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Thread: LG TV from Vijay sales

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    Default LG TV from Vijay sales

    Dear Members,

    We have purcahsed LG Tv 21' colour Flatron Tv from vijay sale on
    23rd Dec'07 from Vijay Sales (Ghatkopar br) from the first day
    onwards we saw some patches on
    the screen but was unable to judge it properly , we made complained
    with in 15 days after we were sure it has some problem.
    Technichian from their side came & said it there is no problem in TV
    just you have to have change the direction of the TV.As it was not
    possible us to chnage the direction coz the place we made for
    keeping Tv cant be changed . Again ladging complaint some techincian
    came and told me yes there are patches on the screen & told he will
    talk to our manager. Next day i spoke to his manager he argued with
    me and said our technichian said there is no spot at all , on the
    same time his techincian who came to our place spoke to me & said
    Mam i have not seen any spot on ur TV He was lieing to me.
    The procedure was going on. We demande for replacement but they were
    not ready they requested us that they will change out Picture Tube.
    Atlast we got agreed for the change, as dont have time to indulge in
    the matter for too long. We agreed for change of Picture tube.
    on January 28th ,2008 they came for change of Picture tube.
    The next day onwards same problem started ie. Patches on the screen.

    Please help me in this matter
    What should we do now.



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    Hi sabi'
    This is a common complaint with the colour crt TV's. I had a similercomplaint
    with my SONY TV, and I used to regularly complain to my dealer. Later I learnt
    that it is caused by the accumulated static current on the CRT or by some
    magnetic field close by.

    Please remove any speakers or other high current sources near by the TV,

    Another thing please put off the Power supply of the TV totally at night or when
    you are not going to use it for longer durationd. Even pull out the chord.
    The coulor TV's have a cirguitry to deal with this problem, known as degausing.
    The degausing circuit gets activated when you put on the power supply of the TV.
    or this left over charge gets neuteralised if you keep the supply off for some
    time say about half an hour.
    Hope this will help you. It did help me.

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    Thanx for u'r suggestion but i tried everthing and there is not any of the
    magnet product nearby . And this is happening from the first day onwards of
    purchasing TV.
    We dont know waht to do now, we are demanding for replacement , but they are
    not ready.

    once again thanx for u'r suggestion


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    Angry Replacement of the Samsung washing machine purchased from Vijay Sales Prabhadevi Mum

    Hi All,
    I share a very energy and time consuming experience with the Vijay Sales. Their after sales service is absolutely LOUSY. Well a brand new Samsung washing machine was delivered to me on the 18th May 2010, with the suspension rod that supports the drum out in the carton!!!!! The piece was badly damaged during the transportation. Far from being apologetic in the first place they really gnawed my patience out.

    To complain and to get the replacement,well you are lucky if they don't disconnect your call before it goes to the relevant person, or to be put endlessly on wait for 9 minutes and the call then gets disconnected. Then when you finally get to the person as in my case it was the a "Branch Manager" who promised me a replacement and the line was then transferred to the subordinate who put my call on hold when I asked her when "the replacement" will occur. I disconnected in utter frustration.
    That was the 19th May. The next day morning I called again only to be refuted by another Customer Sales Officer Bina who said that another round of senior technician has to be sent over to check what was wrong with my machine. That's when I demanded the replacement immediately since the machine was damaged via transport.

    But still as on 22nd May I am still without any replacement.

    I strongly urge buyers not to go to Vijay Sales you are doomed if you land up with a faulty piece.

    Why is it so difficult in our country to get a decent response from the side of dealers and companies for such complains?. There should be a uniform rule for replacements that the companies and dealers should act immediately or be fined steeply for their poor after sales services.
    Let's make a law regarding that and let them be answerable to us consumers.

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