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Thread: Ogeneral air conditioner

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    Default Ogeneral air conditioner


    Through this posting of mine, I just wanted to make the consumers
    like you aware of the faulty products of O General in the market
    which is purchased with very high hopes however neither the product
    performs well nor the company takes any responsibilities for the same
    once it is sold.

    I have very high regards and confidence for O General and that was
    the main reason why I bought the product Inverter ASHA 12LCC for my
    mother who is suffering from 3 hi grade cancer.

    It had not been more than two months when one day I noticed that the
    condenser fins of the AC, which can also be said as "The heart of the
    AC" has started corroding.(The performance of air conditioner is
    directly depended on condenser. Corroded condenser fins will directly
    impact the performance and economy over the period of time.) I was
    very upset with this as I remembered the conversation with the O
    General executives at the time of purchase when I had raised the same
    question to them that all the AC's have an anti rust coating on the
    condenser fins whereas O General doesn't have and the executive had
    proudly said that "This is an O General AC and please be assured that
    you will not face any trouble because of this in the next 8-10 years."

    Since I had spend a huge amount in purchase of the AC, I had no
    option than to enquire about AC's of different make to people in my
    township who had been using it. To my utter surprise, it was only the
    O General machine, which was invaded by rust as all other brands like
    LG, Onida, Videocon , Daikin, Panasonic etc had no such problems.

    When flagged to the customer care, they showed empathy but could not
    provide a solution. The management of O General after several days
    of perusal reluctantly answered that they could not do anything. They
    in turn (O General) added that in case you want to seek justice from
    the consumer court then too you are welcome.

    I in the last six months of purchase of such an expensive AC have
    undergone so much of pain and agony just to seek a positive note from
    the company. I would therefore warn you all about this company whose
    products are faulty, the customer orientation skills and customer
    support skills are pathetic, and the officials who are least bothered
    in your problem and queries once they have their pocket full with the
    money you offer them at the purchase.

    At last but not least, I would like to mention that during my entire
    course of flagging the issue till the time of writing this mail, I
    have not been responded by anyone representing the company. This
    simply shows the unethical and rude customer oriented policies the
    company has.

    I have already decided to put forward the issue to the consumer court
    and will update you all about the judgment of the same in my next

    Dhiren Thaker

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    You are not the new victim pls check out the below link. This is much
    similar to Eureka forbes who sell products with lot more verbal commitments
    and fail to deliver, You can escalate this to what ever level you want you
    will have no solution, Just have to bend down to settle else your mental
    agony will kill you.

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    We go for the branded product and enter into trouble and believe me you have
    no options these people are now challenging the consumer court too, they are
    very much aware that Police cannot do any thing and the last option/resort
    with us is using the consumer court and the chances of person really
    attempting is 1 in 100 or 1000 and the moment they know that we are in
    filing the case they will come to you for a fix. Believe me this happened to
    me last year with Asian Paints and the moment I took it serious & started CC
    mails and was ready to get the case papers to Mr Sexana, the Asian Paints
    Mumbai started interacting directly and the problem was fixed to some level
    after a year, by the time the product warrenty was closed and I didn't even
    receive my warrenty card/ Colors list used at my home.

    Conclusion: Never go facing about the brand name or marketing person advice.
    Pls do a research before buying and have things straight in the written

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    Default No Response

    I had purchased an O’General 2.0 ton AC from the following distributor. Mayur Electronics, bus stand road Junagadh(gujarat) Ph – 09825385761.After 6 Months neither it is cooling nor there is pressure of air.And They have not given me a single service.And behaving with us rudely.after lots of phone calls & personnely visiting the distributer’s office, nobody is attending .Pls do the needful.
    mine cont number +919825171737

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    I think its better to go with local/non-branded AC. As per my personal exp. most companies are pathetic and are just interested in profit making.

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    Default air condition complaint

    o general aircondition model no aog36 split casset type airconditioner remote control showing display,but the ac indoor and otdoor not working

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    I purchased one OGeneral window A.C. S.No. T021088 from M/s Weather Point, Lucknow on 21.06.2012. Since its purchase the machine is not working properly and has gone out of order for thrice. I am being told that either is PCB has been burnt or Fuse has blown out. It is being repaired after much persuasion after two or three days causing too much inconvenience. I was under impression that it is the best machine. I purchased it despite the fact that it was costlier than other popular and successful brands of India. But my impression went wrong. So now I feel that one should never buy an Indian manufactured O’General acs. They are horrible. The company should replace it immediately as I feel that there is manufacturing defect in the machine.

    Anil K. Srivastava

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