Dear Sir/Madam,

This is Krishnaveni. I am Using Bsnl mobile services. My telephone no is : 9486892374 which is under tamilnadu registration. Yesterday(14-Apr-2009) around 11AM I got Rs.99 Booster card and it was not working it shows the status "pending". Immediately i called the customer care no 9443024365 and asked for details. the customer support officer said that it will be activated with in 2hrs but till yesterday night it was not activated. so again i called the customer care the bsnl officer said that it is pending and it will be activated within 24hrs from the time and put booster card. else i can complaint. But till now it is not.Even now just few minutes back i spoke with a customer care. But there is no proper response again they are saying that it is in processing and will take today also they are saying are connecting with the senior person also. The last person i spoked in customer care is Rajesh. but all your customer support persons are putting in hold more than 15 min each and every time.

My Booster card serial no is : 000152442612.

Finally since the customer support is very poor in tamilnadu i searched and got all nos of BSNL Senior managers. Again I contacted (Customer Services - RAKESH BABU - 23326255) he gave some other senior person no who is involved in mobile services CMTS (Operations & Mntc) S.C.SHARMA 23734305 but no one is there to attend a call when i called in this number.

What is happening in BSNL?

1. Is ur customer support persons trained professionals or not??
2. Is this the way to give customer support.
3. Why the customer support persons are putting the customer in hold more than 2 or 3 mins.
4. Don't you feel ashamed of the customer services??
5. why it's taking more than a day to activate a service?
6. Are you giving support to customers? or Torture to customers??.