Simply the company should be banned from HINDUSTAN and their CEO and other responsible persons should be hanged in public. So, that others come to know about the punishment and do not cheat the people.

    PROFESSIONAL COURIERS is the Bad company
    PROFESSIONAL COURIERS is the Illegal company.
    PROFESSIONAL COURIERS steal the goods of customers.
    PROFESSIONAL COURIERS is the cheater courier service in INDIA.
    Professional Couriers managers and Managing director too involve and making illegal policies.

    We all should come together and take their illegal properties and distribute among all the people who has lost something because of Professional couriers and remaining amount should be distributed in poor people.

    Even if you are sending small brochure or any pamplets do not send through PROFESSIONAL COURIERS. Why because, if you know it might not be delivered of lost in transit, do you want to waste your time and money ?

    Even if you are millionaire you will not throw single rupee from your window, nobody throw money intentionally. Do you throw it ?

    Booking something through professional couriers is throwing money with your own hands.

    Please do inform all your friends, relatives, parents, colleagues, employer, employee, neighbors and everybody you know. NOT TO USE Professional Courier Service.

    They are open cheaters, they are smugglers.

    Please pass this message to each and everyone and make INDIA a safe country.

    Professional Couriers is having office in some of the other countries too. So, if you are booking overseas courier through any small courier office or agent, please inquire it, if that goes through PROFESSIONAL COURIERS do not send it.

    Confirm the same with courier agent, it is not professional couriers then only send the parcel.

    Let us fight and against criminals and cheaters. Please promote this words to each and everyone and all the website that seek feedback or complaints.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Its true

    i lost an Iphone 3GS 32 gb Rs.44,000..@@@@ers those people who took it .thy r willing to pay Rs. 400 the carrying charge.imagine

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