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Thread: SBI SBI Card Monthly Statement for Account Number: 5101286920597954

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post SBI SBI Card Monthly Statement for Account Number: 5101286920597954

    I have deposited Cheque on 29.08.2010 with SBI, Upper Bazar Branch, Ranchi to pay dues of above account on 29.08.2010, since its clearing ios made by some external agency, till 02.09.10, it is not cleared.

    Sent mail to SBI card

    but mail is bounced twice, please help me in the matter as last due date is 04.09.2010.


    Praveen Kumar Chavda

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    A K Mandal Guest

    Default Non receipt of massage regarding monthly statement on mobile(9434798748)

    Dear sir
    Kindly note that I am not getting any intimation regarding monthly outstanding amount from you on my mobile in spite of mentioning my new mobile number back side of every Cheque. As I am getting monthly statement mostly after payment due date I have to pay late fee.
    Pl note that as per your statement dated 15/01/2011 (WBG 4728) total out standing was Rs 14,070.20 accordingly I have paid through cheque Rs 14,000/-. As per your statement dated 15/2/2011 my total out standing amount is shown as Rs 1,472.19 which is supposed to be Rs 70.20 ( Rupees seventy and paise twenty only)
    You are requested to take necessary action at your end to issue a revised statement for early payment.
    Hence forth please send all statement via my mail id mandalak58@gmail.com and intimate in my New mobile No.
    sbi card no.5101 2869 2442 7943
    mobile 9434798748
    e mail id : mandalak58@gmail.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default monthly statment details

    please details the monthly statement details imediatly

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    jyoti awasthi Guest

    Default illegal transaction made on credit card no........

    My credit card is showing transaction of Rs.2995/- at Anil Trading Corporation on 23-11-11, while the said transaction has not been done by me. In this regard, I have complained to Customer care and also requested to stop the said transaction with lock the card, but still the transaction has been accounted in my account. when the said transaction has not been made by me, then why, I have to pay? Kindly issue me another duplicate card alongwith paper statement for last three months at earliest and settle the case, so that I can use my card frequesntly.
    Jyoti awasthi (Mobile no. 9935887444)

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    Gollapalli Syamala Guest

    Post Mobile nummber change 9885203050

    My sbi card number is 4377 4869 8445 8008

    Mobile nummber change 9885203050

    Statement is not coming to everymonth in my home address pls send me the statement as soon as possible

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    r ezhilvannan Guest

    Post sbi card blocked ---to activate reg

    my name is r ezhilvannan dy manager staff at state bank of india hlst indira nagar brach
    my sbi credit card no is 4377048650940303175
    my sbi card is blocked by sbi card without informing any reason and communication i am regularly
    paid the amt my balance is - 418 rs right now

    when i enquied they said that because of my new cell no 9443044556 is include in their no list
    they promise to rectify the block shorty but till my card is not activated
    i request u sir to activat my card immediately if not possible pl cancel and refund the crdit amount

    my name r ezhilvannan
    cell no bank 9444068603
    cell personal 9443044556 this is my permanent cell no

    thank u

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    Monthly Statement Not Yet Received For Nov-2012.

    Fvg:-divya Kamal Singh

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    ushamk Guest

    Default How much bill has to remitted

    Hi, i didn;t get the bill statement for the month october 2012 , kindly let me know the amount of bill
    and my card number sbi card 5264685325027108, every month is repeating the same. Please do needfull action

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    ushamk Guest

    Post not receiving the monthly bill in time

    hi, Please i didn't get the october bill 2012, and i am unable to deposit bill amount my mobile number 9243504041 and sbicard no 5264685325027108 and reply to email also jagsarode@yahoo.com. Immediately because expiry date is nearer do needfull action . thanks yours regards

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    Post Sbi credit card holder

    My advantage sbi credit card
    number is 4006 6761 7484 7882
    in the name of n.anandhaaraaman.
    Living at chennai. Due to some
    unavoidable circumstances i could
    not able to register process.

    Kindly let me know the details
    as early as possible.

    Hope you will consider my request
    and render justice.

    Thanks and regards,

    n. Anandhaaraaman.
    Card no. 4006 6761 7484 7882.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default still on date i din't get any statement since opening of the sbi credit card.

    Dear Sir,

    I am Y. Ramakrishna my card no. of the last 4digits 7981 & mob.no.9441224540(AP) is informing that still on date i din't get any statement since opening of the sbi credit card with out statement How can I can pay the dues. .

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default SBI Card Statement

    Flat-2, East Banjara Flats,
    East Marredpally,
    Secunderabad 500 026
    Mobile # 09703039870

    The Manager,
    SBI Card Services

    Sub: Non-receipt of monthly statement
    Ref: Card # 4377 4869 3901 0755

    This is to inform you that I have neither received e-statement nor physical statement for the statement generated on 15th of May. In the absence of that I am unable to make payment. My e-mail ID is viswa1945@gmail.com or viswa1945@rediffmail.com Kindly arrange to send the staement immediately so that I can effect the payment.

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    shrawan singh Guest



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    3222470 Guest

    Default My SBI Debit card showing bliock

    My bebit card showing blocked.
    I could not able to make payment


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default request monthly statement for the mons of SEP13 and OCT.13

    Dear sir, kindly forward the credt card monthly statement for the months of SEPTEMBER 13 and OCTOBER 13 through postal. I also request you to sent monthly statements through postel department in future.My Advantage credit card (VISA) nO.4006 6761 8409 0093. with regards, D.RAMASAMY.

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