Respected Sir / Madam,

Myself Swatantra N. Tiwari have an account in HDFC bank Ltd. from
last one year. I have an account Number 00151140008206, at Mu@@@@
On 8th of October 2008, I had gone in ICICI Bank ATM, Station Plaza
Bhandup west to withdraw some money i.e. Rs. 1200/-. At the time on
doing a transaction ATM Machine is showing your trasaction is
complete but not a single money came out from machine also receipt
also not came on that time and machine is showing ERROR IN NETWORK,
TAKE YOUR CARD. But after that I had confirmed with HDFC Bank Phone
banker to check my account. He has confirmed that 1200/-Rs is already
debited from my account to ICICI Bank Account. So, I had complained
to HDFC Bank phone banker and got complaint No.196660779 on 9th of
October 2008 and also started daily follow up with HDFC Bank phone
banker to get back my money. They advise me to fiil up Charge back
form at Branch. I had fill up the same on 15th October 2008 at HDFC
Bank Marol Branch.
And 1200/- Rs. is showing in my account on 23rd October 2008. But I
Can't withdraw that money as instructed by HDFC Bank phone Banker due
to credit not came from ICICI Bank to HDFC Bank. It will take another
50 Days to come at my account that fund is on hold.
So, I am against this procedure of MASTER CARD Department, That my
money will come after 50 Days in my account. Or HDFC Bank bank will
not be pay any interest for another 50 Days. For Example: I had taken
1200/- on credit with any bank for 50 Days They will charge an
interest or Service Tax or not. So, think same as from my side. There
is not different rule for Client and Bank. If Bank can take an
interest for their money so Client also have an right to take an
interest for his own money which will use by ICICI Bank or HDFC Bank.
It's not a matter of 1200/- Rs., It's a matter of Faith and Trust
which any client have on every bank that our money will be safe with
any Bank. Whatever, Procedure HDFC Bank have or Master Card have I am
against this procedure which was introduced by HDFC Bank Phone
Banker. Because, I am a client of HDFC Bank not ICICI Bank or MASTER
Card Department. If my money is debited bymistekly due to ERROR IN
Network, So, It's HDFC Bank responsibility to credit that money to my
account which I Can withdraw and wait for credit with ICICI Bank.
I would like to know you, If HDFC Bank are unable to credit my money
Before 50 Days with interest. I will fill a sue against HDFC Bank in
court of Law or District forum and ask to claim for 50000/- Rs. with
incurring all expenses i.e. Phone charges for follow ups etc. So,
Consider this on priority.

Swatantra Tiwari